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  1. Just curious what National guardsmen received after flight school? My IERW orders from 2005 are Title 32 Active Duty for training, but I didnt get either a DD-214 or NGB 22 after that tour was over. Granted I'm from Mississippi, but just curious what other states issued if anything, or if Rucker issued a DD-214 on outprcessing. Thnx
  2. I think with the school I was looking at it boiled down to lack of aircraft and instructors.
  3. Guard, you get your choice of airframe according to what your state has, and you get as much or more flight time once at your unit. Better maintenance, by full time technicians that have worked on that aircraft their whole carrier, and multiple AFTPs throughout the year. Additional Training Flight time throughout the week aside from drill time( weekends ).
  4. Andrew N, I'm 17 years enlisted, but tried to get on at Wallace State last week with post 9/11, and was told not accepting any more students in the helicopter program. I'm stuck with R44, H269, Scwhezier 300, because of height issues.. That was main reason for choosing to apply there, and the distance from where I live now. I have previous time in R44 from AZ. I wonder why I was told that the program is not accepting students though?
  5. Just tried to apply with GI BILL CFI program because they use Sweizer 300 ( I have height issue with R22 ), and was told NO MORE acceptance of helicopter program students. I have R44 time from Quantum Aviation in AZ, but moved back to my hometown in Miss. That was going to be the closest HEL. school with a dual cyclic trainer ( R22 hits my knee and have to pull constant left ). That correspondence from them was not what I wanted to hear. Was told they have no time frame for new enrollees. I hope they are not shutting that program down.
  6. Watch this before making the trip to UCLA ( unknown corner lower Alabama )
  7. Watch this before making the trip to UCLA ( unknown corner lower Alabama )
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