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  1. I toured the 3 bedroom house Corvias had reserved for me today and realized the master bedroom cant even fit my bed. It wont be a viable option for me. I switched my reservation to a 2 bed room, but the house will not be available until mid-October. Id like to get fully situated before I start common core in the next month. If anyone on rucker has a 2 bed room and needs a room mate or would like to get a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath 5 minutes from the enterprise gate let me know. Sorry if this isnt the place to put this, caught myself in a pickle and figured this would reach the best audience. Thank you
  2. Thank you guys for the info, I'll start setting something up for the vehicle or other mode of transport.
  3. Can anyone weigh in on the transition between basic and WOCS in terms of time to get the packing list ready and move to Rucker? I've seen the 10 days tossed around here and there but don't see any straight answers. Some other applicants and I searched the forums and google and can't seem to find an answer. I leave for basic soon and while I know it's been done hundreds of time before, it's always nice to know what to expect beforehand when you can. Thank you
  4. I took my ASVAB and started to research the WOFT program when I was a junior as well. I applied during my senior year of high school and had my BN board a month or two after I graduated and turned 18. In my experience, besides a couple people looking at you funny, there's no hoops to jump through at all. It's definitely feasible as a senior in high school to apply but I believe you need to be 18 when you're selected. (You should be fine with an April birthday if you start the process in September of your senior year) I just went through the process and leave for basic in a few days, so not by any means do I know anything about the Army but I can still help you with the process of you need any pointers.
  5. I talked about projects I had led for student government and Cross Country, along with losing weight to get where I am, etc. I made mine a little too personal I believe. What I read on here makes my essay look like a pile, but the people I interviewed with for LOR`s thought my essay was great, so I kept it the way it was. I was 17 for most of the process and it wasn't a problem at all. My recruiter did not ever mention it, but it may be because they just did not know. The website says you have to be 18 when you enlist but it also says High School Senior could apply. I would just ask your recruiter. I did my flight physical at 17, part 2 was on my 18th birthday actually. I also took my ASVAB Junior year, but I only cut it close by 2 months. Worse case scenario, you might have to take it again. PM me I'd be glad to help. I was just selected on the September board and graduated in May of this year.
  6. I do not know where you are getting your dates from, are you sure they are not talking about the BN board date? In that case as long as you got your flight physical done quickly you should be able to make the BN. It's always nice to have an idea what needs to be done. Make a list and if the recruiter is telling you something wrong in terms of what needs to be done first, politely correct him. Mdensos list is a great start.
  7. I think your recruiter is thinking the WOFT application is like OCS where you find out if you made it the day of the in person interview. It is the same board as OCS in terms of who's there and when it is, but it might have different questions. After this board you still have the National board (if you wanna call it that) where your packet competes, but not you in person.
  8. Flight Physical comes before the BN interview, be sure to get that scheduled immediately after the SIFT as it will most likely be a 2 day process with a long drive. BN interview is at the recruiting BN and there is a chance of no aviators on the board (at least mine did not have any.) From here you have and in this order: 1. SIFT 2. Flight Physical 3. BN interview Edit: and do not forget your full length photo before the BN interview
  9. Got the official call a couple of minutes ago, my packet ended up being on the September board and the crazy lady at BN was wrong... again. Thanks for all the help and resources on here.
  10. Thank you for the advice, I will call in the morning. Any idea on to what they would be able to do after they tell me that the board is still going and I am not on it? Thanks again
  11. Civilian here, a lady at my BN interview told me that the September board was cancelled back in July, but I thought she was wearing crazy pants. However, I just got a text from my recruiter saying that this board is cancelled and I will be on the November board instead. Is the board cancelled for civilians? Thank you
  12. I just got done with my BN Board today (75/75) and one of the helping ladies mentioned that this board is being pushed back to November. She may have been talking about results being posted, but I`m fairly confident she was speaking about the board in general. I do not want to spread rumors if I misheard. Has anyone heard any information or of something like this happening in a previous board? Thanks
  13. Thank you for the encouragement about the GPA. I`ve been following the write ups and forum posts for about a year now so its nice to hear the packet looks good. Thanks for all the resources you guys have up here, its helped a lot.
  14. First time submitting, graduated HS in May Age: 18 ASVAB/GT: 94/127 SIFT: 58 APFT: 300 Physical: Finished part 2 today, no problems Edu: 3.5 GPA in High School LORs: CW3 (Ret.), SF CSM (family friend), CW4 (Reserves), 47 Crew Chief(VP of neighboring HS) Also have a very personal LOR from a higher up police officer who was a former marine, but I think 4 LORs are fine. I`m a little concerned over my GPA, was a little more focused on running than grades at the time. No waivers, no notable flight time. Anyone hear of any High School to Flight School guys getting in recently? Thank you Cody
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