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  1. Got that email! Yes. Stoked. Hopefully it works out.
  2. Thank ya:) going active. They won't approve my conditional release for the guard and I don't want to wait until they can street to seat me. See you in the pipeline.
  3. This is the dilemma. I am active duty Navy and I have recently been selected into active duty WOFT. While I was putting In my package I was advised to interview for the national guard as well. Turns out I was selected into both. My conditional release states that if I am selected for Army Warrant then I am good to leave the Navy. National guard says as soon as I swear into meps, I am part of the Guard. They simply call the Navy and have them change my EOS and they'll send me a DD214. Seems off. Anyone have any insight to this. I've searched high and low, and nobody seems to have gone from active to the guard. If this is even possible. I am waiting on my email from active duty, and from then I have ten days to make a decision.
  4. Also a navy selectee. I believe we need to submit a 1306 after we get a boot camp date. read ref .2 of conditional release. I might be wrong though, I've been working with a couple people to help with the process. Have you any more news?
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