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  1. 7 weekers BEWARE!!! It's so long I couldn't take it but congrats to everyone selected! I finished glad I never have to do WOCS again! Prepare yourself for many games! May the ODDS be in your favor Candidates!
  2. Be in shape everyone I repeat! Be in shape last day with my phone goodluck to all of you!!
  3. With that new EO things got shaken up a bit I'm sure for all these airlines and it will be interesting to see how things go for the next few years PSA increased their hours from the 750 to 1000 but I'm sure everyone wont follow that. These companies know military aviators for the most part are top tier. It's only a matter of time before all regionals say " "F" it you all win please just fly for us". They don't want to lose routes and they don't want to miss out on aviators taking there talents to other countries such as America #2 cough cough Canada lol. What a time to be a pilot this is awesome honestly.
  4. Its been a while since we posted anything on this thread. But "ANOTHER" RTP program has been born with Horizon and Compass Airlines. The future is looking bright apparently $41.00 an hour for a 1year First Officer. And this is no hoax more regionals are beginning to follow suit. They don't have to compete with just the Army (or any Military branch) and each other anymore. International Airlines are poaching as well! Japan, China, and Dubai from a few news article I've read. "decisions, decisions".
  5. Lindsey you're a forum legend around here I tell ya!
  6. From my experience which was at the beginning of the year they want to make sure the flight physical is stamped and approved. It kind of protects them from selecting someone who isn't qualified. It's a mandatory piece of the packet. But each board is different but I don't see them giving you an okay without a stamped physical.
  7. I think the Army just needs to emulate the Airforce in terms of how they treat pilots and how they are compensated.
  8. But with the industry today and airlines hurting for pilots don't you think the furloughing is done especially with almost every company in aviation being some type of Union?
  9. This is why I like picking all you veteran aviators minds. Every active warrant has told me essentially the same thing especially if I want to make flying a career. And even some at my unit told me Active Flying isn't what it's cracked out to be anymore which I think sucks for people going in with the expectation of flying a lot. Do you think the bonuses will get better for active if this entire heightened state of War is imminent? As for the entire regional thing yes they're definitely poaching pilots like crazy. I feel I made the best choice for getting the best of both worlds in the guard without a doubt.
  10. Why would you choose Guard over AD? Just love seeing what Active aviators view as pros and cons and I see you're a prominent poster and well respected in these forums. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks! (I'm in the Guard just waiting to leave for flight school since January...... )
  11. My buddy made it it's crazy how high selection rates are it's awesome but once again a very lucrative flying career outside the military means they have to make flying much more attractive to trained aviators I love this everyone get in now while the getting is good! Glad to see so many people selected !
  12. Welcome to the army haha that really sucks but usually how things roll. You're preparing for orders or a board and it's always pushed back due to some shenanigans it's the worst I definitely understand your pain haha I was selected January still haven't left for flight school just "Hurry up and wait", no truer statement sigh....
  13. Yeah you should be fine. I'm in the guard and heard from some people that active duty is hurting for pilots right now and everything is in reverse. Active duty has all the aircraft no pilots while Guard/Reserve have tons of pilots no aircraft because Active duty has taken majority of them back. And selection rates are in the 90% from another Chief I spoke with. As long as you have everything lined up correct you're good to go man no better time to get into aviation with all thats going on. So many aviators retiring or ETS'ing early because all these bonuses regionals are offering for military pilots. I've heard for every 1 pilot that graduates Flight school 2 retire the same day, so take that for what it is whether factual or not definitely would ease my mind a little if I were going through this selection process.
  14. Then you're on the right path just keep going for it is all I can say. As far as boards I have no clue I'm in the guard I don't like being hooah 24/7 personal choice lol. Plus I like where I live I couldn't imagine being in Alaska, or Ft Polk for years on end hard pass. Turn it in let us know I heard the results to this board comes out in two weeks. Goodluck
  15. Get out of your own way and do whatever it takes I'm a pretty big athletic dude myself former college football player at Colorado graduated in 2013 neither here nor there but I weigh between 215-220 depends on water intake etc. And I run low 14s and max everything else because push ups and sit ups are childs play. I recommend the stair master at a gym to strengthen your abducters and adducters muscles. hike and just continue to build your leg lower back and core strength you should be good. I'm almost sure you weigh much less than me so no excuses you want this bad enough do whatever it takes (morally of course).
  16. If you want to fly for the reserves find a reserve unit near you and speak with the aviators and try to get an interview with the head guy around there so they can endorse you becoming a warrant officer and help guide you in the WOFT packet process. You don't have to go active if you want to be in the reserves then apply for a reserve warrant officer position.
  17. That's resilience at its finest hope you get selected man!
  18. Reserves I believe only have blackhawks and the Guard has a variety of airframes. Reserve is federally funded while the guard I state funded. Your tasks will stay the same as a pilot across the branches. You will still have to keep up your flying times etc. My guard unit you can fly everyday from honestly but only so many days you can be paid to fly 72 a year I believe. And as for airlines lots of regionals poaching 750 minimum to start and about 450-500 to be hired on with salaries starting in th55k+ range not a bad perk considering you'll still be flying for the military part time and can make up to 30k a year if you're really grinding on both not a bad gig IMO
  19. You're honestly at the mercy of the flight physicians overseeing your physical. It sucks you had to do all that for something we all would deem fairly minor. Depending on what's going on at Rucker you may receive an answer soon or months down the road. I have a friend who put her packet in last December* and she still has no qualified stamp. But each case is different try going on the main website and speaking with someone who works there and just annoy the hell out of everyone. If this is something you want go for it! Rucker is unique and just undermanned when dealing with medical in my opinion!
  20. You'll have to talk to DFAS they will tell you everything to do its really simple actually. I was gone for a year when I was doing enlisted AIT. Had my documents ready to go and it got approved within a week or so. The ARMY doesn't want to see you struggle but appropriate documentation is essential.
  21. Well that makes sense I have drill with my unit next week I'll definitely se what's going on with it. I heard the 2 week DL course hardly ever fills because not many E-4s get selected regardless but that's all hear say. Thanks for the info.
  22. This is crazy everyone is getting slotted and I'm here twiddling my thumbs since January selection lol! I cant even get into my AKO to see if I'm in the OCT class either. I'm also in the guard so who knows what the heck is going on. Saw on ATTRS that the 2018 class had a capacity of 0 wth does that even mean?
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