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  1. I have a friend who is just wrapping up 64 AQC after coming over from 60s. You’ll have to send a memo and 4187 to HRC and will incur a ADSO. PM me, I’ll give you my .mil and get you in touch.
  2. Yeah the title didn’t make sense at all. First off I’ll address the recruiter part. A recruiter’s mission per doctrine (unless it changed again) is to recruit the best qualified applicants for service at the needs of the Army. The key take away is what the Army needs comes first and anything the applicant wants is a distant second. For a long time, jobs were not discussed because the goal was to have a applicant join the Army and what they did wasn’t supposed to affect that, but in the real world that doesn’t work and the Army finally caught on. Him being slow to respond could be
  3. Your flight school ADSO is based on when you graduate WOBC and pin on your flight wings. You can review the rules in AR 600-3 if memory serves.
  4. .4 chapter 1, all of 95-1, .93 is where I would start.
  5. So your looking at Fort Campbell KY, Fort Knox KY, or a NG flight doc. So here’s what you can do; 1. Have your recruiter contact the special mission POC and battalion and see if he has a list of flight docs. I know our guy did in my BN. 2. When I was in recruiting our NG wouldn’t help so we took WOFT applicants to Fort Leonard wood. So be prepared for a drive to whatever nearest base will see you.
  6. So I as a forewarning I had no idea what aircraft I wanted until maybe 2 weeks before selection when it came down to 47s or fixed-wing for me (I was top of my class which helped). I did select 47s and after about a year in the community I don’t think I could have picked anything better. It’s a very relaxed environment, everyone actually wants to be here and fly with a minimum of Army BS and the 47 is by far the best rotary-wing aircraft in the Army. We can do things IFR and with our systems to fly the aircraft that the 60 guys dream of. Now I have some really good friends in the 60 commu
  7. She had a Med tag so it was in her records. It was something we made fun of her for since we couldn’t bring any peanuts in the briefing room.
  8. I don’t recall a allergy panel however, I would tell your “friend” to just hope for a Med waiver and not doing anything stupid because Fort Rucker is in the middle of a huge peanut growing area and when it’s harvest time the peanut dust in the air is no joke. Also I had a class mate with a peanut allergy and she passed a flight phy so it’s definitely possible.
  9. First off I wouldn’t wait six years(I assume) to finish your guard enlistment. Next you can join while in the NG but you will need a conditional release which can be very hard to get.
  10. Check the rules for time on station. We were told we could be there together but my spouse would have to stay 36 months regardless of how long it took me to finish flight school. Branch also made the point of saying that from their perspective being at the same duty station every second assignment was going above and beyond for us. I took that to mean we wouldn’t get any leeway looking to be stationed together post flight school.
  11. You can’t be selected for UAS as that requires prior enlisted military experience. As far as fixed wing that usually goes to the top selectees as it’s generally what everyone wants. If you want RW(rotary wing) you’ll be fine. When it comes to taking your SIFT ECT that comes down to recruiting BN and MEPS SOPs. You should be able to do the tests but not the boards prior to turning 18. Also I had a homeschooled street to seat in my class it’s doable, you just need to have solid LOR that show your leadership attributes.
  12. First off one thing I want to address is the Army does NOT treat a GED the same as a High School diploma, as you can see from the USAREC WOFT Page High school diploma. If the applicant has a GED holder he/she must have required college credit hours to be eligible with Education Code "128", per AR 601-210, 2-7c(7). you will need a diploma or 15 college credit hours to join as a 153A. Next to address your resume, start looking at any extracurricular you did EG sports and think about how they can help your resume as they speak to your leadership potential and ability to w
  13. For the WOs 1 C-12, 2 CH-47s, 3-4 AH-64, the rest 60s. I didnt write it down but that should be close
  14. The waiver for a position of trust IE recruiter is completely separate from a waiver for WO accession. They are however both based on the whole soldier concept so the fact you already made it through one should get you the confidence to move forward. Lastly there are several students here that came straight from recruiting.
  15. 1. On post all utilities are included in your rent, off post it varies depending on where type of dwelling ETC 2. Ive been here over a year and one hurricane 3. Daleville is like all poor southern towns has some nice areas and some very rough areas 4. Dont do it, every class has one student who lives there and is constantly late. 5. Not that I know of 6. Gyms do have showers, but imagine a small locker room with 3-4 benches and 100-200 people trying to change, its a PITA also when your in class Youll probably only PT after class. 7. Once you are qualified for BAH the Army doesnt
  16. No, sorry I wasnt clear. 1st was a 60 then 2nd and 3rd took the C-12s then 60s and 64s and the 3 CH-47s went right at the end. I didnt write it down this week
  17. For the warrants 60 went first then the C-12s, 47s at the end
  18. For the WOs it went 47, 60, C-12 x2, 60, last 2 C-12s the 64 then 60s
  19. Possible yes, likely no. Look up the DODI for MEPS physicals (standards of medical fitness maybe), review the aero medical policy regarding prior asthma diagnosis. Hunt down all the medical records that pertain to the treatment as well.
  20. Since you are active duty, and should at least a year on station (might be a little more OCONUS), things should go quick. I was picked up on the NOV 17 board and was at Rucker in February. Also your wife can fly if cleared by her OBY to 35 ish weeks (my wife had to). If you hunt around you can find the contact for the lady at HRC that deals with school dates and try to contact her.
  21. Where you take your flight physical is determined by a memo of understanding between USAREC and AMEDD. If your a civilian just go to Stewart it wont change how quick you get done or how fast the results come back. That mainly comes down to the nurse that handles the paperwork.
  22. If its a consult required by the MEPS the medical OPs people have to schedule it your recruiter has no control over it. On that note call your recruiting center and talk to the Center Leader. Your recruiter have have something going on(family emergency etc) and your status got lost in the shuffle
  23. So for the 3.1 I would contact the warrant recruiting team and ask it may just be a recent change that hasnt been updated on the website, same for the OPAT. On the sift thing I would ask your training room/ops NCO or any NCO thats staying back to work that issue while your gone. I feel your pain having went to the field for 19 days the day they called to schedule my phase 2 physical.
  24. After you complete Common Core IERW which includes Contact(basic flight), instruments, and BWS.
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