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  1. I love flying the 500 but the seats are so bad - especially when the cushions are old. For years I took a bath towel folded in half length wise and rolled up - then held with blue masking tape. Heligirl is right about the Oregon Aero cushions. I have a set too and never use it. The lumbar cushion is so mushy and flat as to be unnoticeable. I use a self-inflating "camp mat" on the bottom cushion and it is so much more comfortable. I'm going to pick up the inflatable lumbar cushion that Heligirl suggested and try it this summer EDIT: just ordered it!
  2. Some do. Personally, I don't get it. Doesn't it break the seal around the ear cup and increase the perceived noise level?
  3. I sat on and crushed my first pair of Aviators. After that I switched to $20 Randolph's.
  4. Hey Basher, they're yours. PM me your mailing address and I'll send them to you.
  5. Basher, if I don't hear from 12-7 by the end of the week, I'll let you know.
  6. Yes! He signed every book and included a sample of his DNA too!
  7. Hey 12-7, I sent you a PM but you never responded. I'm back from my travels and finished with these books. PM me if you still want them.
  8. For eligibility, 61.153 (e) states, "(e) After July 31, 2014, for an airline transport pilot certificate with an airplane category multiengine class rating or an airline transport pilot certificate obtained concurrently with an airplane type rating, receive a graduation certificate from an authorized training provider certifying completion of the airline transport pilot certification training program specified in §61.156 before applying for the knowledge test required by paragraph (g) of this section;" This is the title of 61.156... "§61.156 Training requirements: Airplane categorymultiengine class rating or airplane type rating concurrently with airline transport pilot certificate." There are no such changes listed for any other category/class.
  9. I took your survey but I think a few questions do not apply and need to be revised or removed. For example, one of your questions asked if a button or switch is preferable. My answer would be "neither." The typical HEEDS bottle has a simple mouthpiece/regulator attached to a bottle by hose. You simply stick the mouthpiece in your mouth, purge, and start breathing. Another question asked if an EBS could be more efficient. What do you mean by this? Hold more air? Be more reliable? Be more simple? You also asked if they are "fit for their purpose?" Again, what do you mean by this? If they are capable of providing emergency air, then they are fit, right? So what would make them more fit? More reliable? Easier to use? Hold more air? And how exactly do you propose an EBS can be "improved" to "improve confidence?" Hold more air? Easier to use? More reliable? And your references to the "immersion suit" integration. Not applicable if you dont wear an immersion suit. I dont mean to be critical but your survey seems to have been written by someone who knows nothing about the equipment and has never used or even seen it.
  10. Generalizations abound here. There are many paths that a person can follow down an aviation career - fixed and rotary. There are many fixed-wing pilots who will never see 6-figures and many rotary-pilots who will. Yes, the odds may be stacked somewhat in favor of fixed-wing salary-wise, but it isnt a guarantee and it isnt just about money. If it was, then we would all be plastic surgeons. FWIW, in the anecdote I provided above about the JetBlue pilots, I believe their stories are pretty typical of fixed-wing career realities, and I wouldnt trade seats with them if I could. I have no desire to fly a bus and my job security, retirement benefits, salary, and health insurance is better than theirs.
  11. This is generally true and very good advice, but I would add that many 20+ year fixed-wing pilots have less than 10 years of seniority and numerous employment gaps due to furloughs. Airline pilots today make less money, have less job security, and have smaller pensions than they ever have before. During a recent business trip, my flight (JetBlue) was delayed on the ramp due to a maintenance issue (A320 Brake Accumulator failure) and I ended up chatting with the Capt and FO for about an hour. The Capt had over 20 years Airline experience (including 7 years with Delta) and was on his 5th airline - he currently has 10 years seniority with JetBlue. The FO also has over 20 years experience but did a stint on the corporate side before getting on with JetBlue. He has 7 years seniority. Both plan to finish their careers with JetBlue - not because it's the best airline they've ever worked for; because at their age, they can't afford to start over with another airline. One thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a "typical" fixed-wing pilot or helicopter pilot. Each of us does what we do because of varying measures of skill, knowledge, circumstance, luck, and timing. The advice I have for the OP is to thoroughly research the industry by talking with pilots and HR reps, going to job fairs, and reading this and other forums. When you travel, chat up the flight crew. Visit FBO's and initiate conversations with aviation people (not just pilots). If you are serious about an aviation career, then put serious effort into gathering all the info you can. Then do serious soul searching to see where your heart (passion for flying) and mind (desire for financial security and personal stability) meet. Then once you have made a decision, understand and accept that it still won't go as you planned.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation. I saw him on Conan O'Brien a few months ago and enjoyed his humor. I just bought his book
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