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  1. If you have a 110 gt or higher I don't think you can attempt to raise it. The same thing will apply to the sift, if you score a 40 you are stuck with it.
  2. Have my orders Report 16 FEB 17. See you all at Rucker. Correction 16 FEB 18 lol.
  3. RFO's are out here is the link to AIM 2, you must have CAC access. https://AIM.HRC.Army.mil/
  4. So update from my Personnel Reassignment Section office visit. HRC will release an RFO ( Request for orders) to the office once they have the RFO they will generate orders for you. You can get with your local office to get the contact information for the officer section to assist you. I'm contacting them today since they were out of office yesterday.
  5. have you Have you checked the link for the status? If you wait for the flight surgeon to tell you its stamped that will probably never happen. Here is the link if you did not have it https://vfso.rucker.amedd.army.mil/
  6. I am going over to my assignments officer after lunch to see if I can schedule a levy brief. If I find any more information about getting orders I will post it here.
  7. 18-503, now I have to create a facebook account. See you all there.
  8. Not that I am aware of outside of finding a provider to look it up in Aeros.
  9. Here is the link to check your own application status. You do need to register for access but it is almost instantaneous. Best of luck. https://vfso.rucker.amedd.army.mil/
  10. I say don't stress about it, let the board make that determination and only worry about what you affect.
  11. Have you contacted your recruiting team yet? I hadn't heard anything, so I contacted them they let me know it was board ready. Don't be afraid to ask them.
  12. @ luofy, I submitted my 4187 yesterday. I was going to pcs in November, so I still have plenty of time for it all to process.
  13. Yeah sucks for them, I'm trying to stay out since I was supposed to pcs to a school and I don't want go to class or worse then make me an ncoic for privstes at ft sam. Besides that my unit is hurting for personnel.
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