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  1. Kind of surprising that you didn’t have to have insurance before. Flight school here tells you that they provide insurance. Yeah it’s provided for them in case you screwup and ball it up. Unfortunately you are not covered so the insurance company comes after you. I could not get them to admit this until I insisted I see their policy.
  2. Can you get blades for these? I thought they were all basically grounded because of blades coming apart. I have seen pictures and it is actually pretty impressive how little blade they need to fly.
  3. It is a very nice machine. The only problem is that it is not registered in the US. Since it is factory built you will never be able to register it in the Experimental AB. You could do Experimental Exhibition but that is really limiting as to where you can fly it.
  4. These guys are pouring money into the project. Without getting into specifics they have developed (and delivered) a Lycoming based engine with water cooled head and cylinders. The machine work and finish is fabulous. It makes a lot of power and the CHT never changes. Unlike most of the kit helis out there it is apparent that real engineers have designed this ship. On the rigid rotor head the “spring plates” for lack of a better term are actually a stack that allows for more than one to fail and the ship keeps going. Very few casting mostly items machined from billet.
  5. 500E I saw that ship at HEI in 2017. I will be surprised if it ever gets to production. They are making their own turbine and everything else. I'll believe it when I see it. I won't buy it however until it has a lot of time and parts distribution etc.
  6. Heloman I have two answers. I really like the idea behind the Scout. It is stout and seems to have plenty of power. The biggest problem is lack of fleet flight time. At Osh they were changing out the clutch drum from a cast drum to a machined one (or vice versa) there are still bugs. There is only one in the states and there is likely a communication problem with the factory (unless you are fluent in Ukrainian, Russian or Slovenian) Even with all this I was really interested in them. Then I bought an Enstrom 480B. In the process I looked at the piston Enstroms really hard. These are in many was comparable to the Scout except that they have 1000s of fleet hours. It is the same size and you can by a really nice one for $200,000. The Safari is a different type of helicopter. I love boring holes in the sky and just farting around in mine. It is not good for going on a trip. After two hours in the saddle it is time to do something else. I am keeping it in case I decide I don't like the 480B I personally would not consider a Rotorway. They fly OK but the engines are good for maybe 300 hours if everything works OK. I know there is a guy in S Africa that swears by them and I think that is great but I see no advantage over the Safari other than looks. If the looks mean something then the Safari 500 is the answer. Last I checked Rotorway was again out of business. Courses for horses.
  7. I would like to thanks everyone who commented on this thread. After much research I have just purchased an Enstrom 480B. Wayne Breeden at Helicopters Inc in Memphis helped with the prepurchase. He has also bravely agreed to check me out in it. The adventure begins Bill
  8. Thanks all. As an update my buddy took this info to heart and has grounded his heli (with 15 year old straps) until they are replaced. Bill
  9. I have been quoted 3% of hull for insurance. In line with the R66 quote above.
  10. Chris thanks for the info. He is operating under Experimental Exhibition. Now the question is, “how do you inspect the condition of the straps”?. Surely the blades grips etc. need to come off for a look. Bill
  11. IChris thanks for the analysis. If you have a minute would you opine on my thread on TT straps Bill
  12. My buddy has an OH58 that he bought from a local Sheriffs department. I was talking to him about it when the topic of TT straps came up. He says that there is no calendar time limit on his straps. I know that there are several difference between the 58 and a 206, but is he correct on this? Bill
  13. Ok I am willing to learn something. What are the advantages of a Restricted Catagory for a toy? The life limits and maintenence don’t change. Surely the parts for a 105 must be competitive price wise the ones for the space shuttle. I am fairly familiar with Experimental Catagory. If you move to Experimental Exibition (OH 58 for example) you are limited to flying to airshows or just within a few miles of home. So for my purposes this won’t work. If I remember correctly in Restricted Catagory only crew members are allowed on board. So that kills that idea.
  14. Ragman it is difficult to see the country from 500 feet in a car
  15. The Robinson is only that cheap of you fly 200 hr/yr. I will be at 100 so double those costs.
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