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  1. Negative. I tried very hard to make it possible to knock out both part 1 and part 2 on the same day. I work a full time job so it's annoying to have to use your FTO hours to drive all over Gods green earth. Unfortunately, it's near impossible to avoid. The 1st part is where you'll do your eye exam, EKG, and blood work. After that all comes back good, they'll book you to see the flight surgeon who will look over all your paperwork and do one last look-over to make sure that you're file is good to go before he sends his stamp of approval off to Rucker. He has a busy schedule and sees so many patients that they can't just book you in one visit even though that would make the most sense.
  2. if any of you seasoned WOs could go back and choose a C10 instead of helo if it meant more flight hours and less time doing Army malarkey that doesn't pertain to aviation, would you? I don't know if that is even the case with current C10 WOs...
  3. Sorry to pry but would you mind sharing what happened to you that would medically keep you from flying in the army?
  4. Signed today! Basic - Jan 16 at Fort Jackson WOCS - April 6th
  5. Thanks man! Looking forward to seeing you all down at WOCS.
  6. I'm not sure when we'll get back results from selection next week but as a civilian, I dont have any access to check the results other than waiting to hear from someone at my recruiters office and I dont want to bug them too much. When the results come in, would anyone be willing to check to see if my name is on the list? It would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Coming from a civilian here: my recruiter handled my packet submission for me so I personally never received any confirmation email saying that USAREC had received my packet. We're about a week out from selection and I'm 95% certain that I'm just being paranoid and that USAREC did receive my packet because my recruiter is pretty good at what he does and I trust him. But just to be 100% certain, does anyone have any advice for how I can verify that USAREC did in fact receive my packet?
  8. Thanks. That definitely makes me feel better about it and makes a good bit of sense too. It seems like most people from the July board found out the day after USAREC selection board started so here's to hoping that we all find out around the 19th.
  9. I had my battalion board interview a few weeks ago and received a full 3/3 recommendation. I had two captains and a major interview me and it went well. Their notes about me were very very generous and kind so I'm psyched! Now I just have to wait. My score was 71/75 which I wish was a full 75/75 and I don't know why it wasn't 75/75 but it makes you feel insecure like that time when your girlfriend breaks up with you but never really tells you why so you just question yourself endlessly and get self conscious about your own flaws....not saying that ever happened to me though...
  10. Just out of curiosity, what's the word on all these c12s? Can anyone speak on behalf of them as to why they are desirable (other than good transition to a civi airline job once finished), why the army is putting out so many, what the mission usually is, and if a c12 pilot gets more flight time than rotary wing pilots? I wouldn't be bummed if I got one in selection but there doesn't seem to be much noise on them. Obviously it's an entirely different mission and you probably wouldn't see combat which seems to miss the point of why most go WOFT. Just curious.
  11. In the process of applying right now and I'm about to go to selection - How long do most Warrant officers (on average) spend at each duty station before being reassigned?
  12. I interviewed a CW5 at fort Rucker who is charge of the program or at least part of it, and he said these same things to me. His reasoning for the SO extension was "you're just finally starting to get proficient with your job as an aviator at 6 years so it doesn't make any sense to just have a six year contract." I definitely understand where he's coming from. He didn't say when these changes would take affect though.
  13. For you civilians guys, If you know that you have been selected this early in the week does that mean that Rucker has already given you the approval? I was under the impression that the battalion board meets during the week posted on the usarec website, interviews you, gives you the yes, sends their recommendation to Rucker, then Rucker decides if you're selected. Or am I just all wrong?
  14. Hey Mike, I'm pretty sure that the guard does their boards on the months that AD doesn't. So that would mean that your boards meets in August and October. I know this because my buddy is in the guard and just got selected by the board in June to fly UH-60s.
  15. creep0321 thank you for pointing that out. I went back and read some of the forums on LORs and will heed that advice. I've heard from some people that the officers reviewing your packet want to see that you took advantage of the 6 LOR limit but it sounds like that's not true.
  16. Luofynerd, so are you saying that the initial flight physical is the hardest one to pass in comparison with the rest of your flight physicals once you're in?
  17. I got a quick response from Ft Rucker medical - I'd have to get a flight physical all over again and go before boards ALL over again...yikes I think I'll just suck it up and wear glasses when I need to lol
  18. First time applying as a civilian so we'll see how it goes! Age: 27 ASVAB/GT: 94/127 SIFT: 56 APFT: 273 Edu: Assoc of science in Nursing; Bach of Science in nursing 3.3 GPA Military: none LOR: 1) CW5 AD aviator army 2) O5 RTD Navy pilot 3) O5 RTD Army pilot 4) O2 AD Army pilot 5) O3 AD Army 6) O3 RTD ARMY Flight physical: stamped with no waivers Flight hours: 60 hours fixed-wing
  19. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here. This is a question im not sure has been asked before. If it has, please direct me to the post and I'll remove this one. Here's my scenario: I have finished my packet and am about to submit it to battalion for the September board. My eyes are 20/50 so I passed the flight physical with no problems and got my stamp from Fort Rucker not too long ago. I want to get eye surgery because I'd rather not wear glasses at Wocs and for the all of flight training and wait until I can get my eye surgery approved by the army (who knows when that would be). I am going in as a civilian and I believe that my packet is competitive. I also understand that it usually takes 6 months after being selected to go to basic training. This is a great window to get the eye surgery done on my own wallet (I'm okay with that) so that I don't have to worry about near sightedness again. Any thoughts?
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