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  1. Hello, This is not for a flight contract/in air work. This is paper related work. Required Experience: CFII's/Chief pilots that spent majority of career flying for flight schools (4k-hours preferred). Experience creating flight programs for Part-61 flight schools (IHST/USHST) Understanding of Geo-Location flight school advantages and disadvantages Knowledge of specialize training to include but not limited to: External-load HEMS Fire-Fighting High Altitude Night Over Water O
  2. So far other than paying for the Global Commercial Helicopter Market report 2017-2027 for 5K. I found this report for free https://www.faa.gov/data_research/aviation/aerospace_forecasts/media/FY2017-37_FAA_Aerospace_Forecast.pdf On page 85, there is a projection for rotorcraft pilots for the coming years. Just doesn't specify if they are PPL, CPL or CFI. Still digging...
  3. Hello, I'm doing research on Rotor wing CFI's. Would anyone know if there is a resource that list the number of CFI attempts per year? How many CFI's are in the USA/Globally. What is the projected attempts for obtaining a CFI certificate in the coming years? Thanks!
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