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  1. Whew.. this is a tough one. I'm pretty certain even rangers attend sere school and from what I have heard is.. Ruckers sere school (aviation) is the one someone in your position is going to want to attend vs other sere schools. I would be shocked if Rangers didn't have to attend the school. Its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I'm sure you could talk to your buddies and explain to them about the killing of an animal situation while attending school..however that would not be a for sure. If one of the instructors got wind that you refuse to kill an animal.. you may get "extra training"... Note: I have not personally went through the school.
  2. Could someone please PM me what the homework and/or essays are that are due upon reporting to Fort Rucker? TIA! Currently no access to the blackboard.
  3. For those of you who have families/spouses whom want to stay in the loop and such during WOCS (its for your family members only and is ran by WOCS staff) - This is where photos and such will be uploaded during WOCS too. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=ft%20rucker%20wocs%20families# I don't recall seeing the stats/numbers of who all was excepted during my spouses board results- and now I don't even recall when her board actually was. I am curious though if any other married female canidates will be in the 19-04 WOCS Class- Surely I am not the only Mr. Mom for this cycle?!
  4. Unless your current rank is higher than e-5.. yes. Your paid at whichever is higher ..E5 or your current pay grade.
  5. Wife is in class 19-04. Dates have been pushed back it seems. Start Jan 22 - Grad Feb 21.
  6. It is my understanding during WOCS pay for a street to seat candidate will be paid at the E-5 level. My question is- Does this happen upon graduation of BCT- or not Until Actually starting WOCS? For my spouses situation specifically- Graduate Dec 13th- WOCS Class does not start until Jan 22. Over a month..Due to Exodus leave & WOCS classes being pushed back.. lol Is she stuck as PVT that whole time? Side note: On one hand I would love to give her flak for being a PVT for a month. On the other hand- Tis the Season- $ is def needed. Also- It is confirmed on our end anyhow. 5 week WOCS course.
  7. I am pretty sure you would attend Army Basic training still being prior service ..then attend WOCS. (i do not know this to be 100% accurate) If this is indeed the case- I am curious as to what Enlisted rank you would be given going from a Reserve Commissioned into Enlisted..?
  8. Wife (street to seat) Graduates BCT 12DEC2018 - Report to Rucker 03JAN2019 - How do you guys see/know which WOCS class she will be in? TIA
  9. What is the dates for you guys to ship to basic and rucker?
  10. This has been another one of our wonders too.. I have no idea how the Christmas break works then reporting to Rucker after break...I am in hopes that the wife is able to drive her POV to Fort Rucker after the Christmas break for $$$ reasons. I am attempting to figure out if you guys will be on leave for Christmas Break (if you opt to go in the hole for this leave) from Jackson after basic graduation...or from Rucker after BTC. If it is from Jackson, will you have to report back to Jackson then be bused to Rucker after leave, or able to go straight to Rucker??? I have spoke with many people from Locally, Jackson, and Rucker...no one has any idea..to date. Maybe someone can chime in?? on a side note... That Private pay is going to SUCK being arround Christmas time... huge pay cut ....
  11. Anyone else heard anything exciting for this group whom gotten accepted? I have been attempting to wrap my head around moving to Rucker. My wife ships for basic in Oct. Home for Christmas Break..then heads to Rucker.. At what point do I need to start getting the house ready for moving from back here in Missouri to Rucker.we also have 2 cars and heard rumor she isn't able to drive to Rucker after Christmas Break? Kids schools... (I'm new to being Mr.Mom and a military spouse) When I was in I was a young enlisted soldier and lived with the parents prior to entering. Back then I didnt have to worry to much about moving things,dog,kids, ect.
  12. 65?!?! Wow! Here I was thinking only a handful of AD were going for this board. Congrats to All whom made it!
  13. Lack of female slots is what was stated to her. I am assuming from the basic training side of things.
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