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  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the response! I'm doing it for the Army Reserves, a MEDEVAC unit out in Clearwater. And you would be a lifesaver if you can send me that list so I can make sure I get exactly what I need the first time around. My email is superalex598@yahoo.com I did finally get scheduled through MacDill on August 11th. They had to coordinate with Optometry so both offices had to have an opening, which is why my appointment is three weeks away. Would you feel like this is enough time to get my Medical Stamped in time for the September Board? Thanks!
  2. Can i please ask the moderators why none of my posts are being approved?
  3. First time submitting: Age: 22 GT: 110 SIFT: 58 APFT: 258 Military: 3 years Army Reserve, Specialist Flight hours: 220, have my PPL CPL, and am currently working on my CFI all part 141 ASES Physical: In the process (actually struggling to schedule one as a reservist, but I guess the moderators did not let me post asking about that. I couldn't ind anything on the site about it so if anyone could send me the link to it that would be appreciated) Civilian education: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics 3.2 GPA LORs: O-5(friend of family), CW5 from USARC,Current Company Commander I'm fairly worried I wont be able to accomplish my flight physical in time. I have tried every place in central Fl from JAX, to Patrick and even Fort Bragg and Fort Dix. As of right now I'm in for August 11 at MacDill for part one but I don't think that will give me enough time to submit. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. Would anyone know about a Morality Waiver for 2nd Degree Trespassing while in high school? I submitted all court documents (it was thrown out of court) and the volunteer hours I did with an animal shelter. Thanks.
  5. Good Afternoon, So I have been trying to schedule my flight physical since May. The Warrant Officer website states to schedule it at your local Troop Medical Center. However, I'm a reservist in central Florida, and the closest Army Installation is Fort Stewart Georgia. I have personally visited Fort Bragg, Fort Dix, Patrick AFB, Macdill AFB and Jacksonville NAS trying to get this task done. I was informed by others within the area the best place would be either Patrick or MacDill. Patrick informed that they can do my flight physical, but "The Air Force needs outweigh the needs of the Army at this time" and referred me to MacDill. MacDill told me they do indeed do Army Flight Physicals, however they don't know exactly what I need done, such as for the eye exam and what kind of blood work etc. When I contacted the Warrant Officer Recruiting team about this I was informed that I cant do a flight physical at a sister location at all, and I must drive the four hours to Fort Stewart, even though I personally know another applicant that did his flight physical at MacDill with no issues. The best part about this is I contacted Lyster Medical at Fort Rucker and they told me that they take Flight Physicals from MacDill all the time, and that they would email me the checklist to give MacDill. My warrant officer recruiter has stayed passive about this issue the whole time, informing me to "check the website". Should the recruiter be more involved in the process, or is it this hard on purpose? Is it common to have to jump through this many hoops for a flight physical? The rest of my packet is complete, including all the forms, the LoR, and the SIFT. I just can't seem to finish this flight physical anywhere I go. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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