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  1. Consider carefully what you want out of your career. From your post, it looks like you have a good opportunity to work in the civilian world, and I recommend that you avail yourself of that opportunity and pursue Guard aviation. National Guard service allows for more freedom to do other things, and also gives you stability in terms of where you work. AD demands all of your (work) time and moves you around the country and beyond. The initial commitment is considerable, so be cautious. I was selected for AD in July, and turned it down. An ARNG unit selected me for a medevac pilot position,
  2. Here's a link confirming the upcoming change to 8 years, among other things. Still no mention of effective date. http://www.armyaviationmagazine.com/index.php/archive/not-so-current/1445-the-why
  3. When should someone leaving for basic in January and scheduled for WOCS in April expect to receive emails regarding WOCS? And, what sort of information do such emails include? Is there anything that needs to be done to prepare for WOCS prior to shipping out for BCT? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. For some reason, the ATRRS website is not loading for me at all. I'll try again later.
  5. Thank you. I haven't received such an email. My WOCS class is scheduled to begin in April.
  6. What is the start date? My reservation doesn't seem to list class numbers.
  7. If you don't mind the question, what were your duties like while you weren't flying? Was there a lot of down time, did you find yourself doing more planning/logistics/paperwork-type tasks, or something else? Thanks.
  8. Thank you both for the replies. Other input based on experience or opinion is welcome.
  9. Hello everyone, The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act provides for a 5-year period during which a person can be absent from a civilian job in order to serve in the military, and still be eligible for reemployment in their previous position upon their return. There are certain exceptions which allow an employee to enjoy these rights even if the absence for military service exceeds 5 years. One exception is for "initial obligations" of more than 5 years, and another exception is for those "unable to obtain release" until after the 5-year mark. Does anyone have exper
  10. I have touched a helicopter before, just not when it was off the ground.
  11. Greetings: I'd like to know if any of you have a recommendation for a helicopter flight school in New England (I'm in Maine) that would allow me to take a short introductory flight lesson with no longer commitment. I've been accepted into US Army Warrant Officer Flight Training, and I'd like to have at least a little bit of hands-on experience before I start military flight training. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. Any suggestions on contact info and who to speak to at HRC? I think that there's a WOCS class in February too, but presumably it is filled up.
  13. Would any other July board selectees care to share their basic training and WOCS dates? My basic training date is in January, with WOCS scheduled for April. This is further out than I had hoped. Does anyone have advice on making it into an earlier class?
  14. mike0331, Just FYI, I sent you a private message regarding the guard. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks.
  15. Right, but this is a separate enlistment program from 9D, which is "active duty" WOFT resulting in a 6-year full-time commitment. It appears that 9J refers to a WOFT program leading to part-time service in the Army Reserve. I didn't know that such a program, available to those with no prior service, existed.
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