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  1. Keep in mind that there’s no “official” SIFT study guide and the questions aren’t released in any format, so most of the ones you find online are just people’s best guesses on what the test will entail. If I remember correctly, Accepted Inc. was the closest, but it still had plenty of stuff in the guide that wasn’t present in the actual test.
  2. Youre likely waiting so long because all of the WOCS classes before OCT 2019 are full. I also had to wait for 8 months between my contract singing and shipping out. Its kind of hit or miss depending on which classes fill up! -Jon
  3. The confusion is the word "board" referring to two different events. There is the battalion board, which is when you meet with three officers who go over your packet, interview you, and then submit their recommendation for your selection to WOFT. Then there is the national board, which is when your complete packet is reviewed and you are selected or rejected. I am 99% confident that the OCS board dates your recruiter provided you are the battalion board dates. My recruiting battalion had me do my WOFT board during one of the OCS boards- apparently it is a similar enough process that they com
  4. The confusion is that the Army looks at a high school diploma and a GED separately. Here's a link to the USAREC page: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/woft.shtml. It states that you need a high school diploma. If you have a GED, you need enough college credits to meet education code "128", and it quotes AR 601-210, 2-7c(7). Here's a link to that regulation: https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN6642_AR601-210_ADMIN_WEB_Final.pdf. The applicable language is on pages 9-10. The section they quote states that for GED holders, you need 15 semester credits, 22
  5. My 2 cents: dont enlist first. My recruiter told me it would be an easier path to enlist in an aviation MOS and that active duty applicants had a higher percentage selection rate. That is not a true statistic. Things may change in the time it takes to put a packet in, but the last 2 civilian boards had a 100% selection rate. As for your eligibility, do your best to do awesome on your LORs, APFT, ASVAB, and SIFT!
  6. This post caught my eye because I too am a public school teacher, and I was picked up for WOFT last month! Let's go educators transitioning to aviators! I made my recommended revisions in the quoted text above. I hate putting my writing out for others to dissect, so kudos to you for doing so!
  7. Selected January (Postponed February) 2018 -Age: 23 -ASVAB/GT: 99/143 -SIFT: 78 -APFT: 217 -Education: B.S. Music Ed. -Flight: 1.5 hours rotary -LORS: Professor, Professor, previous employer, Army Transportation O-3
  8. Anthony, Thank you so much for the up to date information! It's been very reassuring to have a "man on the inside" for this board!
  9. Mine was about 20 minutes. First question from the board president was about my APFT score, which is the weakest part of my packet. First question from the next board member was about a class I failed in college. They gave me the opportunity to explain both of those things and to talk about how I learned from the experience. Other than those two questions, most of the board was trying to get a sense of how I'd fit in the Army and if I had any strings attached (debt, loans, etc.) that would hold me back. From what I've heard, the board can vary wildly depending on the location that yours take
  10. I think I know the post you are referring to- I'll start making some calls. As far as I know, it should be a pretty standard physical- no waivers or anything like that. I just wasn't sure what the normal turnaround time was supposed to be. Thanks!
  11. Is there any way to check your application status as a civilian? Link doesn't work on a non-DOD computer. I haven't heard anything, and my physical was back in June.
  12. I'm in almost the same boat as you- I've got everything done except the battalion board. Currently waiting on my physical to be stamped. My battalion board won't see me until the physical is approved.
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