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  1. Sounds like an unfortunate chain of events in which we are only getting one side of the story first hand...
  2. I have a similar situation going on. I have a checkered past, i was a hard headed teenager. In 2014 I let a recruiter tell me that because of my waivers to join the Navy and unfortunately one ARI in my first year of my enlistment (this was finally the moment where I pulled my head out of my...) that there is no way I will even be looked at. Unfortunately I listened to him and just stopped. It has always nagged at me that I did that. As I stated he was probably right but what bugs me is that I let an E-6 with no authority on the happenings of big Army that I wasn't good enough. Now three years and a bachelors degree later I am planning to submit a package and I am not going to stop until I'm told no in writing. I am gathering all the necessary info and doing a bit more research before contacting a recruiter. Plan to call everyone in my area until I find one that is willing to work with me. If none are than I plan to get as far as I possibly can without their help. Hopefully showing up on their door step with solid package will entice them a little more. From what i have seen in these posts they do things like this early on to test your resolve. Pretty sure that wasn't the case in my situation but this time I am not leaving it to chance. My point: if this is what you want go after it full force if they say no you can rest at night knowing you did everything you could.
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