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  1. This was the exact path I did. 67 > 60M > 60A/L You're really going to benefit from being in a 67 first going back home to the A/L. Guys that did the 72>M>A/L struggled pretty hard for a while in transition.
  2. If you fail the course for whatever reason, you go again. I know someone who went 3 times. You'll make it through.
  3. When I graduated last August you got wings the same day. No one got their wings after the lakota course. You get your wings pinned the day of graduation and your orders have that day on them.
  4. It seems the 10 year ADSO is now official.
  5. She flys 60s. I'm not sure her exact height but I would have guessed 5'2-5'3.
  6. ^I know someone who did that exact thing. The only airframe she wasn't cleared on was 64s. Everything else was good. She was close to 5'2".
  7. I've always just used my head lamp around my neck. Not a huge fan of that approach. Ordered the Seitz FL-5 finger light. We'll see how I like it.
  8. Which do you prefer and which brand do you use?
  9. I've been lurking around here for quite a while and it's really cool to see the process come full circle for you, Mike. Hope you enjoy your experience at Rucker. My wife and I were just talking about how much we missed it.
  10. The bus is "mandatory." I knew several people who drove themselves without permission. I would recommend against it, but you can definitely get away with it.
  11. This is how it was done previously. They were separate numbers. I wonder why they chose a new format.
  12. Do they not do different numbers/selections for LTs and WOs? Did they combine them into one thing?
  13. I fly more than most of the warrants on our ATP so, this is not always the case. Especially in the Guard and Reserve when both are flying on their own time anyway. One of the IPs on our ATP is a major that has more time than the CW4 IP.
  14. I will say this was pretty much the process for me in the guard. Granted, I was already in the Guard. I went to the board with the intent to go to wocs, at the board the SAO saw that I already had a bachelor's degree and said they could guarantee me a flight slot either way, but they'd prefer me to choose the commissioned route. Took them up on the OCS offer. Had my flight physical completed after the board (which was the process for warrants as well.) Not sure if the Reserves actually works that way or if it's just a recruiter tactic.
  15. I wear glasses. It's a total non issue. Some days I wear the clear lenses, some days I wear the prescription sunglasses they issue. They are the same frame and are actually quite comfortable.
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