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  1. Do they not do different numbers/selections for LTs and WOs? Did they combine them into one thing?
  2. I fly more than most of the warrants on our ATP so, this is not always the case. Especially in the Guard and Reserve when both are flying on their own time anyway. One of the IPs on our ATP is a major that has more time than the CW4 IP.
  3. I will say this was pretty much the process for me in the guard. Granted, I was already in the Guard. I went to the board with the intent to go to wocs, at the board the SAO saw that I already had a bachelor's degree and said they could guarantee me a flight slot either way, but they'd prefer me to choose the commissioned route. Took them up on the OCS offer. Had my flight physical completed after the board (which was the process for warrants as well.) Not sure if the Reserves actually works that way or if it's just a recruiter tactic.
  4. I wear glasses. It's a total non issue. Some days I wear the clear lenses, some days I wear the prescription sunglasses they issue. They are the same frame and are actually quite comfortable.
  5. I would say it's pretty common at first. You will feel lost for a while. The good thing is your IPs will handle the radio, easing you into it as you get more comfortable.
  6. Anyone want to provide an updated breakdown in what they made last year?
  7. There's nothing you can do about the SIFT at this point. No reason to count yourself out, though. I had several friends at Rucker with scores in the 40s, one as low as 41. If you happen to not get select the first time around, I would say GT could be a place for improvement.
  8. That’s true. WO was 1x47, which went first I believe. 2x64s next, then 60. CO was 1x47 first, then all 60s. It was a 67 selection so no option for c12.
  9. The thing that most people recycle SERE for is medical or land nav. If youre worried about it, take it seriously in WOCS and the other opportunities you get to practice. The land nav test you do with a partner is actually quite difficult, if Im being honest.
  10. Rucker doesnt really care what your state flys at home. We have 72s and I was in a 67 class. I had a friend whose state requested him to be moved to 72 because they were planning on putting him in the 72 unit, and even took it to NGB, and Rucker still wouldnt do it. Last I heard the 67 will be around until FY 2020 and I bet that gets extended. There were several classes who had BTN completely waived because they were so far behind. In the 67 course we passed the 72 course 2 weeks ahead of us because of their maintenance issues. The LNO was recently telling me that Rucker has tried to get rid of the A/L pipeline but a handful of states keep pushing g to keep it open instead of sending their guys to Mikes then doing a 10 day transition back to A/L. It really makes no sense.
  11. I had 4 active OCS and 3 guard OCS LTs in my BOLC class including myself. And I know of quite a few others in the classes before and after mine. It's not as uncommon as people are claiming.
  12. You kept track of everyones scores in your section and the other section?
  13. Any insight from other guard COs on roughly how much you brought home as a 2LT doing mins and drill/AT?
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