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  1. I was selected with a GED! You need 15 college credits to be eligible for enlistment reguardless if your planning on WOCS or standard enlistment. Go Warrant now and not during/ after AIT. 100% selection rate for civilians. My class has an 18 year old with zero flight hours. By the time your done completeing your packet you can easily squeeze in another 8 college credits and meet the minimum requirement. Take my word for it man go Warrant first.
  2. Selected January (Feb) Board Age: 26 GT: 124 SIFT: 66 APFT: 248 Military: 0 Flight Hours: 70 Physical: ADD Waiver (Stamped) Civ Ed: GED, 20 credits towards AA LORs: O1 Marines, O3 Airforce (Ret), O4 (Ret) Navy. All Aviators. I had a few obstacles to overcome. I have a GED and required a waiver for ADD. If I can do it anyone can. Took me 2 years to submit my packet was selected first time.
  3. I as well am interested on how this portion of training is cunducted.
  4. Theres a practice SIFT study guide I bought off of amazon that had some practice questions. I only used it to familiarize myself with some of the more unique aspects to the test. For example choosing the correct orientation of an aircraft when viewed from the perspective of the cockpit. Managed to get a 66 on the SIFT. My highest level of education is a GED, if I can do it youll have no problem.
  5. BCT Benning March 6th WOCS Rucker May 24th This is how it reads on my contract.
  6. Clearwater, Fl has a reserve medevac wing there. My brother is a crew chief at that unit you should contact them see if they can help you out.
  7. Just found out from my recruiter I was selected! I got to MEPS Friday to sign my contract. Congratulations to everyone else! 100% thats awesome.
  8. Best of luck to all! Age: 26 GT: 124 SIFT: 66 APFT: 248 Flight: 72 hours MED: Stamped College: 20 credits LOR: Navy CMDR, Air Force Cpt, Marine 2nd LT Have a Battalion Board Interview November 7th, hopefully all goes well.
  9. Seems like pretty solid advice from a pretty credible source. I've tossed the idea around of what I'd prefer to fly. I have a long road ahead before I cross that bridge but I like flying low and fast. My first helicopter ride was 20 ft above a glacier at a blistering speed...... and I was hooked. What where some of your more memorable moments flying, "I assume," a Apache?
  10. Thats what separates you from everyone else on here. You're a Pilot while the rest of us are striving to be Aviators. I would like to ask you to refrain from those types of comments on this forum. Please and thank you.
  11. You're one of those clowns that tastes the Jet Fuel when sumping the tanks for water on preflight. Backwoods aviator types.
  12. Thats a shame bud. You seem to have forgotten the core values of what it means to be a Warrant Officer. You should check yourself my friend.
  13. Idk, I feel 1200 hours is very low to be divided up between aviators. I have 70 hours myself and Im still scared shitless climbing into an aircraft.
  14. Theyll take it seriously when your walking out the door for the chance of a lifetime.
  15. Yea he already tried the just "Enlist and put a packet in as a private." I truly appreciate this forum, it has been a gold mine of information.
  16. My recruiter informed me that there is a set amount of time you have to take the APFT, about a year. Afterwards you have to redo your entire packet?? Is this at all true?
  17. Should I be worried about having a medical waiver? Lol
  18. Im currently gunning for the November Board now. Lol
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