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  1. I was looking into the CA NG, and it looked like they do street to seat. Ultimately I wanted to serve closer to home though, so I reached out to the MT WOSM after moving back up north. The MT NG requires you to be a drilling member of the Guard before submitting a flight packet. Some food for thought.
  2. So if I understand correctly, by enlisting the poster can become eligible for a clearance. Can this route make a person eligible sooner than simply staying a civilian and waiting for enough time to pass since the DUI? I’m wondering as I am in a slightly similar situation.
  3. Looking for some community advice as I am in a slightly similar situation to the poster. My issues were a MIP and disorderly conduct from 2010 that were expunged after pleading no contest and doing community service, and some admitted experimental college drug use (no convictions or legal intervention). Since beginning the WOFT application process I have checked all of the boxes and filled out all of the forms along the way. I even met with an ASAP/SUDCC counselor and received a go from him on the drug use for an aviation waiver. After knocking out all of the testing and physicals I was deni
  4. Out of curiosity have any of you had your MEPS or flight physical expire while you were building your packet? If so were you easily able to schedule a second one?
  5. Looking for a little advice. I took my flight physical back in SEP 2017. It sounded like all was well as long as I met with a behavioral health counselor to get approval for a waiver, for previous drug use (as requested by Rucker). In OCT 2017 I met with the counselor and got his approval. I should have followed up immediately with the flight surgeon to ensure he received the documentation from the counselor, but I assumed all was well (incorrectly). Towards the end of putting my packet materials together I called Rucker to inquire about my physical, which they said had a status of "Denied/
  6. Finally got approved for an interim clearance! Now I have some flight physical things to deal with. Rolling with the punches.
  7. Stick with it. My numbers varied wildly from civilian eye doctor, MEPS eye exam, and the flight physical eye exam. I passed the flight physical eye exam, which was much more in depth than the other exams I had.
  8. Yeah, that would be great if it is the case. After putting this much into it, Im not ready to quit now.
  9. I received some pretty disheartening news from my recruiter today. I haven't actually had a security interview yet, but a security interviewer DQ'ed my form to start the investigation. Back in July when I started working with my first recruiter I was up front and honest at our first meeting about having experimented with marijuana and a schedule II substance (4 times) during my college years. Throughout my whole packet building process, things have happened pretty smoothly. The MEPS doctor cleared me, and after looking at my ASVAB/SIFT scores made a joke along the lines that that the "expe
  10. Im hoping the VR community can answer a question for me. I finished putting together my packet in October. The only remaining items are the security interview and the battalion board. My recruiter tried setting a phone interview with the security interviewer on the battalion board deadline day in October, but the interview didn't happen. Im hoping to make the December battalion board, but still need this security interview. Is this something I can schedule on my own if the recruiter doesn't make it happen? Also just to confirm, the security interview must be done before the battalion board, c
  11. I spent about 2 weeks studying for it. The best thing you can do for yourself is find a PDF copy of the FAA Rotarywing Flight Manual and read a chapter every day.
  12. I've been lurking here since June and started the packet process in July. I'm HOPING to have my street to seat packet completed by the November deadline, and will DEFINITELY have it ready by the January deadline for the March board if not. (Packet has been done since October, waiting on security interview so I can schedule Battalion board, finally so I can submit). Age: 27 GT: 139 SIFT: 58 APFT: 252, working out a lot in my free time to bump this up. Military: 0 Flight hours: 0 Physical: Passed Civ Ed: BA in Biology, 124 credits LORs: Civilian Employer (PhD), USAF 0-5 (Retired), and CW4 (AD).
  13. I actually completed the flight physical today, and passed vision within regulation. No waiver required. My acuity was better than the MEPS result. Maybe partially because I made sure not to wear contacts for 72 hours before the flight physical.
  14. Thanks for the link. My bad, I managed to miss the posting on that topic.
  15. While reading about aviation today (a pretty common occurrence since starting my WOFT packet) I came across some articles about the Future Vertical Lift (FVT) program. I was just curious to hear what current Aviators out there think about it as well as the proposed V-280 Valor and SB-1 Defiant airframes that are competing for a spot to supply the military. Any thoughts on how this would change the world of Army aviation? Pros/Cons and Likes/Dislikes? What this means for applicants just beginning to enter the WOFT pipeline?
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