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  1. Sir, I understand how that came across, and I assure you that is not how I intended it to be. I would be willing to drive or fly across the country for a face to face interview if I was presented with one. I will most likely have to take leave and head down to JBLM to poke around. I only reached out here to see if there were other options is all. The last thing I am is lazy, but please forgive me for the choice of words.
  2. The hard part I've ran into is actually connecting with any of the individuals at JBLM. its a bit of a drive and something I'm only really able to do on the weekends. I was hoping there might be someone at JBLM lurking on here that would be able to point me in the direction of an individual who would be willing to feel me out and meet in the future.
  3. Currently NAS Whidbey Island Washington.
  4. I am currently applying for the Army WOFT. I have been scouring the web and my own networking connections for an active duty Army, Senior WO Aviator (W-3 to W-5) that would be willing to potentially sponsor my package. As some info about myself, I am currently serving in the US Navy as a Petty Officer Second Class (E-5) and have been in the naval aviation field for roughly four and a half years specializing in egress and environmental control systems / safety equipment. I started my package back in June, and have been pushing hard to make the January and March 2018 board deadlines. The on
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