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  1. Feels like everyone in the Gulf is holding their breath right now. Watch the price of oil and check back when it starts to rise...
  2. Thanks Ridethisbike. I guess I will have to convince Santa that I've been extra extra good this year and need a gps receiver as well...
  3. Hi Smoltz, CR and East Coast are both fine schools last I heard, though I was down at Boston Helicopters in North Andover. They are different, and will definitely have a different feel to them so stop in and talk, that is always the best way to get an idea. Seacoast is relatively new to the area and I haven't met them (Hi Bruce!). Honestly stop in and talk, see who you feel most comfortable working with. I wouldn't raise red flags about any of these operators even if I were in the business of bashing flight schools on the forum, but I can't stress enough that this is an individual decision and how you get along with the people at the school is key.
  4. Bump* I know there are lots of people out there using Ipads and Ipad minis, because I see them, and I am jealous. As far as I know Foreflight works fine with them, I know it works great on my phone and I use it almost every day. I am looking into getting an ipad mini now, and want to make sure I get the right thing. I have heard that I will need the GPS -- does this mean not the Wifi version? Am I going to have to have this on my cell phone account as well even though I don't have any coverage offshore? I would rather avoid one more monthly fee but might go ahead if necessary. Or just get a new phone and continue to squint. What's good?
  5. http://www.tommee.com/ Here's a link that duplicates the old one from the New England Helipads site that seems to be broken. It's a list of restaurants in the area that let you land there, and while they're called helipads a lot of the descriptions run something like "land in the field across the street from the restaurant."
  6. I agree that 10 kts is a bit too slow - probably just below rather than just above ETL, which is where I would like to be. Coming in faster will use less power but that high rate of descent will require a larger power adjustment to stop, and if you are coming into an off airport site there is always the possibility of the wire or obstacle you didn't see before - I'd rather be approaching that at 15 kts than 40. I generally start the descent at 40 kts, but have slowed down both airspeed and ROD by the time I reach treetops and make my go/no go decision.
  7. Agreed. Once you're committed then her happiness is yours, and yours is hers and you need to make big decisions as a couple. Otherwise it's just a fight waiting to happen. Good luck and keep communicating!
  8. Karen was a wonderful person and I know everyone who knew her will miss her. If I haven't said much about this it's because when something like this happens to someone you know and like words often seem trivial and pointless. Rest in Peace Karen.
  9. I waited too long last year but got on the waiting list and something opened up. Give it a try!
  10. Make connections now (It will be less stressful since you are not expecting to get a job), make a good impression, get business cards from everyone you meet and keep in touch! LinkedIn or email or phone if you really hit it off -- Drop a note once in a while to say how you are doing, what you are up to, and by the time you are qualified for that job they will already know you.
  11. Wow. I would start to feel like I was doing something seriously wrong if I didn't know other women like myself with lots of hours, perfectly presentable, networking, doing everything right and still having trouble moving on to the next step. I will agree that being a woman makes you stand out more, and probably makes guys more willing to talk to you. But my general impression is that sometimes (and with some companies) being a woman will help, and sometimes it will hurt. Maybe I will get flack for this but I think that while some companies love hiring women, others will not hire or will make your life miserable if you work there.
  12. Hahahaha! love it. (Grumpy sometimes, but not in print...)
  13. I had the unusual situation of seeing an ad (on VR), responding to it and getting hired with 300 hours. That was after doing a tour of all the flight schools in the region of the country where I trained and being told the same thing -- "We prefer to hire our own students" (I didn't get hired on at my school). There was an opening here because it was a relatively new school that had not begun producing CFIs yet, and now that we have a 'crop' of CFIs guess what -- we prefer to hire our own graduates. But it happens, there are jobs out there and with some persistence and lots of personal contact it can be done.
  14. Thanks Diver, Originally I was looking for exactly that - first hand impressions from someone who had actually worked there. There's more than enough hearsay about every company out there, that's for sure. Maybe it's because RLC is so small, but unlike some of the other guys I don't know anyone who has worked there. Glad it was good for you.
  15. Excellent! Enjoy it and keep learning.
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