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  1. Welp, Just finished prior service boot camp. The last time I was on here was when I was taking the bus ride to the base. Glad to be done and back in Florida. I've been out a lil bit, was combat arms in USAF, did some contracting (protection work) for a long while and then to be at MEPS after processing 8 months for the WOFT program(Feb selected) and being unexpectedly told that I'd have to do boot camp was a kick in the balls. But like anything in life, if you want something bad enough......and I do!
  2. On the bus to PSBCT so will be short. MEPS and my friend that was in the April class said this is it. Im in the last class. He and I have had 5 to 10yrs breaks in Service. We are both combat arms, he Army and I came from the Air Force. We both had to do this regardless of break. The website saying less than 3 yrs is outdated. But with that said, as I have been told anyone who transitions now will go through the full bct with the first timers. (Due to lack of full psbct classes) Sorry for that news and good luck to everyone. I wasnt expecting to have to do this but, Im willing to do whatever it takes!
  3. Ill be at Prior Service Boot Camp in FLW Missouri on Tuesday. My good friend just returned last week from it. Not looking fwd to it!
  4. Thank you and others for your post. I was explained this after selection. This all has been very fluid and some processing errors have occurred. There are some things in the works. CO and HI are off the table, huge recruiter error! Ill be drilling in NW Florida
  5. lol must be me. My unlucky situation. We got it fixed best we can. And I agree, the website needs to be updated
  6. D10 is absolutely correct. I have had a few phone calls regarding the error in processing me in what was thought to be a street to seat WOFT reserves only packet. From the recruiters all the way up to the guy I sat down with to sign my contract at MEPS was misunderstanding the process, but we all learned from it and hopefully will help with future candidates. We have figured out what my next step is going to be and its very promising. I will be seeing some of you guys at Rucker sooner than later. Next up for me is Warrior Transition Course!
  7. MERDOC Appreciate your time to dig that up. Thank you I will look up the reference numbers that you have posted. If anyone else has anything to add, your insight is greatly appreciated as well as I try to gather as much info as possible
  8. Active for training wocs, flight school etc. After completion of training I would be at the needs of the Army. Day one of 3yrs starts the day I go to Prior Service Basic training aka Warrior Transition Course, then WOCS...........
  9. So my recruiter is telling me that he is finding out from higher that myself as a prior service member or any civilian that wants to apply for the WOFT program you have to sign for a three-year ACTIVE DUTY commitment and then you will finish out the rest of your time in the reserve units. Or something along those lines. I am trying to find where the regs are for this but I was at the mep station today and wasnt able to sign my contract because of this issue. I was Selected Jan/Feb board. Can anyone help with info on this? My recruiter and I thought that you could process for this program street to seat into the reserves.
  10. Thanks. I fly some fixed wing now and looking fwd to cross training into the helo side. I do see the benefit as you alluded to though. I found the travel info mentioned above and it looks like I can fly round trip form FL-CO for around $250-$290 so with in that $300 travel expense reimbursement. Pretty sure that I will be signing on with the CO unit. Hawaii would be nice but Ive been there and its quite a trip from Florida for each drill. Looking fwd to swearing in for Return to Service this week. Thanks for everyones time and input answering questions.
  11. Anyone have any knowledge on the Colorado Springs reserve mission, or the Schofield Barracks Hawaii mission.? Im leaning toward the Colorado unit due to shorter travel requirements from south Florida.
  12. DNR032 Excellent info. Ill proceed as you said. If I have to suck it up travel wise then I will do that. Like we say, focus on the 25 meter target. I definitely wont miss this opportunity over the above mentioned. Just gathering as much intel as possible. Thanks for your insight. Djs74 Thank you. Ill see what I can dig up.
  13. And if you are prior service going straight to WOCS please post as well.
  14. Great info above. I tried finding some info regarding this. So are you saying if my ticket to drill cost $600 the unit will only reimburse $300 of that? Where can I find this printed/posted. I would like to provide this to the recruiter that is contacting these units
  15. Id fly out of state once of month. I dont know that I can ask for something in writing but Ill get more info leading up to Wed swear in.
  16. New info just came out. I feel extremely lucky for the opportunity given to me. I just got info that I can stay here in south Florida and DRILL in Hawaii or Colorado travel and accommodation paid/reimbursed. Either way swearing in on Wed. Does anyone have info on the flying mission etc with the above mentioned?
  17. Looks like they checked all base options through USARC G-1. Here is an email I was sent. Email: After speaking with SGM ****** Army Reserve Senior Policy NCO it was established through USARC G-1 that there are only three Troop Program Unit's (TPU's) available for Army Reserve (AR) WOFT candidates: Fort Worth, TX / Colorado Springs, CO / Scholfield Barracks, HI. Mr.**** has had his age waiver approved and has been selected by the USAREC WOFT Board on 06FEB18. Mr. **** understands that he has ten days for DEP-in for AR to any of those three TPU's. He is also aware that active duty (RA) is also an option, but has made it clear he is not interested. All personnel attached in this email are up to date with all information regarding Mr. **** and his available options. Reservation for DEP-in will be made no later than 16FEB18 as to abide by MEP's projection standards for DEP-in.
  18. Reserve Bases Accepted on the Feb 5 2018 board. Received an email and phone call stating that the unit I wanted to get assigned to in south florida near where I live is full. Apparently the only RESERVE bases available for me to go to are Ft.Worth TX., Colorado Springs, and Schofield Barracks Hawaii. Meaning that after Rucker I would have to move there. If so I would want to be put on Active Reserve to ease the financial burden. Would the military pay for my move? Do I have any other options? Any one had similar circumstances? What would you guys do? FYI fixed wing civy looking to get to the majors soon as well.
  19. I'm down. But couldn't we just use Whatsapp I also believe different WOCS dates set up FB pages as well.
  20. Anthony was a great help and resource. Congrats to all of us civilians/prior service candidates thus far and good luck to our AD counterparts. Im going to MEPS (Miami) on Friday to swear in (Reserves). Im hoping for a same day ship date lol. Hopefully get this going ASAP.
  21. I didnt know there was a format or any specifics for an age waiver. I also have a PPL and finishing my instrument rating. I think my "essay" covered a variety of key points but heres my age waiver. To whom it may concern I would like your strongest consideration for my age waiver into the US Army Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) program. Deciding to come back into the military at age 36 was a big, but easy decision for me. Having worked with the Department of Defense and Department of State for numerous years after my initial separation has broaden my experience as a leader in the government sector. I have gone on to pursue a college degree and my private pilot’s license, all while maintaining a fulltime job. Physically I would say I'm in the best shape of my life, having just finished my MEPS and Class 1 Flight Physical with great feedback from both doctors. I go to the gym and cross train in a variety of ways to stay in great shape inside and out all year around. I recently tested for the Army PFT and maxed out at 300 for all age groups. I do not drink or smoke and I can assure you that I have many more years of continued good health and service to this great nation. Respectfully,
  22. Turns out no news *isnt* good news. My recruiter said that my packet should be good to go after my Battalion Board back in Dec 13 2017. Medical was completed in November. Luckily I am grateful that a member here messaged me that I was showing up as NOT board ready. Apparently my medical hasnt been reviewed at rucker and my age waiver is still pending. I have literally been waiting around thinking everything was g2g after my recruiter said only thing left to do was wait for Jan 22nd. Turns out that was the worst advice. Does anyone have a # to get this age waiver and medical expedited ASAP? The recruiter has contacted Ops, but Im trying alternate channels as well. Please advise. ***Also, I've tried calling Mr.Garcia at Ft.Rucker to check on my medical. The # 334-598-8955 is not working. Does anyone have his full name and contact info. EDIT* JH11B, Thank you. Anthony2447 Thank you as well. Your PMs have really helped out.
  23. I've tried calling Mr.Garcia at Ft.Rucker to check on my medical. The # 334-598-8955 is not working. Does anyone have his full name and contact info.
  24. I was selected at the battalion board 13 Dec and my packet sent to Rucker. Does this delay message apply to myself and others that have packets at Rucker already?
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