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  1. Im a prior service applicant as well up for selection. Ill be following this thread to see when others are notified.
  2. Percentages going down. Im prior service and my board went well. Hopefully get approved at Rucker in January. Are these percentages of fully qualified at Battalion board level and then not selected at Rucker, or how does that work?
  3. Congrats. Thats really fast. 4 months. Are you prior service? And when everyone talks about report/class date, theyre talking about boot camp for civies, and WOCS for prior service correct? Im scheduled for the Jan board. Hopefully I get a quick turn around.
  4. Im on the roster for that trip as well. Waiting on the travel details from Miami still.
  5. I saw that you had a problem as well on a previous post as well. Happy you got it sorted and I appreciate your input. All I have heard here is that .....from Miami they are trying to schedule my appointment at Fort Campbell. It makes no sense but Ill fly anywhere at this point to get it done. Im prior service and processed through Miami Meps, initial medical, security clearance screen, paperwork etc for this packet. Just not happy that its taking this long to what I see a simple scheduling issue. What did the people at Fort Knox ultimately do for you?
  6. I have been trying to get submitted for the Nov board. Everything is complete except for Flight Physical. Ive called numerous recruiters in and out of my area and still cant get the Miami Battalion to get this thing schedule. Like Ive said, Ive sent numerous emails and phone calls to various recruiters, some not wanting to get back with me. What else can I do?
  7. I will do that on my lunch break. The reason I haven't done it as of yet is because my NCOIC of my recruiter station said the Fort Rucker flight surgeon is "under Investigation." I will make some calls and find out today! Would have done so sooner but thought prior service guys like myself had to use the recruiter to schedule. Thanks. Also if anyone else would like to add some advice or provide a contact that can put a foot in some ones ass Id appreciate it.
  8. Im in South Florida and I have been processing since July and have had my paperwork for battalion board ready for awhile. The recruiter is behind the power curve when it comes to scheduling etc, plus the hurricane set us back as well. Long story short I have been trying to have them set up the appointment to see a flight surgeon. They keep saying we have to go to Fort Campbell but even that hasn't happend. My paperwork is due to the battalion board by Oct 29th. What can I do? Can I call anyone? Really dont want to miss this AGAIN. Thanks, Mike
  9. I'm still waiting on flight Phys but I hear that's not mandatory before Battalion board. (I'm trying to get it done asap). Have you guys already interviewed for the battalion board? I'm seeing submission dates of 17 Nov. But confused if that's for Rucker or not.
  10. Hey guys. I'm processing out of South Florida as well. I'm prior service with Fixed Wing PPL and have about 6 flights left on my IFR cert. (Broward College part 141) Ive finished MEPS and Security interview in Miami last week. (Hurricane Irma pushed me back) All other paperwork and test are done. Ive already missed two boards and don't want to miss another. My recruiter is also tracking a Flight Med for me out of Ft.Campbell as well. Let me know what you guys find out. I'm trying for the next board!
  11. My flight physical has been delayed due to scheduling. Can I still go to battalion board before my flight physical?
  12. Got an email from my recruiter. Flight surgeon is out of office til Oct.... My MEPS and other paper work is done. Can I be scheduled for the battalion board while I wait on the flight med? Or does that have to be done first. Just don't want to miss the next board. Wanted to ask yall before I call the recruiter back. Thanks
  13. Thank you for the reply. I'm familiar with the state vs federal. I was just hit hard with hurricane Irma and I know the guard is flying because they are state level. Can a Reserve guy volunteer to fly with Guard guys to help out during disasters?
  14. I go to Broward College and am enrolled in the Professional Pilot part 141 course; just finishing up my fixed wing instrument rating. I am in the Fort. Laudedale, Florida area and I am just about finished getting my WOFT packet together. I am prior service USAF but I have a few questions regarding the Army Guard and Reserve while pursuing a future with the major airlines. My recruiters are putting me in contact with C Co 5-159th Avn. UH-60, out of Clearwater Florida. With out getting the "recruiter" answer, I am wondering what is the difference between the Army Guard and Reserves as far as AVIATION goes. Money/Resources Op Tempo Flight Hours Training Flying Commercial Airlines What would you do if in my situation? Or does it matter?
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