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  1. My IPAC is saying no way and there is no such document stating that I do not have to go to TRS. I EAS Jan 30th, therefor defiantly do not have time for this crap. If anyone can think of where I might be able to find that reverence PLEASE help. I'm still digging of course.......
  2. I'm digging for this reference right now, hopefully I can find it myself to avoid the headache here in a few weeks when I being checking out, I'm going to have enough trouble with CIF
  3. on milsuite, when you are on you class sub community page the banner at the top of the page shows your class color, fysa class 503 is yellow
  4. Just wondering if there is anyone on these forums that's been assigned to WOCCS class 18-008. I am having a heck of a time finding anyone else in the class. MILSUITE only has 2 other members for this class and neither are active. Flying Blind...
  5. I got bumped from 503 to 08 still a feb class. Just have to wear purple now.
  6. Just got my class date, looks like most of us will be together, 18-503.
  7. Nope. Im sure it has to do with being AD USMC but another Marine I know that was selected on the last board got his reservation in a week.
  8. Yea sorry worded it weird, I mean any other intra service transfers like myself, would be curious as to if we will get our class dates the at the same time like for the AD army guys all seemed to get theres the same day.
  9. Are there any other service applicants posting here right now that was selected on this board?
  10. To those of you who have your class date are you all AD army guys? Just wondering if the dates come by current status
  11. I hope I am sooner..... also hope I just get the dates ASAP
  12. i think it varies a lot, mine went from submission to board ready in about a week and half I think
  13. well, i was actually trying to figure out how to get an AKO account so I can start learning how to Army. I need a sponsors email address to input.
  14. Gotcha, an Army system lol, wasn't sure if it was something AD Marine could access.
  15. My wallet would appreciate the shorter drive that's for sure considering I drive a 2nd gen Cummins. I am assuming that I will be moving my family there upon graduation, is that the norm?
  16. Well maybe I will have to look into that then, yall sound pretty convinced that base is the way to go
  17. Reviving this thread... I personally hate living on base. My family and I enjoy the country setting. Any tips on the area I should be looking? Im willing to drive 20-30 mins to work for a good place. Also, rental agencies in the area? I have only found a couple online and Im sure there are more in a military town. Thanks!
  18. Were you AD Army? Wondering about other services....
  19. Anyone know how long it takes to receive "official" notification?
  20. Gents it has my location as Florida. I'm not sure why as I live and work in North Carolina at MCAS New River. Is this an issue?
  21. I'm AD Marine and I just tried to log in with my cac and it worked fysa.
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