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  1. Piloted several models of helicopters over the years and found that bumps and jars of driving an automobile are more noticeable than the air ride suspension of a helicopter. Despite it's appearance, the R44 has a pleasingly comfortable seat.
  2. Like any other religion, Atheism is a belief system requiring faith to underpin it's tenants, in some ways even more so than others.
  3. "By saying, “THERE IS NO GOD!” the atheist is announcing to the world that his/her thinking is incredibly limited, that his/her field of view quite narrow and restrictive." Could have saved a lot of typing with this one simple sentence, concise and to the point!
  4. Law enforcement. Guy landed his Enstrom in a cul de sac, police showed up and asked if he was having problems, he responded that he was visiting a friend. Officer said he would be back in ten minutes and if the aircraft was still there it would have to leave on a truck. It left on a truck.
  5. May have used an R44. http://www.dailymail...ter-escape.html
  6. The last time I forwarded someone to another site, it was no bowl of cherries. Hopefully this won't become a controversy. A pilot named Melvyn who lives in Chile has an R44 and posts on the Robinson Helicopter Owners Group website. Here's his latest post: http://robinsonhelic...d=53&topic=1523 maybe you can contact him. Mike
  7. Nice thing about atheists is that until they take their last breath, they are redeemable! Be nice to everyone, you never know the seating assignment when it's all over. There once was a man named Saul... Mike
  8. Maria dries cherries further up the river in the Wenatchee, WA area. she may have some information. http://www.flyingmair.com/other-services/cherry-drying/
  9. Anyone interested in owning a Helicycle but, too impatient to build one can buy this recent introduction to the market. One of the nicest built Helicycles in the fleet: http://www.juanr.com...E/For Sale.html I would consider it, except I'm currently building one. Mike
  10. What's the maximum per seat weight limit in an EC130?
  11. I've had it for three years and used it four times, it's been worth it. Mike
  12. That would be by best guess also. I was somewhat on the fence as to whether or not the bladder tank update was worth it, not any more. This accident was definitely survivable, he was trying to exit the aircraft. I feel for the pilots family and the poor soul with the fire extinguisher who tried to help. Mike
  13. Any ideas as to why the R22 has not had the same fuel bladder SB issued? It's not been without its share of post crash fires. Mike
  14. 268ST was a nice 500D, I did my turbine transition in it. Got pretty badly balled up in the accident: http://www.kwsalvage.com/detail.asp?ID=158-19304 Mike
  15. Here's some recent video using the Gopro in a Helicycle: http://www.juanr.com/Video/Flights/Taxi-1_Hi_Res/N750G%20First%20Video.htm These HD cameras look like they would also do well airborne: http://www.raceoptics.com/products.php I purchased a Sony HXR-MC1 when they first came out, lot's of competion in that market now. Video shot with the Sony from my Raven II: Mike
  16. Building a Helicycle now. Good safety record, well engineered, turbine powered and autorotates better than an R22. There was a used one with 20 hrs TT on ebay last month that did not make reserve. Owner may be willing to deal.
  17. A post over at Robinson Helicopter Owners Group says that the rotor came off: http://robinsonhelicopters.org/?option=com_smf&Itemid=34&topic=1328.msg6775;topicseen#new Mike
  18. So for those who operate in hot and humid environments, it's a crap shoot as to whether or not debonding will occur, no matter how well the paint is maintained. No wonder the FAA alluded to manadatory MRB replacement as a future possibility.
  19. Robinson's published operating costs are indeed way low if present SB's are complied with, even worse if MRB replacement is mandated. What makes the new alumiminum -7 R44 blades any safer than the previous design? R22's have already gone from aluminum to stainless and back to aluminum again! Maybe they should try carbon fiber next. I sold my Raven II last month as a result of this mess. After two R44's, I don't plan on owning another Robinson product. It would be nice to see them stop testing unproven MRB designs on customers.
  20. Stan, I purchased a Helicycle kit, builder 6-28. I have it on the gear with seat pan and cabin mounted. I also have an extra T62-32 turbine on a test stand and spare parts - turbine wheel, bearings, combustor housing... Mike
  21. Stan, Sounds like there's enough room. The factory is just a few hours south of me, I'll have to visit them this spring. Your videos are great! Mike
  22. Stan, I own a Raven II, I'm spoiled by the amount of room. I would like to try a Helicycle if I could fit into one, 6'3" and 200lbs. What's the headroom measurement from the seat to the inside canopy? Thanks, Mike
  23. Even with the airframe as a crumpled as it is, no evidence of a post crash fire.
  24. Many good comments so far. Rechargeable NiMH and NiCd have a nearly flat discharge curve until they reach the end of their charge and then loose capacity very quickly. This characteristic makes the remaining battery life indicator nearly useless. I get 30 to 40 hrs with my Bose headset on standard alkaline batteries with plenty of low battery warning time. Due to the relatively high self discharge rate, recheargeables don't lend themselve to sitting around as a spare's either. They loose a few percent of charge the first couple of days and a few percent per month thereafter, with cold storage conditions further reducing their capacity. Though they are more expensive, the Energizer non rechargeable Lithiums suggested for use in the SPOT locator devices may also do well in headsets and have great cold weather performance. I intend to test them out next battery replacement. Mike
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