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  1. Yea your stuff is way better than mine and I got accepted. No college at all. I did have military time though but the street to seat people have been getting really high selections lately. I would submit it. Worst thing to happen is you don’t get accepted and you try again later.
  2. He said he didnt know how but it gets taken care of after BCT... but I couldnt figure out if t was a memo or on my DD214 or separation orders or what.
  3. So you wont get housing at Rucker until after WOCS. Pretty sure after WOBC. Im married so it might be a little different but I had orders to transfer my wife and our stuff to our home of record. Since its a separation. Then my PCS orders you get to Rucker will take my stuff from there. I would assume ( we all know what assuming means) You will Have your stuff shipped by the CG to your home of record ( since its a separation) and probably have to pay for storage yourself until after WOBC. Have yall figured out how to transfer yalls leave? My YN said that since we are DHS and army is DOD thats its 2 different systems and there is no way to do it. I had a PERS looking into it with no luck either. I gave up and told them just to sell my days but wondering if yall figured it out.
  4. Honestly Ill fly anything but the 64s are bottom of my list so this is great it wasnt my class! Hahah
  5. Im coming from the Coast Guard and all I had to do was request an extension to my conditional release and they just sent me another one. Ours are only good for 6 months. Im sure the other branches are the same.
  6. Yea I know... I messed up. Anyone in this class have access to blackboard and have orders go BCT? What are yalls dates for basic? Im an inter service transfer just making sure I have my stuff on time.
  7. Hey any one who is going to be in this class get access to blackboard yet? Also when is everyone going to BCT? Im an inter service transfer and was supposed to leave about a year ago but had a little hold up and finally got orders to WOCS again but I had access already at this point I think. Just making sure Im getting everything I need.
  8. Any insight on WOs going to air assault or airborne or ranger school? Or any other schools like that?
  9. Went to MEPS last month. They told me they had another PS-BCT in Feb. so I dont know where yall are hearing this about PS BCT being shut down. From what I heard they just do a few a year. I couldnt go to it since my WOCS starts jan. Unless they canceled my orders and put me in a later one but that would have messed up a lot since Im active duty Coast Guard and had orders to transfer already. So they have me going to Jackson in oct. Any other prior service people going to be there?
  10. Have there been any selections lately?
  11. Im an ME and have been selected already. Was supposed to leave already but broke my finger and got put on hold. Going to MEPS in the next few weeks. I have 0 flight time and no degree and got selected. So all of that helps Im sure but not nesisary. Shoot me a message and Ill help best I can. Translating everything from Army to CG to fill it out properly was kind of a pain.
  12. I know a few guys who are doing it. One lives on base and its like 300 a month but there is no sewage hook ups and they have to move every 3 months or so from one spot to another. So if you dont mind dealing with poop its not bad, and his drive to the airfield is only 4 min. Have another friend who lives off base at a park that is only a 20min drive I think but pays 400 I think and has full hook ups. I am considering it but my camper is only 19ft so going to have to upgrade. Haha
  13. Hell yea! I like seeing the Chinooks on there!
  14. Last bunch of civilian selections have been 100% selected. Just FYI. And I dont see the army slowing down on hiring anytime soon.
  15. I was told first week of dec I will get an email with school dates.
  16. congrats everyone who was selected! See you all at Mother Rucker!
  17. Im on leave right now so I cant check every second. Its almost worst checking this forum every second for someone to say saomething.
  18. Worst part is someone knows if we have been accepted or not and we dont...
  19. Hell yea! Congrats to the civi applicants! Im DYING over here trying to find something to take my mind off of it.
  20. Lucky enough to be on vacation to take my mind off of it and distract me while I wait.
  21. Dont you have to have a LOR from a Sr. Warrant? I heard something along the lines of they are waiving that right now do to the shortage but I havent actually seen it anywhere.
  22. Send me a DM with your email address. My LOR was done by a CW5 who had help from another CW5 who used to sit on boards. They like certain things in bold print and capitalized. It will have to wait till Monday though.
  23. You can submit updates to your packet as you get them up to a few weeks before the board date. I would watch out sending in a packet you dont feel is strong though. If you dont get selected twice ( your packing it automatically submitted to the next board if you dont get picked up) then you have to wait a year before you can submit again. So keep that in mind. Should you wait and get all the leadership courses in to beef up your packet, or do you think its strong enough now to be picked up? They are taking people like crazy so now is the perfect time to be applying though.
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