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  1. Do you add dumbass comments on all threads on this forum?
  2. I must question your life priorities. You note that flying for fun/leisure is “flushing money down a toilet”; yet you seem quite cavalier about putting your family into poverty/hardship because you have a dream of being a pilot. I could not proffer life/career advice to someone whose priorities are so messed up. A PPL(H) will cost you about 15k – 20k. Would you recoil as vehemently at the suggestion of buying a boat with the same amount of money?
  3. Everyone has their own interests; however I’ve never understood why American’s take interest/pride in “visiting all 50 states”. Of course, visit the nice places but what’s the real purpose of visiting say South Dakota or Iowa other than these odd “tagging” trips such as you describe? Spending the same amount of money/time seeking out different countries and cultures would be far more interesting.
  4. This isn't a military forum. Non-military people don't know what any of the above acronyms/descriptions mean. He did assist you by telling you this is the wrong forum.
  5. As evidenced by examples such as Helonorth's posts, not everything on the internet is true.
  6. Jenny, a helicopter will take about 3 minutes to run-up before taking off and about 3 minutes to shut down (little faster if a turbine). A private pilot coming into his lake house will (I assume) be quite infrequent); he's not exactly attempting to create a mini Chicago O'Hare. On some of your comments: ...“quiet idyllic lake front” ...“densely populated neighbourhood” - make up your mind, it can’t really be both …"enjoyed the loons, ducks, geese, eagles etc. great fishing of dock, lots of lake dwellers besides humans" - all those animals will continue thrive; one person landing a helicopter will make no discernible difference …"To land it would have to come straight at the lakeshore towards the centre of a densely populated neighbourhood." - Jenny how do you know the pilots landing pattern/procedure?; wind direction also plays a part here. …"I’m not against this form of transportation. I just think there’s a better solution for this situation" - you haven’t asked any meaningful/useful queries of any pilot on this forum; nor have you provided any specifics such a maps/diagrams/etc. You've only stated your own self-derived assumptions and blankly asked the forum "What do you think" The real starting point would be for you to go talk to the pilot directly. Not come onto a pilots website to simply try to harvest any ammunition to stop him.
  7. I think the Dictionary disagrees with you: anecdotal adjective (of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.
  8. Please note your neighbour will most probably be flying something akin to a Robinson R44 w/ maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 2,500 lbs. The Sikorsky S92 mentioned in the above anecdotal story has a MTOW of 27,700 lbs - so not comparable at all regarding downwash or noise.
  9. If the person had wanted to land at the airport, he/she would have bought an airplane. As long as it meets some basic parameters, this can be fine. I'm assuming your looking for fodder for a complaint (first post). I'll note that helicopters do not specifically require an aerodrome and can take-off and land in quite small sites safely.
  10. These photos are perplexing in that someone would go through the time/expense of this needless modification, yet still be a cheap bastard and have the usual "American Instrument Panel" where they have the plastic inserts where the Direction Indicator and Artificial Horizon should have been. It's as if Robinson should make a 5-hole panel for the US - it's always the same. I don't know what this sh*t cost, but money would have been better spent on an instrument that they may find useful if they ever flew into a cloud.
  11. You're a third or half way to a PPL. Yes, go ahead and get your PPL(H). Private helicopter flying is great; I've never met another PPL that didn't love it and weren't glad they got their licence.
  12. Aside from the “odd” American construct of your job and your healthcare insurance being the same, being a contractor (with a corporate structure; not as a sole proprietor) can be quite advantageous as compared to being an employee. Provided you are being paid more as a contractor (you should be), it should be a simple decision. You have far more flexibility in tax, cashflow and deductions. For very little money, you can set up a company and then set/negotiate your own contracts with customers. Liability is limited to the company; not necessarily you as an individual.
  13. Have a look here: https://www.faa.gov/pilots/safety/pilotsafetybrochures/media/pilot_vision.pdf CAMI (FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute) is a good source of information for physiology: http://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/airman_education/aerospace_physiology/ I’m a private pilot/owner PPL and don’t work in aviation, but did their full-day course in the US for a civilian HALO jump. Really interesting and fun day; we did it for the hypobaric chamber training which really teaches you a lot about hypoxia (not that helicopters go that high)
  14. I personally wouldn't opt for a kit-built helicopter; only factory built for me. Whereas a trained monkey can build a plane; I view a helicopter as a little more complex. Not something I view as suitable for a bloke-in-his-garage project.
  15. For NYC flying, the Hudson & East River have special rules New York City Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_content.aspx?pf=1&preview=true&cID=79 Of course the CFI with you will have this, but it would be useful to understand it yourself. The online course is free; takes about 20-30 minutes and the certificate is good indefinitely - so you could come back and do it yourself sometime SFH.
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