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  1. had a chit chat with the rep this week, and he mentioned the following, the new starter seals have a teflon strip in the center that you shouldn't touch, you can oil the splined shaft though, you are to use a bullet to install then also. the fcu and governor can move a bit so center them before tightening so as to help tubing installation. you should bent the tubes to make sure they fit to the unit not loaded up and held down with the B nut. also use the correct torque, make sure the clamp is tight on the tube as they stop a harmonic vibration that can happen in tubes. never touch the #8 oil supply line. as you'll not get it back on correctly in the field.
  2. Somehow a piece of foam that wasn't removed from a mist eliminator got injested on a ship I was in...amazing the damage and the fact that the thing still ran,so take a peak,as this piece was hidden I guess..
  3. I've worked on Astars for over 15 years and have seen only one broken belt,and have communicated to the tech rep how the installation is vague and especially the retensioning,He told me about redrawing the 100 mm lines again,and tightening the 3% and I asked where it said that cause no one I've met heard of it.and suggested they address the issue,people are always washing the transmission bay without covering the belt or checking the twang with greasy fingers causing the belt surface to loose traction,but no one seems to worry about it either.We have played with the hydraulic's capability on run down and the feel is there at even 30-40 rpm.so I think it has the capacity,but if a belt slips???we grab the pully and twist it to see it the rotor turns,and show the pilots what the twang noise should sould like on a retensioned belt.and it is up there in pitch..
  4. and the R is mucho expensive to overhaul...we didn't see a real big difference in performance
  5. Seems ours is always stuck or coroded,got the new style one and in 2 months it is stuck,but at least you can open it up and free it up....so has anyone fixed a kaiser eckel style one??
  6. Getting tired of the one we use now,and am looking for a RELIABLE repair facility for them..So if anyone has a lead,I'd appreciate it
  7. Just seeing if there is anything easier than a fish scale??thanks
  8. looking for the vendor for the stretch tool with the weight and dial indicator??thanks
  9. if anyone has a good one for working on the head etc,I appreciate a pic to ec120guy at gmail.com thanks
  10. Thought they were called yukon stoves,but cant find a canadian supplier of them Thanks..
  11. I was doing an inspection on a Hughes 300 we had on a spray contract.After putting the jar under the filter and draining the fuel,I noticed it wasn't blue.so off I go any look in the honda pump in the mix truck to see the avgas it its tank instead..The guys were putting 5 gal jugs out on the spray blocks near portable pumps and tanks of goop..there was no marking to see the difference,and they were dumping fuel in as they were gooping here up..
  12. We are getting an ec120,and would like to paint ours the same shade of blue,so i"d like to get the paint code..I'm at ec120guy@gmail.com thanks
  13. Just wondering what is available.I haven't moved one around yet..
  14. from my experience,the Lts works great if you keep the PC filters clean, If you swap them every 50 hrs,and keep on top of compressor washes or get a particle filter for her.they are quieter than the B2 also..you also need the Gerin oil acidity kit for it and a PC filter differential pressure tester also..
  15. If anyone could give me a briefing on them,I heard the head office is looking into one..I have mainly B2 experience..thanks
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