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  1. Have a question for fellow pilots that I haven't really seen surface too much. If you have a job flying and decide to quit the job before moving on due to family reasons how hard can it be to get back in the game? I know the more experience you have, the easier it will be. So for this case the pilot has about 1000hrs helicopter time, no turbine. How about no flying after 6 months? A year? Having the right connections can void this problem; but, what about recentency? How common might the company have a policy of last "X" months of flying time? Any particular advice you would give? Thanks in advance!
  2. Some place in Florida are definitely hiring guys for R44 tours between 200-300 hour, commerical rated no CFI. I know of two pilots right now. I believe they log 200 or some hours a year though. Be prepared to take a second job to live off of.
  3. This video is perfect for everyone thinking about quitting good stable jobs to pursue flying helicopters for a living. I think it's easy to get caught up in the "fun" part of the job and forget all the rest of the responsibilities that come along with the job. Personally I wished I had pursued it more as a hobby, the only problem is it took me going through all my certificates to understand how much I am playing with fire. It's very easy to get careless or simply overconfident about something you know nothing about as a pilot and get yourself or others killed. Also agree with RisePilot, everyone's experience may differ. You may pay dues for a year or two, it might take you 4-5 years depending on how well you can move around and network.
  4. I have been in helicopter tours that didn't have its customers sign waivers before so I don't know if a waiver really would offer protection in these type of situations. From what I understand about law, if gross negligence can be proven it doesn't matter what you signed. No matter what a company tells you, they can't legally prevent you from suing them if it's proven they knew you had a good chance of being injured or killed, or the laws were not followed. So for example cherminator, if in a crash your friends could prove you regular skipped checklist items or didn't perform W&B then that would be considered gross negligence.
  5. From my experience this is not something that most student pilots choose rather the flight school tells them. The place I trained at as a student pilot, you get 5hrs solo during private rating and then you were never in the helicopter solo again fo the rest of your ratings. The school would have bypassed even those 5 hrs if they could have, so instead they made sure you only went out at less than 5kts on only best of days. These are also the same schools that will train you with all of you rating but then refuse to let you rent with them because it's too high of a risk. And yes I agree it is a shame because you don't get any real confidence until your first flights actually working a job where you make all the decisions, or rent in your case. Sadly most students probably didn't get a choice. No the CFI can not log it PIC time (although I am pretty sure most did), the student pilot does not log it as "solo" because he is not. You do log PIC and then you do not log any of it as "dual" even though here is a CFI next you and that's how it should look in the logbook. The CFI is not suppose to instruct you or take controls at any time, except safety of flight reason, and if they do then you log dual and the flight does not count as meeting the requirements. You can't use this Rule in private rating because the student is not a rated pilot yet. During Commerical rating is where I have usually seen it being used.
  6. Haha really? I don't think ISIS comes on to VR to find this crap out Our government and military is a joke when it comes to keeping things classified. Most this stuff can be found online available because we put it out there even if it's FOUO or whatever. Took 5 seconds to google this and I know nothing about Military Helicopter operations. Check these out OP https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/1-112/fm1-112.pdf https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm3-04-126.pdf At least we got one thing going for us. "One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine..."
  7. It's actually a little comical to hear you call 55k as a low salary when there is quite a bit of pilots making less than flipping burgers doing R44 tours. Like seriously the pay including tips is 12-20k depending on the operator. To the helicopters pilots that went that route and never did flight instruction, they clearly wanted it more than the average graduate. Now if I'm paying a pilot that low salary of course I am going to have him clean the building and do non-pilot jobs. Did your employer promise that you would only do work involving a helicopter. I mean any job I have worked at, Pizza Hut, Home Depot, Military(enlisted), ramp rat refueled, flight instructor, I have had to vacuum/mop floors. It just makes sense why hire a janitor unless you know everyone will leave because their ego can't handle a task that is to far below them? If you are an engineer that makes 100k then I imagine you don't get told to clean because your time is wasted doing such task, but as a helicopter pilot that has down time that just isn't the case. Personally you topic makes me ask the question, why does someone start a helicopter business, like stated above when the profit margin for it to succeed involves paying pilots poverty wages. Sounds like a business setting itself up to fail. But hey if you want to ride the supply n demand train and profit off of suckers that's your choice to do it. In conclusion, yes we are all disposible, all the money in the world and the perfect job will never make you truly happy if you ever reached that point. Life's not fair but learning to be content is a start.
  8. Lyn, On the survey for question about how many paid vaction/sick leave are you given, there was no option for zero, only 1-5 days. Also the lowest salary was 40K but maybe that's intentional (not considered professional pilot until you make that much. I currently get about 15K before taxes a year. No wonder all the articles say the average helicopter salary is 65K, because no on counts all us low timers jobs while we "pay our dues". 😔
  9. Okay this one confuses me, if I come out and the scroll-fan nut is out of wack, I am not flying it period. That indicates a massive overspeed, or something wrong. You do realize that the rotor/engine can overspeed and show no indication on there right? So why would there ever be a need to take a picture? Doing that for the Tail stinger makes more sense. A scrape doesn't necessarily make it un-airworthy but that the previous person was messing around. But I agree with everyone else, if it's you first time flying the machine for the day then do a full check, unless you trust that person with your life, because that is what it comes down to. But we are human and even honest people make mistakes/miss things.
  10. Link isn't working for me but I assume it has something with doing proper checks before takeoff? What I find more interesting about this video is actually the fact that after about 10 seconds from takeoff her hand comes off the collective and does not go back until arriving at the airport. I understand you have to deal with radios/gps etc. but it's just casually not on it. Not saying this to attack the pilot because as a commerical pilot I see stuff similar like this that would make most flight schools faint. My question is do other pilots on this form do this as well?
  11. Just pure speculation, but I could see many reasons why he was uncomfortable with doing an auto. For one if he knew if it was the real deal then that means there is no chance of a go around. I can count on on hand the number of full down autos performed and always with a second pair of eyes watching. If your at a job doing tours you might not even practice autos except once every 6 months, maybe it had been awhile. Not to mention the stipulation in this industry that you can go practice autos for an hours and that is considered "safe" but the moment you ask about full downs, it's an unacceptable risk and not worth the little extra benefit so "unsafe?" That's what us low time pilots see it as. Otherwise I can't help but think some pilot's ego would be more than happy for a chance to show off a skill he had. Another possibility is if he trained at a school similar to mine, the mentality is the moment anything is off or wrong you do a go around. Got the horn and light. Airspeed less than 65 knots. Rpm is at 99% go around. Well if you never had a chance to fixed a botched auto sure I would be nervous too. Take you a couple of tries to get to a flare. Let's ignore the fact that an engine failure doesn't care about you entering into a perfect auto, but whatever it takes to pass the checkride right? But you can be nervous and still perform marginally well. I personally know many pilots that have been in accidents but even though the helicopter was totaled, pilot/passengers walked away with little to minor injuries. One major injury. (All Robinsons btw) I was always taught that an auto should be survivable as long as you flare and mess up everything else. That is what I find odd about the story...... Hope that helps nearly retired from the aspect of a new kid on the block.
  12. Morning, That is correct! Although it might be more accurate to say "privileges" of your commerical ticket/certificate. Most students are going to hold a class 3 medical all through flight school and then you just need your appropriate medical to exercise the privileges for the certificate you want to use. There is probably several people that have ATP's certificate but have never once had a class I medical because they never used it other than looks good on a resume.
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