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  1. Very good info. I thought it only had to be a paragraph. At least now I know it has to be one page long. To be honest, I dont think mine will be more than 3 paragraphs when I re-write mine. You dont need to write a book to get accepted. Just speak from the heart and be truthful. Thats the route I am going with. It has not failed me yet.
  2. I am going to try to get my General to write me a letter of recomendation. I work with him from time to time and I figure if they turn me down with a GENERAL recomending me then something is very very wrong on the board. I have alot of things going for me, I work in the S-3 shop for a school for LT's and CPT's, I have had 2 deployments to Iraq, Various Awards, and my last NCOER was golden. Put that together with the CG's letter and I think I am good to go.
  3. Hi, I am a new member and I was wondering what the aceptance rate to warrent was. I took my AFAST this morning and scored a 110. My physical is complete and verrified. I should have my packet in NLT the end of this month. I am getting my letters from my BN commander, a Full Bird, and a Major. What do you all think. I think I have a great chance and I am almost not worried about getting accepted.
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