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  1. Soooo has anyone else heard that there arent any more aircraft selection ceremonies? The new CG has changed everything.
  2. Yesterdays selection. I think the first three picks for warrant officers were AH64, UH60M, CH47. I cant remember the rest.
  3. There are still plenty of th67s. Not a lot but about every 1 in 4 class is a TH67 class. Which is a shame because theyre great training helicopters and should be used more. Id like to see the army make every other class a TH67 class. The UH72 is a great helicopter but its not meant for the rigors of flight school where it gets flown every day by student pilots who are learning the basics.
  4. You cannot swap picks with anyone after you make your selection. Otherwise, there would be a lot of sketchy moves people could make by either threatening or bribing someone with a higher OML to select the airframe you want for you. And no, you dont have any time to think it over. Youve had 22 weeks of common core to figure out what you want. Once your name is called, you go to the front of the room and make your pick and then its finalized.
  5. WO 60M x15 47F x6 64E x7 C12 x4 CO 60M x3 47F x2 64E x1 C12 x1
  6. He might be offering an opportunity but he is giving you misinformation entirely. Most recruiters dont know anything about the warrant officer program for flight school. If you want to go to flight school directly, then you need to do your own research about how and then ask your recruiter to help you. If he tries to enlist you first, then find another recruiter. Sure, you can always enlist first as a helicopter crew chief but then you will find out that its WAY more difficult to get a flight school spot. Why? Greater competition. Its that most soldiers in the army have figured out what a great gig it is to be a warrant officer aviator. They do their research and build their packets and are way more competitive on paper than you so they will more than likely get picked up. And theres way more paperwork to do on the enlisted side (aka getting your leadership to sign off on you even though they just got you). But not many civilians know about this program so theres less competition and less army legal paperwork that the Army has to deal with. So long story short, you CAN apply without any prior army experience and probably should if you are serious. If you want to increase the amount of well qualified soldiers that you would compete with, then enlist first. I hope this is helpful.
  7. I have a question to tag along here. I have a little over a 3 month gap in between WOCS and WOBC right now and have been siting around 20/50 for my eyesight. I havent had my second flight physical yet and have considered asking my flight surgeon if he/she would approve me getting LASIK done during that 3 month waiting time. I know I would have to get the B Co commander to approve of it too. Does anyone have any advice to give on that subject?
  8. If youre that worried about it, look into laser corrective surgery. But keep in mind that youre usually not a candidate if your eyesight is no worse than 20/50. Your nearsightedness can degrade over time and usually doesnt stabilize until 30. With that said, Ive been told by many to not worry about it. That initial flight physical is always the hardest to get past. Ive heard of some people who on the second flight physical fail because they are actually color blind (how they got past the first FP God only knows) and the army DQs them. But otherwise, if its slightly past the requirements its easier for them to just give you glasses or write a waiver. Ive heard that they DQ people on the second FP who have something rare that keeps them from performing, something uncorrectable like color blindness, or something that they lied about on the first FP that they are DQd for moral reasons. If you decide to not get surgery now, youll have to wait until after flight school which would be two years but the army does pay for it which is sweet.
  9. I took my flight physical and my uncorrected distance vision was 20/50 so I was approved by Rucker and selected. I went to Basic and the docs at the vision part of in-processing tested my vision and it was 20/80. Should I be worried about when I have to retake my flight physical after WOCS?
  10. Thanks guys. I'm from Chicago and and going into the Illinois national guard and just haven't been able to get a clear answer on that until now.
  11. what ended up happening with your vision and the flight surgeon?
  12. Okay, so I passed my flight physical with no waivers and I'm glad to finally have it finished. It was actually pretty nerve racking because when I did the eye exam, my vision was 20/70 - just barely passing. To be clear, I'm 20/20 with glasses and contacts. I'm so glad that I passed but my day job involves staring at a computer screen all day which just isnt great for your eyes. What is likely to happen if I get selected, get to basic or WOCS and my vision has gotten worse? I'm worried that they could DQ me or reassign me to an enlisted MOS. Has anyone ever heard of this situation? I am street to seat. I think it's hard to not be nervous because its an area of my future that is completely out of my control. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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