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  1. There are 2 guys in my current Apache class that would have rather had different airframes. That being said I had to pull teeth and jump through hoops to get into the slot I have now. It really depends on luck and who want's what in your class vs. what's available. We are a different breed indeed =)
  2. HAHA! I'm still learning to handle all the awesomeness, bout to head to my first check ride in 20 min, woo! Gunnery is still a few months out, I can't wait.
  3. Why on earth would you want to fly a 47 over a 64?! Everyone knows 64's are the best! Why just be a flying bus man!? Dolphin, I'm assuming you know how it feels to be a totally awesome 64 guy too? We are pretty awesome. Haha! In all seriousness I love the 47 too, it's an amazing machine. For that board question I would state something along the lines of I'll fly whatever the Army needs me to fly the absolute best I possibly can, however, I would find the mission of the 47 more personally satisfying. I'm assuming your going for a Guard unit that has both? As strange as it may sound, the pilots for each airframe generally exhibit the same personality traits. The attack guys are a bit more fired up and agressive (Me?! Never!) while 47's seem to be the most relaxed, I guess it's the gentle rocking, I dunno. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck!
  4. Make sure your resume is easy to read and to the point. Emphasize your leadership positions and abilities. Volunteer positions also, quantify them. "I spent X hours doing X", they love seeing things like that. You'll need a few extra things now that you've been in the Air Force. You'll need your RIP, that's easy enough to get, conditional release, etc. I came from the Air Guard. Make sure you get a DOD photo in your blues, remind them of your military service, find the regulations for photos, I dug them up somewhere. If you have an Audio/Visual shop on post ask them to take it for you, they are very knowledgeable about DOD photos. This is the time to toot your own horn, tell them how awesome you are but keep it simple and clean. Your #1 goal is to convince them that you are more qualified than the other knuckleheads that have applied for the spot and that YOU are the man they want for the job. The board may very well not have any aviators on it at all, they look at you as a leader first then as a potential aviator. It's a long road, even if you don't get picked up this time never quit if this is what you want to do. Who's your brother? I'm down at Rucker currently also.
  5. And everything is waiverable. There is a female here now that has short arms that got a waiver. There are guys here that are technically DQ'd from the 58 that made it just fine.
  6. That's the book I started with and felt like my head was going to explode. Angle of attack, incidence, lift ratio what? It really helped me get at least a basic understanding of what I was going to be trying to do. There are some study guides out there for the AFAST that should at least show you what to expect on the test, if you have some fixed wing time some of it will be fairly standard, attitude indicators and what not, 3d positioning, sure you'll be fine. Your score doesn't have to be great on it however, if you fail it it's 6 months to take it again, and you can only do it once, obviously higher the score the better. It's worth getting the study guides for.
  7. That's what I had to do. Army didn't offer to move my stuff and the area I was moving from I actually lost money on my DIY move. On top of that I had to take personal leave to get the days to move, it was great. I guess they have been a little better about helping folks that are just getting here but if you find yourself at the Dothan airport with no cabs there or a clue on where to go at Rucker call me. I depending on the time I can come pick you up and at least show you where you need to be. I was kinda left out to dry and it sucked hauling my crap around trying to figure out WTF.
  8. Carson is where I went also. I found it amusing they have a "Special Forces Only" entrance in the smaller building down the hill from the hospital, guess they want to keep them away from "normal" people! Hope to see you guys at Rucker soon, just did my interum physical today, good for another year! I'll probably still be here.....holds suck.
  9. While we are on the topic of Hooks... Buddy of mine here is almost done with the course, they are so over strength that as soon as he finishes he gets the Lakota transition, to fly Flat Iron here at Rucker. No more active Hooks for a while, just guard guys.
  10. We can help you look for housing if you want, several realestate companies down here, LOTS of townhomes for rent, that's what I have. Plenty of places to meet your individual needs. Things in WOCS change pretty quick but if you cant have or drive a vehicle for your off post day (we couldn't) I'll try to help out if I'm free
  11. I had to go to Carson as well. Course my recruiter wasn't big on doing anything so I had to call and set it all up, all he did was book the hotel room. Seriously, you have to do most of this stuff on your own or it just doesent happen.
  12. Heh, been there. PM me and I'll get you my phone number, we can sit down and I'll try to get you going in the right direction. Everything already posted should get you going but sometimes it helps to sit face to face with someone.
  13. I was considered a civilian applicant even though I was in the Air Guard at the time. Was specifically told not to wear my class A's.
  14. I was pretty much told for 30 min that I was totally worthless and the biggest piece of crap to ever apply to flight school. I got max points.../shrug
  15. Honestly people change their mind on pretty much a daily basis. When I first got here it was 64, no question. After a few months I really wanted hawks, now I'm back to wanting 64's. Quite a few people like that. You just start thinking less about how "cool" the aircraft is and more about what you should be and that's the mission. What do you really want to be doing for your career. So many good and bad things about each of them. Usually you sort out what you want by the time you select...I think...
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