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  1. In my opinion, it’s only worth getting if you plan to continue pursuing a civilian aviation career if you’re not selected. You’d be potentially spending $15k without much of an improved chance for selection since many, many people are selected with no flight experience at all.
  2. It's a broad question but I'd go with 95-1. It pretty much sets the baseline for everything else.
  3. Do you want to be a pilot or spend most of your time at a desk or in meetings? If you want to be a pilot don’t be a RLO.
  4. I don’t enjoy being an ass but I can do it. I expect a potential candidate to pay attention to detail, which isn’t especially hard on this forum with an entire section labeled “General Military Helicopter Discussions”. I am a warrant officer, I speak from experience and I know what is expected from you better than you do. A face to face conversation would be happening much the same way as this if you presented yourself in the same manner. If you do become a warrant officer you’ll realize your job is to weed through all the people who think they can do the job to find the people who possess the ability to actually do the job.
  5. I’ve said the same in person to soldiers who’ve come to me in a similar fashion. It’s not arrogance, it’s setting the standards and expectations from the beginning before you’re even a candidate.
  6. You can still fly as a civilian, the army isn’t the only option. Your GI Bill is usable on active duty for flight school if you haven’t used or given it away.
  7. If you think I answered like an a**hole you should wait to see what your life in the Army could turn out to be. Based on your presentation of yourself here I would not select you as a candidate even if your stats were better. The best answer is what I have you already. Post in the appropriate forum or just read through and compare your stats with a multitude of others who have applied and been accepted or rejected and make your own assessment. The only way you'll know for sure is to submit your packet to the board.
  8. Telling you the appropriate forum in which to post is pretty helpful, especially if you want feedback on your packet. The best advice you'll get is to just submit it, no one can tell you what your chances are as the selection rate varies each board.
  9. I don’t like to be a dick but if you paid a little more attention to detail you would notice an entire section of the forum is dedicated to solely military helicopter aviation.
  10. Haven’t heard it for active duty. The guard has a process for qualified E7-E9s to be promoted to CW2 after WOBC but I have only seen that done for tech warrants.
  11. You’ll need corrective eye surgery to be qualified. Your vision cannot be worse than 20:50 correctable to 20:20 and yours is around a 20:400.
  12. Give it a shot but expect a no. The Army requirements are much more stringent than being able to tell the difference between a bright green light and a bright red light. With steam gauges in a civilian Cessna color vision isn't a huge deal, full color glass cockpits are a different story.
  13. Once you're in the standard is just fill out the paper. Or just pass if you do it.
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