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  1. I second the relax and enjoy your time before you go. You'll have plenty of time to study and memorize them as you go through the course and during the rest of your aviation career.
  2. Don't forget the 12 hour shifts sitting on QRF with one day off every 14 days.
  3. I know of zero warrant officers who transferred out to other services. I know two commissioned officers who did and they were both turds that no one was sad to see leave the Army.
  4. I submitted scans of my logbook pages when I did my packet.
  5. Don't put that evil on him. "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
  6. I usually see an email about it once a year or so. Pretty sure the requirements from a few months ago were 1000 hours, tracked PC and a degree in an engineering/science related field. My flight school IP went XP and said it is awesome but the naval test pilot school was tough and very math intensive.
  7. I had heard talk a few years ago about people getting wings after the Lakota but none of our new guys have had that happen. Wings and graduation historically are the same day/thing.
  8. Most warrant officers do not have degrees in my experience. Having a degree does not seem to increase your chances for selection. If you want to fly for the Army and you're serious about it then the time and effort for the packet shouldn't matter. Putting together your packet is the easiest thing you'll do for your entire career. If you have doubts about that then the military might not be the place for you.
  9. You'll have those ratings but even after a six year ADSO many pilots don't have the required hours to use those ratings at a decent civilian job. If things go the way they are heading we will fly even less as deployments to the middle east are just about done and the flying hours there are already significantly reduced. After a ten year ADSO in what may potentially be a relatively peacetime army you'll get out with maybe 2000 hours if you're lucky. Ten years is a long time when the majority of people going into army aviation don't actually know what they're getting themselves into. The army doesn't care that you're a pilot and your primary job is not flying, anything at all aviation related is only about 30% of what you really do.
  10. A lot of people don't want to waste the time and money on a piece of paper in order to be eligible to fly for the other services. Regardless of the service committment that is a big factor for trying to go for Army Aviation.
  11. He's talking about being a POS and purposely getting yourself kicked out so you don't have to fulfill your obligation.
  12. Bahrain isn't a deployment.... In all seriousness, don't get an O6 recommendation. You require a W3+ recommendation anyway. An 06 aviator in the Army isn't a pilot anyway and the selection board of warrant officers know that. Update your ERB, make sure your DA photo matches your ERB, revise your essay and resume. If you can get your GT score up.
  13. I have not gotten it myself but the two bonus windows are at 12-14 years TIS ($105k currently) and 19 years TIS ($55k), each for an additional three year ADSO. Basically you must be a tracked PC and not already be under an ADSO to qualify. Full details in ALARACT 093/2019.
  14. Current bonus offer is at 19 years, 3 year ADSO and $55k.
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