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  1. You have a degree, might as well try for one of the other service flight programs also. If you're not set on rotary wing then there isn't a compelling reason to choose the Army. Promotion rates as a warrant officer are pretty much 100% though, not sure where you got that from.
  2. The only aircraft the Air Force has that tempts me is the A10. Sure quality of life and pay is better but if you want to fly and employ helicopters than the Army is the way to go. If you just want to be a pilot and don't care that you're flying a bus around then there are better options than the Army. A lot of us in the Army have absolutely no desire to go fly for the airlines or fixed wing at all.
  3. Your situation is weird and you might want to contact a warrant officer recruiter directly. Since you already enlisted you are likely not eligible for the street to seat application process and would have to complete the rest of the requirements. Being that you haven't actually been to training yet there might be some weird exception. Additionally the application and selection process for state guard units is different than active duty.
  4. Hopefully he makes it. One of the worst parts of flight school for me was hearing a friend ask another guy to buy him beer and he'd pay him back later. I gave him sh*t for being broke before the weekend and then found out he wasn't even 21 yet. Made me realize how much time I'd spent doing other stuff when I could've been a pilot already.
  5. Haha, not spun up at all. I'm actually just sitting here drinking a nice whiskey sour and wasting time on the internet after getting home from flying.
  6. Because you look like a 17 year old child and a jackass when you post the same spam in threads that have absolutely nothing to do with you.
  7. It will likely not increase your chances at all. However, don't plan your life around applying to something that may not even happen. If you want to fly for a career, in the Army or not, it won't hurt to get that started sooner in life and especially not when you're living at home and have basically no bills or life problems to worry about.
  8. He is Guard, they have a whole different timeline with sending candidates to Rucker. Once there however the Guard/Reserve guys are frequently pushed through the fastest and will bump active Soldiers out of classes if they need a spot. Additionally, orders within 90 days does not mean your report date can't be 6-12 months down the road after that.
  9. The guys I know who did the full SERE-C at Bragg did not do it again at Rucker.
  10. That's showing the very basic level of knowledge. It's a bleed valve, cool. It's there, intact, basic level preflight check complete. What does it do, how does it work, what happens if it doesn't work, how will you know, what emergency does/can it cause, cockpit indications, pilot response, what other systems will be effected/lost, etc....that's the important stuff that no one will know at the flight school experience level.
  11. Being able to regurgitate what a part is called is and maybe what it supposedly does is not knowing what you're looking at.
  12. There might be some confusion there. The Army won't pay to ship a vehicle for a CONUS move but you are authorized to drive a vehicle for a PCS and get paid roughly 25ยข a mile for the distance traveled.
  13. You probably should never say 14 series MOS are combat arms again, especially not in person to anyone who actually is a real combat arms soldier. Almost bust a gut laughing at that. If you're going to enlist and later put in a warrant packet starting off as a 15 series is going to be your best option regardless of promotion potential. I've seen a number of E3s and E4s get selected. The everyday exposure to aviation will help you understand what you are getting yourself into instead of going in blind like you would from a non-aviation MOS. It also makes the process much easier when you are
  14. If you want quick promotions an aviation MOS is not the way to go. Promotions are way, way faster in combat arms so 11 or 19 if that's what you're looking for. If you want to be a pilot then put in a warrant packet while going to community college and working a job. If you don't get accepted then think about enlisting. If you enlist first you're looking at waiting probably 3+ years before putting a packet in anyway.
  15. Just get whatever degree you want for whatever civilian career you want. As a warrant officer having a degree doesn't matter anyway.
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