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  1. It's always been that way with separate OMLs and airframe numbers for warrants and RLOs.
  2. It is the same flight physical with the same standards. Like everything else in the Army it varies depending on the specific person doing it. If you've barely passed before you'll likely barely pass again.
  3. Not really. There is essentially no difference between the guy who was top of the OML and selected blackhawks or the guy who was last on the OML and got hawks because it was the only thing left. Duty station preference is basically meaningless, the Army will assign you wherever they want even if it wasn't on the list of options given to you at selection. Pretty much the only motivation to do well is to ensure you have the highest chance of picking the airframe you want to fly.
  4. You haven't been around any aviation warrant officers I see...
  5. That's a pretty healthy pay bonus too by staying a CPT for the duration of flight school.
  6. It's 100% dependant on the person. I went to the library and friend's houses to study probably less than five times and studied an hour or so each night except for Friday and Saturday when I wouldn't open any books. Other people rode the struggle bus the entire time and studied nonstop to feel confident they'd make it through.
  7. Not exactly. Marine pilots are officers, their pay increases significantly over the majority of Army pilots (warrant officers) after the first couple of years. Marine flight incentive pay was also better until recently.
  8. Practically no one gets washed out unless you just quit, the Army pipeline is kept moving by a very large broom that will just push struggling students along into mediocre aviators.
  9. Except they didn't do that with a whole lot of Kiowa pilots. Some were transitioned to other aircraft but a lot were simply kicked out.
  10. A lot of the D model apaches we fly with 8000+ hours were rebuilt from A models with who knows how many hours. They are being stripped down for useful components and replaced with new build E models.
  11. You'll have the opportunity in the essay and resume to explain your thought process behind joining the legion and now wanting to return to the US and the Army. I would expect your experience gained in the legion coupled with a good reference letter from your commander reflecting on your character, performance and continued leadership potential would go a long way.
  12. Deployments to Afghanistan are going to be very thin if things go as planned. There are not many aircraft left in country and the numbers are continuing to go down as we withdraw. With luck most of the guys currently in flight school and waiting to go will not deploy to the shitholes the rest of us have spent years in.
  13. Concurrently. If you have six years left on your ADSO when you track, your track ADSO would end while there's still four years left on the original ADSO.
  14. You basically have to ask permission to be let out after your ADSO is complete. Most of the common things like promotion and schools run at the same time as your IERW ADSO. Unless you incur an ADSO in the last couple years you can get out at the end of your IERW ADSO.
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