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  1. I don’t think they care nor do I think it’s worth your time and money unless you’re already doing civilian flight school to become a civilian pilot. Out of the 40ish people in my primary class only two of us had civilian flight ratings (fixed wing) and neither were street to seat.
  2. Don’t sign sh*t until after the next board. At that point either sign a WOFT contract or an enlisted MOS a contract of your choice. Don’t rush into a decision that locks you into a job you can’t quit for the next 6-8 years.
  3. I highly doubt that the Army will allow you to enlist, go to basic and then go to WOCS based on a selection from a civilian boarded packet. It might be possible, but I wouldn’t trust that at all coming from anyone at a recruiting station.
  4. Unless you’re hurting for a job I’d improve your packet and wait two months for the next board. Waiting two months could mean you’re a pilot four years earlier than enlisting now.
  5. Of course it’s unlikely you’ll be selected straight out of high school. It’s possible but generally the Army isn’t looking for an 18 year old kid and very few 18 year old kids possess the maturity, judgement and discipline to perform the duties required of a warrant officer. If you decide to enlist make sure you’re honest with yourself and the commitment you are making. At least a few of the enlisted jobs you said you’re interested in are a six year enlistment, plus time spent in basic training and AIT. Let’s just say you enlist as a 15T and start basic in June. You’ll get to your first unit around January 2021 and your active duty service will end around January 2027. You probably won’t be able to submit a packet on active duty until 2023, roughly the time it will take to gain the experience at your job and reputation as a good soldier for your command to be willing to recommend you. If you get selected on your first active duty look you won’t be an aviator at your first unit until 2025 and not be able to get out of the Army until 2031 (or 2033 if they raise the service obligation).
  6. Don't stress it. Nothing will get done on the FB or other groups that can't just as easily be done on arrival.
  7. He isn't lying. That last line is the most important. Get a recommendation from an Army Aviator.
  8. It's possible. I don't know the details on the process but a friend did it while we were in flight school.
  9. Anything that B Co (the holding/managing company for when you're not in class) comes up with. W1s at Rucker are like privates anywhere else so police call details around the post are common. I lucked out and spent a bunch of time on funeral details traveling around AL/FL/GA with friends having a good time.
  10. That's highly variable. Some people make it through with very few breaks between classes. I had a combined six months of time between different phases of training by the time I finished.
  11. Then sell it and buy one right after WOCS. Depending on what you have you can rent a 10x20 storage unit for less than $150/month to park it in while in basic. You'll have enough time. Your situation is pretty normal and they deal with it at Rucker all the time.
  12. 1. Yes, you need a vehicle. If you live on post you could get away with just a bicycle for a while but a car is a lot easier. Why not keep what you have and find a place to store it? After basic you should be able to get it and drive to Rucker and there's a storage lot it stays in while in WOCS. 2. It will vary depending on when you get slotted into classes but it's a few months. Unless it's changed over the years you'll do about 3 months WOBC/BOLC (whatever they call it now) and SERE prior to starting aeromed and flight academics. It usually takes 1.5-2 years from showing up at Rucker to PCSing to your first unit. 3. You should be able to get a place in line for on post housing when you report to WOCS and potentially have a house to move into upon completion. That all depends on availability and the length of the wait-list. If you want to live offpost you'll get $1059/month for housing. 4. Rucker is a pretty decent post. People are like everywhere else, some are nice, some are dicks.
  13. Yes, get in contact with someone in an aviation unit near you. If you're at Rucker that's as easy as going to the shoppette and talking to a CW4/5 that walks past. Have your packet complete including recommendations from your chain of command prior to doing that.
  14. I don't think that's the case ever. There are always more applicants than accepted packets at every board.
  15. You need a letter from an aviation warrant officer. FBI agents, merchant marine and forensic investigators sound cool but they aren't pilots and don't have any real knowledge or experience with which to provide a meaningful recommendation.
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