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  1. So far none of my crewchiefs have changed their mind about putting in a packet despite those changes. I have yet to see them have an effect on recruiting on the active duty side.
  2. It's also a 90% chance that the IP doesn't even know it correctly but thinks he's cool and knows systems.
  3. In my experience a Qualified NCOER/OER basically means "this guy is a turd but not so bad that we think he should get chaptered". Find a way in your resume to spin those poor NCOERs as learning experiences that helped shape you into a better NCO and leader as represented by your HQs and MQ. The rest of what you have going for you looks good so that might be the difference.
  4. https://flyboys.com/collections/kneeboards/products/fly-boys-classic-kneeboard I've been using that for a few years and it's pretty decent. Unit ordered them so the price (free) was worth it.
  5. The cellular versions have a real GPS chip so they can show your real time position on fire flight charts and approach plates which is nice. That works without having an active data plan for the device. I don't use a knee board with mine, it's more of a reference tool in the cockpit than an actual item I use frequently. A lift guy flying instruments might use it more often.
  6. An ipad mini if you don't already own one. Having all the Army publications and reference materials in your pocket or flight bag is really nice and it's extremely simple to air drop between each other to make sure you always have the most up to date stuff. Once you get to a unit you'll likely get a free foreflight account which only works on Apple devices.
  7. It isn't supposed to change the timeline of any other promotions, you will still get your first board look at five years and pin at six for each subsequent rank. You are correct in saying that you will be behind in promotion and pay compared to a guy graduating flight school in the next few days as flight school graduation is what matters, not WOCS. That said, other than pay it really won't have an effect on promotions or assignments. In two days every flight school student still at Rucker will be realigned on the same delayed promotion path and those are the people you will be competing with throughout your career. You'll also find that you will have W2s filling W3/W4 squadron/battalion slots with W3s/W4s in troop/company slots usually filled by a W2. No one really cares as long as you can do that job properly.
  8. There are a lot of unknowns with the vaccine and potential reactions down the line. I looked into the source and couldn't find much either. Just about every posting or article about it links back to the website linked above. The name is an actual doctor at Rucker but other than that...might be real, might not be.
  9. A LT fresh out of flight school is just ignored when it comes to just about anything other than paperwork. Pretty much stays that way for their career even as company/troop commanders. Their primary job is administrative not being a pilot. The directive needs clarification. At one point it says it applies to active, guard and reserve but immediately beneath that it only mentions active getting screwed.
  10. When I went through flight school there were long bubbles in training. I spent 23 months at Rucker with no class recycles or anything, just weeks to months of delays between every class along the way. I pinned W2 about two months after getting to my first unit. There is some justification to the Army's reasoning even though it sucks to lose the money. Even though a lot of us were NCOs we know next to nothing about how to do our jobs leaving flight school. A CW2 is supposedly a subject matter expert and the tech warrants have a huge advantage over us in that aspect since they are continuing in mostly the same career fields they previously served as NCOs in. An aviator CW2 a few months out of flight school has none of that expertise and performs the job at the level of a brand new W1. I'm not saying it doesn't suck or that I wouldn't be butthurt if it affected me.
  11. The Army will come up with all kinds of fancy sounding justifications but it all boils down to saving some money. They don't care about us at all which is evident by the way they've been treating pilots for the last 20+ years. That said, I'm still getting paid more for doing way less work and dealing with way less bullshit than when I was a NCO. Just wait until you guys are tracked and actually working hard and get to watch the mouth breathing oxygen thief retard get promoted to W3 like everyone else and get the same paycheck as you while contributing nothing other than keeping CG in limits.
  12. Flight pay was increased overall with a very slight reduction in your junior years. You will not make more money as an E6 than as a W1 at 8 years, look at the pay charts. Even with the extended time as a W1 you will always have a higher base pay than what you would've had as an enlisted soldier. Be glad you're not going through flight school as a WOC Candidate and getting paid as an E5 the whole time. Used to be you'd get your wings and W1 on the same day.
  13. I don't think it would work on a Black Hawk since the horizontal stabilator pivots as airspeed changes.
  14. You're honestly getting paid more than you're worth as a W1 anyway, it isn't exactly hard to keep the fridge stocked and the coffee fresh. This has been a rumor for close to ten years now and it's always "I heard it's happening this next year" every year.
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