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  1. You posted this exact same thing nine months ago... What's your point? Promotions shouldn't be automatic anyway so a delayed promotion that is still automatic and given to everyone really changes nothing.
  2. With a ten year ADSO future warrants won't be able to take a transition to the Coast Guard without a waiver due to their limit on active federal service time. This year's CG DCA board wouldn't even consider waivers for being over the AFS.
  3. Your friends don't have any idea what they're talking about because they've likely never flown close to the ground except for takeoff and landing. Once they're at 35000' they simply fly in a straight line and then descend to land. Super simple, boring sh*t. We fly under 50' while maneuvering over and around obstacles and using the terrain to help us or hinder the enemy. We fly constantly changing headings, airspeeds and altitudes from takeoff to landing. Our flight profile is a whole lot more demanding and deadly and the consequences for missing a specific time at a specific location can be the difference between life and death, not just a customer who is angry. Use winds as a simple, single example they should understand. When flying at a constant 180* heading and 350kts at 35000' they might have relatively constant wind of 60kts/180*. That's easy to calculate for and your ground speed essentially remains the same 290kts for the duration. If a helicopter is flying a heading of 180* at 120kts at 50' with a 20kt headwind we are only doing 100kts ground. When we make a turn to 090* to continue flying along the terrain we want we now have a roughly 118kt ground speed. The heading changes a minute later to 125*, we now have a 107* ground speed, etc etc all the way to the destination.
  4. Since the Comanche was never used for any recon missions that's a pretty funny story. It's a piece of additional test equipment on an experimental aircraft that never entered service.
  5. One of the biggest hurdles is the lack of time and as a 64 guy the lack of instruments and weather time. Unless we start another war pilots starting their careers within the last couple of years are looking at flying minimums and not much more for the entirety of their career. Look at job postings and see what they require/desire for experience and go from there. You can figure that a newer pilot without deployments and after a six year ADSO will have about 1000 hours total time, 400ish PIC, 300ish night/NVG/NVS and very little instrument/weather time.
  6. A 10 year ADSO for a guy with 10 years in means the guy is most likely retiring immediately at the end of the ADSO. A 10 10 year ADSO for a guy with 4 years in means the Army is more likely to get 16 years for the same price as 10.
  7. Don't get too excited...you have a standard 8 year enlistment contract because that's what everyone who joins the military gets. The 10 year ADSO is not a contract you'll sign, it's just something that you incur by regulation for graduating flight school and doesn't start until your graduation date. You're still owned by the Army for the next 12 years or so.
  8. No offense meant, but what makes you think you'd be a safe and competent single pilot to carry passengers with only 40-50 hours in a helicopter? I know guys who have switched over with your number of hours and they didn't fly any better than the guys who started with no hours. Their advantage was in already having knowledge of radios, airspace and a general air sense but that quickly goes away when they still have just as little understanding of how to fly the machine.
  9. Yes, as well as promotions and some assignments and PCS moves. They will run concurrent though with your flight school ADSO, so if you PCS to Hawaii (3 year ADSO) out of flight school and then in year four go to IPC or MTPC (one year ADSO) you still won't owe anything additional on top of the original flight school ADSO.
  10. It is almost unheard of and extremely rare and unlikely to ever happen, but not entirely impossible. There is also no "re-up" as an officer, there's just simply not putting in your retirement or resignation paperwork. The end of your ADSO is not an ETS date like when you were a joe it's just the date you are allowed to ask for permission to get out if you want to.
  11. The board is every two months and has been for the last 10+ years. The full schedule listing requires a CAC to access on HRC's website but the warrant officer recruiting site has a shorter term breakdown as well. https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/BOARD_SCHEDULE/
  12. If you willingly quit you owe the Army the full 10 year obligation as stated in AR 350-100. If you don't finish for disciplinary reasons or medical reasons the obligation varies depending on the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings or med board.
  13. Nope, you are technically appointed a WO1 in the Reserve serving on active duty until you pin W2. It's some weird bureaucratic nonsense required by regulation.
  14. In your packet was a form stating a six year obligation upon appointment as a warrant officer. You'll sign another version of that form prior to graduating WOCS. That is the last form you will sign, any subsequent ADSOs are just assumed by regulation after completing whatever course you take it rank you promote to without any paperwork. If you would've signed for the full term of your actual post flight school obligation it would be about a 12 year initial contract length. What you signed is the minimum active duty obligation (3 years) plus your time to complete basic training and WOCS. If you fail to complete training you can be reclassed to another MOS and that's what you will be required to serve, plus the five years in the reserve that is not frequently mentioned.
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