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  1. Where do you live? I’d put some serious effort into finding a current or retired warrant officer to get a recommendation from. While your teachers know you well they can’t really provide a good recommendation on whether or not you’d be successful in the military since they have no idea what that takes. Improving your APFT may help and is something relatively easy to do on your own.
  2. Finish the rest of your packet first before going to talk to a warrant officer about a letter. There’s no problem with going over to the hangar to ask some questions and get a feel for what the real world aviation life is like but don’t ask for a recommendation until you have everything else lined up.
  3. Don't enlist if you haven't already. Enlisting is not a guarantee in any way that you will be selected to be a pilot. In fact, you can submit a packet as a civilian and be more competitive than you'd likely be as a brand new private, assuming your command even let you put in a packet for selection. You don't need a degree to be a warrant officer pilot. You're already over the age to be a warrant officer without a waiver so enlisting would extend that out by probably two years minimum and likely decrease your chances.
  4. Have some patience. The civilians who do the work at USAREC and HRC had been at work for 20 minutes when you made your post.
  5. Based on the feedback from the boards of the previous year or so having 13 years TIS will mostly likely be a major handicap. The trend has been for selecting candidates with only a few years so the Army feels like they can get their money’s worth out of them. You’ll be at 20 years before you initial flight school ADSO is even up. Hopefully they balance your experience as worth the lesser time you’ll serve as an aviator. Good luck.
  6. If you really think about it logically it doesn't matter in the least who the letter is from. No one is going to submit a bad LOR whether it's from a family member or a General. Everyone cherrypicks the best and only the best and half the LORs are written by the applicant themselves with the recommender's signature at the bottom.
  7. I would try to get your family to contact their friends to help you with letters.
  8. Find a CA National Guard aviation unit or call up to Ft Irwin and find the number for the aviation OCs.
  9. Stocktrader pretty much covered it all. Your experience will vary based off your unit climate and your attitude when you get there.
  10. The board members can use whatever they want to make selections. For Army soldiers their ERB is included in what the board sees, therefore the GT score is included unless that section is blanked out. I've seen guys not selected on promotion boards or for special assignments simply because their DA photo looked bad. Regardless of all that, Aricamp needs to submit the packet and let the board make the choice rather than disqualifying himself by not applying.
  11. Your ERB is included in the packet the board sees and it has your GT score on it.
  12. Put it in and see what happens. I would say your chances based off your GT and SIFT are quite low since both scores are barely over the minimum but that can be made up for in other areas of your packet if the board likes what they see. The worst that happens is you don't get selected. Don't let all your time and effort go to waste now and not submit it.
  13. The most recent 64D AWR for the topic just says “Ipad devices” rather than listing specific models as in previous AWRs. Again, just use one if you want since people bring all kinds of unauthorized electronic devices in the cockpit everyday.
  14. Yes, my physical expired shortly after my board and I had to redo it before going to Rucker.
  15. Probably no one in the Army outside of a few dicks at DES will care. Have you ever seen anyone turn off their phone or smart watch before jumping in the cockpit?
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