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  1. Mine has wings so its still wagging/rocking the wings and usually involves a 60* pitch climb and a 120* roll.
  2. I put the references that should cover the answers to your questions. Vision can be corrected with surgery at your expense to met the standards if needed. Mental disorder history is much less black and white and can't be answered based off what you posted. If you want to be a warrant officer and pilot then start the process and see what happens. It is a 100% no strings attached process, if you do the physical and are not qualified you are not on the hook for military service. Uncorrected vision worse than 20/50 is a disqualifier in accordance with AR 40-501. Depression/mental disorders can be disqualifying depending on type, recency and treatment/outcome. First quote is AR 40-501 specific to aviation, second is DoDI 6130.03 general standards for enlistment.
  3. Unfortunately they keep the records of your flight physicals forever. Last time I logged into AERO my first physical (a disqualification for vision) from 2004 was in there.
  4. LTs aren’t real people and their recommendation carrries about the same weight as an E4 recommendation since they have comparable experience and time in the military.
  5. The FARA will likely draw from AH crews not UH crews since the AH guys actually know how to fly that mission set. Would be a pretty cool to get to fly one but I plan to be retired by the time they are fielded.
  6. If all you like to do is pick stuff up and drop it off somewhere else like a bus driver then you’re set. If you actually like to be a real pilot then go 64s.
  7. Talk about a kick in the balls. Keep trying but understand that from the Army’s perspective it really isn’t worth the risk. You’re going to sit in a machine that specializes in vibrating good backs until they’re bad and you evidently are already started down that path. Good luck, hopefully you can work it out.
  8. I haven't been in flight school for a long time now but I did it with my wife there with me. With one exception (and he ended up divorced) everyone else I went with that was married with kids had their family with them. You will still spend 12 hours a day at your house and every weekend for a year plus. Additionally, you won't likely won't save much money because you will still be paying for a house/apartment for you to live in at Rucker. Factor the $2-300 in gas spent making multiple ten hour roundtrip drives each month to see your family and it just seems like a lot of hardship for very little gain.
  9. If you’re going to sell the house and move the family why not have them move to Rucker with you? You’ll be paying for a house while you’re there anyway, might as well have your family with you for the 1.5-2 years spent in training.
  10. You can arrive as early as you want to Rucker and just not sign into WOCS. You must sign in 10 days prior to the start date but you can take as much leave as you have accrued while PCSing. Make sure you get your current BN/O5 commander to sign your leave form with PTDY to get your extra ten days of non-chargeable leave without any hassle.
  11. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, just a whole lot of people who know nothing running their mouths.
  12. What's the number? Sometimes numbers are recycled after previous aircraft are no longer registered. https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/Search/NNumberInquiry
  13. Sometimes you just really, really have to pee.
  14. It is not waiverable. You can try getting retested after wearing your glasses to see if that helps. You can also get PRK/LASIK from a civilian source unless you have conditions that preclude that for flight purposes.
  15. About 10-20 hours a month under normal circumstances. Apaches have higher minimums than Hawks, not sure about the Chinooks.
  16. I'm always jealous of Chinook guys in the field. Being an Apache pilot is like owning a Ferrari. It looks really cool, is awesome to drive and everyone wants to see it but you're going to pay for it with time in the shop and lots of money.
  17. Nope. If you have a problem you have no outs and you're going to kill somebody or destroy their house.
  18. You seem to mistake my willingness to see both sides and give advice as not caring. It's shitty no matter how you look at it. As for degrees - I have yet to see that make a difference in quality at all. I know mouth breathing untracked W3 PIs with degrees and tracked W2 PCs with half their time with nothing.
  19. It is not uncommon at all and is not hard to get approved. I had my PRK done eight years before being a pilot but from my friends that have done it the process seemed to be as simple as a recommendation from the flight doc, approval by the eye surgeon folks that you meet the initial standards and approval from your commander. There's some down time afterwards for your eyes to heal before you're allowed back on flight status as well.
  20. So far none of my crewchiefs have changed their mind about putting in a packet despite those changes. I have yet to see them have an effect on recruiting on the active duty side.
  21. It's also a 90% chance that the IP doesn't even know it correctly but thinks he's cool and knows systems.
  22. In my experience a Qualified NCOER/OER basically means "this guy is a turd but not so bad that we think he should get chaptered". Find a way in your resume to spin those poor NCOERs as learning experiences that helped shape you into a better NCO and leader as represented by your HQs and MQ. The rest of what you have going for you looks good so that might be the difference.
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