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  1. Last week's selection for the warrants, in order of OML. 1- UH60M 2- C12 3- AH64E 4- UH60M 5- UH60M 6- CH47F 7- CH47F 8- CH47F 9- AH64E 10- CH47F 11- CH47F 12- AH64E 13- AH64D 14- AH64E 15- AH64E 16- AH64E 17- AH64E 18- AH64E 19- AH64D
  2. I don't think you will get actual orders until your UQR gets approved. You will receive an ATRRS reservation for the course within a couple weeks, which will somewhat drive your orders-making process with your unit and HRC. To answer your question about how long it took to get orders- Selected in February, Submitted my UQR in mid-May, received PCS and separation orders on 02 July, ETS orders on 26 July. Report date of 08 October.
  3. the military hasnt ever shut down with the government as far as I know. HRC is full of civilians. They process a lot of the administrative stuff to fulfill the board. Ive heard its a partial shutdown this time, dont know what sort of impact that will have on any of the civilian personnel.
  4. Hopefully you guys dont run into what I did last year. Government shutdown caused our board results to be posted in February.
  5. Currently smoking a pork shoulder drinking beer 🍻
  6. Battboy, if our birds delivered Copenhagen, I would have jumped into the cockpit and kissed those pilots!
  7. Its all about timing. I had a few guys in my WOBC class that are prior SERE and will be classing up into common core before me. In the mean time, youll do some details and probably work the easiest days youll ever work in the Army. To answer your question, there really is no benefit other than classing up into common core earlier and finishing your time at Rucker earlier.
  8. Im seeking information on the background story of the chow birds at Ranger School. Being a former Ranger School student, the chow birds were as near and dear to my heart as the mysterious soda machines that appeared in the middle of the woods at night while on patrol at Ranger School 😂 As I recall, we were told by several people (IBOLC Instructors, RIs, fellow students, etc.) that our aviators that gave us a lift were flight students at Fort Rucker. We were told that they give us pogey bait on the birds because a Ranger School platoon successfully evacuated some pilots from a downed aircraft back in the day. Im currently stationed at Rucker in WOBC and no one seems to know what Im talking about, even the Aviation Historian! Does anyone have a credible source of info on whether or not these pilots are Fort Rucker flight students, or if the background story is true? This all started as a curious interest in wanting to be on the flight detail following school, and has turned into an even more curious interest of whether or not this has been a complete apparition to reality!
  9. Totally your choice. I received an OER in December right before my board and didnt send it in. Still got selected.
  10. Yes, at engineer beach. Its inside the gate, about 15 min to get to the Soldier center where we are inprocessing. Its only $16 a day too, which is nice. They have laundry machines and pretty nice shower rooms.
  11. We are currently at the campground. Recommend getting a spot on the hill if available, our spot gets pretty soggy. Youll probably want a smart tote to dump your tanks, unless you want to hook your camper up ever so often and take it to their one dump station. Theres a huge camping world in Dothan for all your trailer and RV goodies. My camper took a beating on the way down here, but all in all its working out alright.
  12. My wife and I researched it for some time, as we pulled our camper from Alaska and have been camping for going on two months. I want to say there are limted full-time slips on post, they were all booked when we called. Rather than paying for how many weeks you want to camp, I believe the full-time spots are paid through every 90 days. If you stay at one of the non-full-time slips, you have to move every two weeks and the rates are a lot higher. You pay electric at KOA. It ends up not being as cheap as you think. Long term spots are taken up until November, with no insight as to if there would be any available come November. This is all from what I remember. Call both campgrounds and they will give you the scoop.
  13. Well fellas, I can start to see it coming full circle. Spent my last day as the Brigade Chief of Operations, outprocessed Fort Wainwright, and am currently in British Columbia making my way toward Fort Rucker. I resign my commission 18 SEP and swear my oath on 19 SEP. Report to Rucker on 28 SEP. Enjoying some much needed leave in between. It's been an adventure thus far, and it hasn't even started yet. Cannot thank everyone enough in this thread for the advice and lessons learned that you have shared. It is an ever changing process until it becomes more common, which it is becoming more common. My sole piece of advice for anyone who is interested in making the conversion is to stop and make something happen for yourself. If you're like me, the Army has engrained the selfless service attribute into me, and I felt selfish oftentimes taking the time and effort away from my duties to get this done. Remember that the Army always has a replacement for you. You will be a better Soldier and a more valuable member to the team if you are doing something you enjoy. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice, I'm pretty fresh. Hit me up if you'd like. -AngryJoe
  14. ryanri- PM sent. It wouldn't let me attach the document so it was copy-and-paste from the document itself. -Joe
  15. Point taken- I just went through the process and got selected in the January board this year. You'll hve to get your branch manager to sign a conditional release. I'm not too spun up on the JAG Corps, but they shouldn't have too much pushback unless your branch is significantly understrength. I had to pester my branch managers just due to the fact that they are constantly busy and usually TDY. You will likely have to do an age waiver and an Active Commissioned Federal Service Waiver. Both of these go through the Chief of Staff G1 Army for approval. I had to have an ACFS waiver signed. The great thing about your resignation memo is that it is conditional, based on that you are selected. So if your waivers don't get approved or you don't get selected in the board, you don't resign your commission. I spent 8 years as a commissioned officer in the Infantry. I finished Company Command and in my opinion, had a pretty good shot at making 20 years and retiring. It seemed like a race already though, get to 20. I easily see myself being a pilot and being in the army for as long as they have a job for me, because I will absolutely enjoy it more than my current disposition. Yeah, the pay cut will initially suck, but it will catch up in about 6 years. Worth doing something you know you will enjoy. PM me if you'd like with any additional questions. I will be out this weekend, but generally check this forum weekly. -Joe
  16. PM me, I was 30 in this year's board and got selected. Currently an Infantry Captain, post command. No age waiver required, but an AFCS waiver is required based on your total years of service as a commissioned officer.
  17. I'm pretty certain HRC no longer publishes any sort of document that posts non-select info. If they do, they seem to keep it close-hold. The only information they convey on non-select info is the actual notification to the non-selects following the board.
  18. Dude, I got you. Send me your email in a DM and I will forward you my packet, as well as some info on the CW2 process. BLUF: - Your UQR gets looked at funny because there are some differences between a standard UQR and the UQR you are about to do. A UQR is a memo, and several of the bullets pertain to material that will not apply to you. - You will revert to WO1, and as soon as you report to Rucker, you will inprocess and be automatically promoted to CW2. I have the guidance sheet sent from HRC that explains that process. Based on time in grade/ time in service (I can't remember which one) you are automatically promoted to CW2. I do not know if you get back pay for being a CW2, one of my RFIs. -Joe
  19. I'm currently processing my UQR. Get ready for a bunch of blank stares as you try to explain the process to EVERYONE that you will submit your packet through. For my UQR, it was 5 days late. I wrote a memo and self-signed as to why my UQR was late. Nothing within my control. I'll save the sob story for another time. Once your UQR gets approved through MPD, HRC will send an RFO and cut orders. I don't think they follow any specific timeline except ASAP. I'm going to send you the guidance worksheet that I received from HRC when I got selected. It explains a lot and will help. -Joe
  20. We didn't have the snow storms, but we were among the furlough. If I was a bettin' man, I would say Tuesday next week. Any takers
  21. I just received my course reservation for WOBC-A. Looks like I'll be starting up on 08 OCT this year. Little later than expected but it means I'll be enjoying the Alaska Summer one more time, and PCS weather will be perfect. Anyone else receive course dates?
  22. There was no need for a 4187 when I sent mine. You type up and send a conditional resignation memo, signed by you, as well as a draft form of the conditional release for the branch chief to sign. Took me forever to get mine signed; they are fairly busy there at HRC.
  23. Couldnt have said it better than Dave. Come up on the net early. I was a pre-command AS3 and brought it up months before taking command. Was already selected for an HHC command after. My BC supported it and I still did a command. I was lucky, my previous BC and BDE CDR would have not supported it. Not a good place to be in knowing I would need an LOR from my BC for my packet. Again, Dave hit it on the head.
  24. In_to_av14- I would recommend applying sooner than later if you can. Several reasons to consider. Your chain of command wont always support your transition out of the infantry. You will likely end up doing some staff time as you process your packet because otherwise you may be taking up a KD slot for someone who does not intend to be released from Infantry branch. You applying and not getting picked up as a 1LT has a lot less residual of an effect on your career than as a CPT. From what Ive gathered, several people who have applied have been denied due to AFCS and age. Makes me think they (aviation branch) are looking for younger Soldiers with more longevity to contribute to the branch. You already seem to have a pretty strong background. Do well on the SIFT, get some good LORs, and take every opportunity you can to work with aviation as an Infantryman. It was one of my selling points in my packet that I believe helped me get selected. I can see the argument in waiting to apply. Keep in mind if you submit a packet and you dont get selected, it will also get looked at the following January, giving you more time to build it up. I was selected this past board. If you want any assistance, let me know. -Joe
  25. Selected January (Furlough Feb). Age: 29 GT: NA SIFT: 67 APFT: 286 Military: AD Army 7 yrs TIS, 11A: Currently a Rifle Company Commander, Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, Captain's Career Course. No UCMJ or any other derogatory actions. Flight hours: 0 Med: Complete Civilian ed: Bachelor of Science. 2.7 GPA. University Studies (Yeah, probably had too much fun in college). LORs: BN CDR, BDE CDR, Senior Warrant (CW5)
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