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  1. At $11,600 the tow cart has not become any cheaper in 12 years. Covehelicopters mentioned by the OP seems to be out of business. Any cheaper idea? (apart from purchasing a used one..) (You do need someone on the ground to stow back the dolly in the hangar after you leave, or to prepare it for you (preferably in the wind) when you arrive. That's why I prefer a towcart.)
  2. Hi, I'm a light plane pilot and instructor, but I have yet no experience of helicopters. I instruct one day a week for the fun of it, but my main professional occupation has not much to do with aviation. My plan is to purchase a helicopter for personal transportation and commuting (R44 probably). Unfortunately, there is no hangarage available at the heliport in Paris (France!), close to which I leave. Grass parking is available though. As no helicopter seem to be permanently parked on grass at that heliport, I wonder if it's allowed/recommendable/safe not to hangar a helicopter?
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