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  1. Good sh*t! Best of luck old timer! Got my waiver at 34 as well. Before you know it you’ll be at Rucker with that Resume!
  2. Thanks SBuzzkill, appreciate the information. Nothing can hurt at this point. 1SG is a good guy, I think he’s going to use what is available but it also depends on the most up to date COVID stance.
  3. Above information was given to me from WOCC HHC. Fort Sill is my location. I will ask for an audience with the 1st SGT as soon as I can. Thank you.
  4. Here’s what I was told: I am authorized to bring a POV to WOCS. I have to request to use POV from BCT through chain of command. However, if I do not use “contracted” transportation my COVID quarantine goes from 7 to 14 days not including the 10 days of processing. That would mean I would have to arrive sooner than possible for me. I am going to wait and see if this changes in the next week or so and go from there. If anyone has recent experience to add please let me know.
  5. I’ll give HHC at WOCS a call as soon as I get a few minutes, hopefully today. I would rather use the time in between BCT and WOCS to get my truck to Rucker than the time I’m expected to find housing and move. The COVID thing definitely makes this process even more gray. I’ll let you know if I get any good information. Thanks Mike0331 and KennyO appreciate the input.
  6. Hello all, I’m a sister service PS E-6 currently in BCT. 3 other OCS trainees and myself (WOCS) are trying to get the best guidance on movement to next training locations. I’m currently the only one with access to my phone, so I thought I would reach out on here to see if anyone has had any experience with this before I request meeting with the 1st SGT or CO. All 4 of us have documentation stating that we are allowed to bring our POVs to school, but we haven’t covered anything in our training as of yet. We are getting close to our graduation (3-4 weeks) and we all want to know who the best POC would be to get solid information or who can help us with the travel process. Most of the DS’s have said the gaining unit takes care of travel or they don’t know. For me, my home is only 1 1/2 hours from BCT and at the same location of the major airport which would be cost effective for the Army. I’m not sure where everyone else is from or if that would be a factor. I have heard both that I am eligible to drive myself and I have heard that I am not and will be shipped via best service available. My family is staying put as my wife is active duty sister service. I have 8 days in between my graduation date for BCT and report date to WOCS and then another 11 days in between my report date and start date. My blackboard currently indicates only a 7 day quarantine. I believe my fellow OCS trainees have around the same amount of time as well. Any suggestions for best course of action is welcome. Thanks everyone!
  7. https://mwi.usma.edu/army-needs-better-solution-pilot-shortage/ Interesting article about this topic.
  8. Yes, he is the guy you need to talk to. I would have your concerns laid out and a prospective timeframe you are looking for ready to go when you call.
  9. Call the POC first. I changed my class date and all I did was call the POC to let him know why. Try that first. He is super nice and easy to speak with.
  10. FYI, the civilian board convenes at the same time as the active board with the same board members. I highly doubt that the civilian board process is excluded from the delay.
  11. I assumed this would be the case but it's always hard to say when dealing with events of this magnitude. Appreciate you asking the questions and then passing it along to us!
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