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  1. I maintained my grade/rank of E-6 and will hold it during BCT until WOCS graduation. A recruiter submitted a grade determination at my local office before I went to MEPS. Based upon the criteria listed below you should maintain your grade/rank as well. Show them the manual. You can download it online.
  2. No, I haven't been scheduled for MEPS. HRC emailed me my WOCS dates directly to my .mil email. I have to complete certain items at the local recruiter office in order to get scheduled for MEPS as active duty sister service. Also, no one in the recruiting office knows what they are doing with me or how to do the prior service warrant packet. They were extremely confused when I walked in. It's a bit frustrating.
  3. @Cavscout3030 @Patr1ots8 I'm sister service, that may be why I got mine early.
  4. What @mike0331 said. DM me if you want further information on my actual process. I would call the WOSM for all of the states you have interest in living.
  5. WOCS Class 20-018. Report date of 26JUN20. Start date 09JUL20.
  6. The approval authority is the National Guard Bureau. I was granted one after selection. It took about 4 months. I had approximately 3 letters for recommendation in support directly for the age waiver. The State Aviation Officer, State Adjutant General, and my CW4 recommender all had letters indicating why I would be a good candidate for an age waiver. These were separate from my application letters of recommendation. I will have to look for the disposition from NGB. I ended up turning my NG selection down for various reasons and ended up going active duty which I just got selected for. I am 35, so if someone says it is not possible, they are Ill informed. Now, the state may have a policy that they will not entertain requests for age waivers but I know for a fact they can and will be approved if they need pilots with correct justification and pursuit. It is just a matter of routing the correct paperwork to the NGB.
  7. No worries dude it's just a thread on a forum just wanted you to be aware. Let me know if you need anything further.
  8. Also, this thread is for people attempting to apply for the January Active Duty board. Just FYI.
  9. I don't think anyone thought he was lying. It was unclear whether you were referring to active or NG. Best source for NG would be your state's WOSM (Warrant Officer Strength Manager). https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm The process is completely different for National Guard which is why it was important to know which you were applying for. Each state conducts their boards their own way outlined within manuals pertaining to the process. I would say get your sh*t together as fast as possible for the next National Guard board and see what happens. The worst that happens is you have to tighten up and try again on the next one. At best you get selected and go to WOCS. You can also consider a packet for active duty as many of the requirements are the same. Shoot me a message if you like. I went through a NG board this January and was selected before I opted to go Active Duty. My board was both the State and Federal Recognition board all in one. I'm not sure if all states do this. You can also search around on here as many have posted about the NG specific process.
  10. I think you are confused about how the process works. Nothing is "good" not even 300 APFT. It is a whole person concept. Improve everything until you cannot improve it anymore. Simple. Otherwise, you are leaving room for another candidate to take your spot. The point is that no one on here or anywhere else can tell you for sure whether you will be selected.
  11. January / March / May / July / September... Etc. Happens every other month. Check out the warrant officer recruiting page. Schedule is the same for civilian just different submission timeline. Your recruiter may not know everything about the process.
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