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  1. I think you are confused about how the process works. Nothing is "good" not even 300 APFT. It is a whole person concept. Improve everything until you cannot improve it anymore. Simple. Otherwise, you are leaving room for another candidate to take your spot. The point is that no one on here or anywhere else can tell you for sure whether you will be selected.
  2. January / March / May / July / September... Etc. Happens every other month. Check out the warrant officer recruiting page. Schedule is the same for civilian just different submission timeline. Your recruiter may not know everything about the process.
  3. Saw your selection update on a thread. You got denied a waiver it seems, I received a waiver denial. About how soon before the one year mark did you resubmit your waiver before the 1 year mark? Im assuming you submitted the waivers before the one year mark so you would be ready for the soonest possible board (in your case nov). Im just curious your timeline. 

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      I didn't plan on submitting another application for active duty again at the time due to my selection with the National Guard. Once I realized I was running out of options, I submitted my active packet. I was over the year wait but I was told at the time of my age waiver denial in 2018 that I could not submit until one year total elapsed. My understanding is that if the board is after the year timeline then you may submit you packet prior to allow for waiver processing. I would just make sure that your recruiter knows your intentions. 

  4. Selected 1st Look - NOV19 AD U.S. Coast Guard Age: 35 MOS: AET / Flight Mechanic (Crew Chief) with 750+ hours NRCM experience, NRCM Flight Instructor and Examining Board Member. Rank: E-6 / PO1 TIS: 10 SIFT: 57 APFT: 272 College : 25 credits towards Technical Management degree. 55 credits total. LOR: O-4, O-6x3, CW4 Instructor Pilot. ETP: Age, AFS, and Moral (the trifecta). Medical: No waivers. Note: I was denied Age / Moral waivers in July 2018 (AFS was still 12 or less when I submitted). I was just over the age limit at the time. I was selected by the National Guard (modified "Street to Seat" sister service) in January 2019. I won't name the state as it really doesn't matter at this point. I may have mentioned them in previous posts, oh well. Waivers were approved by the NGB in May 2019. Recruiting command and myself could not reach an agreement on my acession process (way more complicated than I care to share). As I began to feel that process fall apart, I decided to submit another AD packet. I submitted on time in early September for the November Board and waivers were approved in October... I officially turned down the National Guard in late September before I knew of my AD waiver status. If you have any questions about any of these experiences shoot me a message. I'm glad to help anyone. There were several people on this forum who were crucial to my selection. I was given invaluable guidance on my packet structure, LORs, and waivers. My process began 2 years ago, never give up! Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Yes. The boards have been pretty consistent for the last year or so. 65 is the average. No numbers are released for total applicants anymore.
  6. Yeah, I was notified on Nov. 22 but hearing it over the phone and seeing it on paper are two different things. I just want to move on to the next step.
  7. What exactly did they say about the list? It's quite confusing that a list of names that have already been selected is taking this long to release. There is an "unofficial" list. The only reason that list isn't "official" is because it is not public knowledge or posted on HRC. This sh*t is annoying.
  8. Dude, put in a street to seat active duty packet. Start yesterday. There are a few States that will accept street to seat civilian applicants in the Guard. Call the WOSM for the states you are interested in. Street to seat Reserves might be an option as well. Not familiar with anything for them.
  9. The best way to write the request is in a way that the Army reads it as it would benefit them. They do not care how it will benefit you. What can you bring to the Army Warrant Cohort? Why should you specifically be exempt from policy? My memos for age and AFS were almost identical and only about 2 paragraphs long. Each memo briefly explained my goals and why I was over the limit. I also detailed my physical fitness and mental aptitude. This should not be a "cry me a river" letter. Everyone has reasons why they cannot do something. If you require a moral ETP it will need to be as detailed as possible as well as have any and all supporting documents. Do not treat these requests the same.
  10. MILPER message is not out yet. Next week whenever they release it.
  11. Hard no for family letters. Ask them for references. They should know plenty of people to at the very least get you pointed in the right direction.
  12. Second that. I would not post names on here. Likely no one other than recruiters will actually get eyes on the preliminary AD list.
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