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  1. Yes, he is the guy you need to talk to. I would have your concerns laid out and a prospective timeframe you are looking for ready to go when you call.
  2. Call the POC first. I changed my class date and all I did was call the POC to let him know why. Try that first. He is super nice and easy to speak with.
  3. FYI, the civilian board convenes at the same time as the active board with the same board members. I highly doubt that the civilian board process is excluded from the delay.
  4. I assumed this would be the case but it's always hard to say when dealing with events of this magnitude. Appreciate you asking the questions and then passing it along to us!
  5. My whole life in the next few months is based around the training dates I was recently given. My wife is active duty as well and we have two small children. We requested specific dates so we could make this whole WOFT thing work for us and we're actually able to line up her PCS with my training start date. The civilian who helps with your WOCS scheduling is awesome BTW. This whole COVID-19 doesn't bother me too much but I can see it affecting BCT and possibly WOCS/WOBC. I'm still in another service so I only know what I can find online directly affecting the Army. My buddy is currently at Jackson and said not much has changed for them (he was selected on the board before me). Has anyone seen anything other than closing graduation to family? I don't really care about that anyway, round two of BCT for me. Is there a possibility of everyone's class dates getting pushed back? I know there are others in my position with the same questions. Anyway, best of luck to you all, Semper Paratus...
  6. I maintained my grade/rank of E-6 and will hold it during BCT until WOCS graduation. A recruiter submitted a grade determination at my local office before I went to MEPS. Based upon the criteria listed below you should maintain your grade/rank as well. Show them the manual. You can download it online.
  7. No, I haven't been scheduled for MEPS. HRC emailed me my WOCS dates directly to my .mil email. I have to complete certain items at the local recruiter office in order to get scheduled for MEPS as active duty sister service. Also, no one in the recruiting office knows what they are doing with me or how to do the prior service warrant packet. They were extremely confused when I walked in. It's a bit frustrating.
  8. @Cavscout3030 @Patr1ots8 I'm sister service, that may be why I got mine early.
  9. What @mike0331 said. DM me if you want further information on my actual process. I would call the WOSM for all of the states you have interest in living.
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