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  1. Sounds like he’s a great candidate. He will only compete against other civilians. If you search in this forum you’ll find some results posted. Typically it seems to be around 30%. I have a couple youngsters in my group in flight training right now. They’re doing just fine.
  2. This your class @Ragnar? If so you get what you wanted???
  3. PRT, soldier’s creed, Army song, and Warrant Officer definition. Those are the major things we’ve been told to prepare for. Make sure you have everything you can get on the checklist. Some of the items are available here and some are not available at all or sold out regularly.
  4. Not sure. That’s just what they have all of us for my class doing. Definitely getting my money’s worth on streaming.
  5. All aviation WOCs are 14 days quarantine if you are PCS. I’m on my 12th day currently. We all received conflicting information prior to arrival that we would have a 7 day quarantine and test on the 8th day. I’m not sure if that will continue moving forward, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  6. I hope they can get you in bro. Hit me up if you need any help with anything or just throw your questions out on here. Someone definitely has experience with whatever you’re going through.
  7. Yeah, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think they may have screwed you. I would call and email your closet WO recruiter ASAP. Phone works best in my experience. Tell them everything you have been told by the local recruiter. The “only for active Army” thing is total bullshit. It’s for all applicants currently serving active duty in any of the 5 branches. I was selected last November from the US Coast Guard and I’m flying to Ft Rucker this morning. Whoever they are may have wasted like 3-6 months of your time. I really hope I’m wrong.
  8. That sounds like the street to seat timeline. If you’re currently active duty you have missed the deadline for November. Also, if you have waivers that need to be processed I wouldn’t count on that happening quickly. You are directed to backdate your packet submission from the deadline by like 6 weeks per waiver request. Now, if you are not active duty any longer things may be different. Your post seems to indicate you still are. If you are and you’re working with a local recruiter you’re talking to the wrong person. Regional Warrant Officer Recruiters should be your POC. Good luck.
  9. Based on what USAREC is outlining and what is printed on the message I think he got screwed.
  10. With your background and resume I suspect you should be approved for the waivers you are requesting. I found in my process that the way in which you write your request has a large factor as well. I would call aviation proponent when your packet is in their hands to see what if any information they will divulge. You should be able to get your WO recruiter to let you know when your packet is with them. Their recommendation for your waivers factors a great deal in G1’s final authority. Good luck.
  11. Also... it should be noted that I signed in January. Things are definitely a little more grey now than they were then.
  12. There is no signing per se, it’s part of your packet that you submitted. I believe it is outlined in the DA Form 160-R. This is the binding document to my understanding. As a sister service PS applicant, I only signed for a 3 year initial enlistment at MEPS. The following contracts are signed after WOCS and flight training. Again, this is just my understanding of the process.
  13. Good sh*t! Best of luck old timer! Got my waiver at 34 as well. Before you know it you’ll be at Rucker with that Resume!
  14. Thanks SBuzzkill, appreciate the information. Nothing can hurt at this point. 1SG is a good guy, I think he’s going to use what is available but it also depends on the most up to date COVID stance.
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