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  1. Still a solid program to consider for those of us within the limits. Also for all my prior USCG homies, it’s AFS not including prior USCG active time. Hopefully the they will consider AFS waivers moving forward at some point as they will lose a lot of solid future Coasties. I always enjoyed flying with input from other service experiences.
  2. Maximum age for USCG DCA program is 35. Waivers are considered. Minimum 500 hours rated. All of the requirements are on USCG recruiting under the “DCA” Direct Commission Aviator program outline. I worked with several prior WOs before in switched from the CG to the Army.
  3. Depends, each state sets their own rules. I was selected in the NG in a state that took S2S as well as sister service applicants (I was in a sister service when I applied). I ultimately chose to take an active duty spot but it’s possible. You have to speak to the state’s WOSM manager. Call around to states that you are potentially interested in. https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm
  4. That’s not true. The old 6yr or new 10yr obligation to the Army for aviation does not begin until completion of flight training. That runs concurrent with whatever obligation you signed to get to BCT and after WOCS.
  5. Also... I’m not saying the street to seat board doesn’t have prior service applicants. Just two separate processes. Don’t confuse them.
  6. I think you guys are mixing the process. The S2S and active boards are in no way connected other than they occur at the same time. The active duty board only selects applicants from the Army and sister services who are eligible and they have consistently selected at least 65 or so every other month for I don’t know how long give or take a few. They also consistently have people who are not selected. The active duty message won’t be out until the middle or end of next week. The participant numbers you are talking about are just civilians. Zero chance there is only 36 for both boards. While that number is low I’ve seen many posts on here where it was like 40/50/60 so I mean I guess I get it but that just means better selection odds for the 36. Usually it’s like 20 or so selected for the civilians. They also have the Commission Officer to Warrant board this month (and November if I’m not mistaken) and that is super competitive with many interested applicants. Is there a chance I’m wrong? Absolutely. Here’s my thoughts... 10 year ADSO is going to decrease interest enough to create another shortage on top on the shortage. They’ll have to lower it back down to 6 or 8.
  7. Don’t stress it, 3/4 points is a pass. If you fail you’ll get 1 more attempt the following day. If you fail that you will likely get recycled to the next class. Use known points, if you try to dead reckon you will get lost. The points are luck of the draw some are way easier than others.
  8. My class is the first to start. Our first flight is this week.
  9. Sounds like he’s a great candidate. He will only compete against other civilians. If you search in this forum you’ll find some results posted. Typically it seems to be around 30%. I have a couple youngsters in my group in flight training right now. They’re doing just fine.
  10. This your class @Ragnar? If so you get what you wanted???
  11. PRT, soldier’s creed, Army song, and Warrant Officer definition. Those are the major things we’ve been told to prepare for. Make sure you have everything you can get on the checklist. Some of the items are available here and some are not available at all or sold out regularly.
  12. Not sure. That’s just what they have all of us for my class doing. Definitely getting my money’s worth on streaming.
  13. All aviation WOCs are 14 days quarantine if you are PCS. I’m on my 12th day currently. We all received conflicting information prior to arrival that we would have a 7 day quarantine and test on the 8th day. I’m not sure if that will continue moving forward, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  14. I hope they can get you in bro. Hit me up if you need any help with anything or just throw your questions out on here. Someone definitely has experience with whatever you’re going through.
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