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  1. Grew up on a farm next to the county airport. Always wanted to fly. First intro flight and I was hooked like heroin. Never lost the addiction and hope I never do. Became dual certified (help build hours) and found my place with crop dusting. It's been a difficult journey but I love every minute of it.
  2. I'm also going to give the disclaimer that I don't know what the F^ck I'm talking about and I appreciate Butters for keeping this Forum alive and well. Hats off to you cowboy and let's keep talking aboot HElos!
  3. Great to see new birds with parachute systems, but is this really practical? I rarely fly over 700 AGL and consider an auto my best chance of walking away. Cirrus aircraft can be fully stalled or in a nonrecoverable spin and able to deploy the Airframe Parachute System (APS). Chances of walking away are pretty good. What about a heli though? Can APS integrate into 135 and HEMS? Can we flip a switch and save everyone? If so, sign me up!!!
  4. I've never been a fan of cirrus. I know the BRS systems have had successful deployments, but they can turn nasty too. I would rather have the choice to auto than become a lawn dart.
  5. It took me 10 years to break into the business. I thought about quitting multiple times. I eventually met the right people and found my break. I think a lot of people pass up a lot of opportunities. Put in the work and fly second seat for a firefighting crew, go work a summer with a crop duster, or get in with tree slinging. Days are long and work is hard but you can find opportunities.
  6. My spray season is about to go into full force and I need some lunchbox ideas. Most years I get by with a sandwich and some goodies. Last year, I went a little overboard with the fast food. Anyone have some good ideas for food that are somewhat easy to eat even with no breaks in flying?
  7. I'm looking to haul a 206B across the country. I know many will say to ferry the bird, but I feel hauling will save me more money. I have heard road vibrations can lead to damage in tailcone, rotors, pitchlinks, etc. I'm looking for some advice from those who have hauled a 206 and suggestions on trailer length, axle position, suspension, etc... I wouldn't mind hearing some horror stories on hauling if you have them too!
  8. Just curious if anyone has heard of a helicopter manufacturer creating a single seat turbine heli for aerial application? In the fixed wing world, air tractor and thrush seem to do so well with their single seats. It would interesting to see a single seat heli with a built in tank, similar to hueys with tanks in the back seat area.
  9. Everyone thinks they can operate cheaper than the other guy. It just doesn't work out if you come in and cut prices to bring in students/customers. Aviation is just to expensive to charge the minimum and expect to make a living. Best of luck with your adventure.
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