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  1. How are they doing Selections now? Do they still livestream it on the Facebook page? Hoping to catch the one coming up this Friday.
  2. We have two dogs, one of which has had quite a few issues since we've been here. She was a rescue who had heartworms and other complications. If you visit the on post vet, the CPT there took GREAT care of us but he also has to service other areas so is not always around. We also heard he may be leaving soon but they can provide you with a list of local vets, as well as which ones provide emergency visits and military discounts. We have gone to the daleville animal hospital and the older gentleman there has always been helpful. On post is cheaper for things like meds, shots and checkups b
  3. The few A/L models were those of the guard/reserve guys. Theyre going back to states with A/L and a few of them will get retrained on Mikes later.
  4. Todays selection had a pretty decent spread and great results. C12 LTs - 1 WOs - 3 CH47 LTs - 1 WOs - 4 UH60 (Guard/Reserve/MEDEVAC inlcuded. Dont know the exact numbers for AD) LTs - 15 WOs - 15 AH64E LTs - 4 WOs - 4
  5. I was street-to-seat but have a few friends looking at putting in packets and trying to give guidance. I would imagine they can drop a packet without any type of consequence, meaning whether or not they are selected they will either continue with their current job and service or shift to WOFT. What are the differences between a civilian packet and an interservice transfer packet?
  6. I am still in a security holdover status and I agree with all above. Get through BCT. Once you get to Rucker, check with S2 and they will let you know. In all honesty, there is not much they can do. It is all in the hands of OPM.
  7. Those WOCS AARs really do make changes. We stenciled all of our clothes and it never mattered. Thought it was a huge waste of time in addition to many other things we did. To OP, dont worry too much about it. If you can do 5 pull ups you'll be fine. I think running is much more important. Just study the WOCSOP when you get it, dont worry about it too far in advance. And as far as adjusting to the military life. Be a team player and dont be a dick. You'll be fine.
  8. Haven't been on in a while but figured I would chime in. They will no longer be allowing candidates to start WOCS without a clearance (INTERIM will no longer suffice). I was in the last 7 week class as a Street-to-Seater. In snowbird status, over 30 of us found out we did not have clearances. They rushed to get us INTERIMS so we could start WOCS. Upon completion of the course, almost 20 of us were still left without clearances. We can't attend WOCS or SERE so we're stuck under HHC. This created such a backlog of holdovers that they went back to stopping entry to the course unless you are c
  9. Would someone mind explaining this selection process to me? Im assuming this is the advanced airframe selection for COs/WOs finishing IERW. A few posts up there were 26 UH-60s among the other airframes. The following posts show no -60s, and only 4-5 of each other airframe. Is the total number of slots available directly related to the number of pilots in each class? If there are zero -60s available, are you SOL if you wanted that airframe? *Would like to mention that as much as I would prefer the UH-60 when my time comes, I will be more than grateful to be flying any of the available
  10. For those swearing in today, would you mind posting ship dates for Basic (and WOCS if they establish that as well)?
  11. The board is finally a few days away. Just hoping this week goes by quick. I wish everybody the best of luck.
  12. I had my BN board on 9 DEC. Not exactly sure when if it reached board ready status that day or after. I know the January board cutoff was 5 DEC. Does anybody have some insight as to whether my packet will be pushed on the January board or likely end up in March? I have seen some posts from earlier this year mentioning that packets were submitted to the soonest board, even after submission past cutoff dates.
  13. For the Civilian WOFT guys selected this board, what ship dates are you guys getting for Basic? So far I have seen two, one in January and one in March.
  14. I just got my 1W flight physical stamped by Rucker this week. When I talked to my local flight nurse she asked if I needed a Flight Clearance form and that, if I did, I would need to make another appointment in order to get it. Is this something I need for my applicant packet? Dont think ive heard it mentioned before and if I need it, it could prevent me from making the Dec BN board. Also, I like to cover my worst-case bases and have a question about submission and board cut offs. If I do not make the December BN board, I will be doing it in January but will likely miss the cutoff for t
  15. Long time lurker here. Its been a very long time coming. Have been working on my packet since SEPT 2016. I just got news that my flight physical was stamped, the final critical piece to my packet. Wasn't going to post here until I had it. All thats left is an APFT and my BN board. Age: 25 GT: 129 SIFT: 77 APFT: 300 Military: None Flight Hours: None Physical: Stamped 1W Civ Ed: Bachelors Political Science, GPA 2.42 Waivers: PRK, 29 JUN 17. Approved, no issues. LORs: GEN, COL (Aviation), RET CW4 (UH-60 Pilot), COL (Close family friend) *BN Board: Passed and Recommended, 9 DEC 18. To all
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