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  1. And to follow up, is it likely that someone fresh out of flight school would be able to get a OCONUS duty station? Is there a system where students can trade assignments? If two soldiers are qualified on the same airframe, would they be able to swap? I understand there are limited "newbie" slots, and often times your first duty station will be in one of the major CONUS stations. Dirtyfoot--Sorry to hear. Seems like OML probably doesn't apply to duty stations, just airframe selection?
  2. Hi folks, What have been the recent trends in terms of OCONUS duty stations for Warrants? S&S, as of 2016, outlines these OCONUS stations: https://www.stripes.com/news/army/overseas-army-installations-1.132231 I'm assuming not all of these stations host aviation units, so what are some of the OCONUS stations recent flight school graduates are being sent to? Reading online it looks like Italy and Germany are getting smaller, and Korea is changing with the transition from Yongsan to Humphreys. In addition, does the OML play a part in soldier's getting their pick in terms of duty stations? Thank you.
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