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  1. Appreciate the help! Just wanted an idea before I got down there without a clue.
  2. Ive been out of the National Guard for 2 years now. Therefore, Im going straight to Rucker in a week. Ive asked around and talked to several people in the recruiting station, including some officers, and I cant get a straight answer. Im not a fan of going in blind..so to the point..I have no TA-50, old uniforms, expired ID, and just about not one thing military related, etc. I have about two weeks from the day I arrive till day 1 of WOCS. Any idea of the process to get me straightened out? Is it common to arrive empty handed? Or will I be expected to get there and figure it out myself?
  3. Quick question..do you have to wear the standard issue boots in WOCS? Or can you go with any brand of boot that is allowed in uniform? Asking due to being prior service and currently having no gear as of now. Would like to go ahead and break in a pair of boots before I leave if possible.
  4. Im not sure if they even know here honestly lol. They mentioned with it being AIT that Im not allowed to drive.
  5. Keeping up with this myself. Ive read several different things about this. I just got the call recently and received my ship date. Thats it as of now. Im prior service going straight to WOCS and have no answer on if I can drive to WOCS.
  6. Apply now. As said above, the past two civilian boards were 100%. 30/30 and 22/22 maybe? Anyways, this last board somebody had a GED as well. The worst thing to happen is youre not selected and you try again the following board.
  7. The major that done my interview called me first. Said my recruiter would me in touch. Recruiter called five minutes later.
  8. Just got the call! Accepted! Congratulations to everybody else in advance!
  9. Anthony messaged me about an hour ago and said he has still not seen results.
  10. March board seems to be slim. I believe the dead line is tomorrow. Best of luck to all!
  11. Was that your earliest date available? Im prior as well and going on the March board.
  12. Age: 24 GT: 111 SIFT: 66 APFT: 300 Flight Physical: Should be stamped today..waiting on the return call Military: 3 Years Army National Guard Civ Ed.: BS Aviation Technology (3.4) Flight Hours: 200+ Single-Engine Instrument Rating LOR: CW5 (retired) Lead MedEvac pilot as civilian, O5 (retired) Navy Chaplain and civilian flight instructor, College Professor This has been a long time coming. Hit every potential roadblock it seems. Good luck to all!
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