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  1. I assuming its going to be all the DL classes they now have to squeeze in. Nothing was mentioned about additional writing and public speaking.
  2. Here is some information they put out at 1st WOCC There will be 3 pilot classes 19-02-19-04 with the intent of changing the rest to 5 week courses. -There will be 5 exams instead of 3 (the 2 usual DL ones) -No more STAFFEX/MDMP -Moving up LANDNAV/LRC to week 2ish (too many people failing LANDNAV) -Less SGL time and more of a focus on academics Like everything in the Army everything changes so don't shoot the messenger if it changes.
  3. Depends on your TACs, we literally had a Candidate leave week 2 for a 3 day pass to GA for her sisters wedding that she was in. She basically brought it to the Primary day 1 and the commander approved it. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Crazy I know, you should of seen all the other platoons turn their heads at once when they said 1 candidate on pass during an accountability formation.
  4. I am a former recruiter/Station Commander and 99% of this is totally false. Yes USAR/NG can get BAH during training. Recruiters do not control incentives and everyone of them will give you everything that is showing on the system. There is zero benefit from withholding any incentives. I left the command in June but when I left there was only 1 MOS that received Student Loan Repayment for RA which was 68N which 99% of applicant do not qualify for. For AR, there are MOS's that pay up to 50K however that is dependent on the slot that you are filling, different units offer different incentives. Any specific questions, feel free to ask.
  5. I am here now, I graduate 3 OCT. Good news is you'll have about 5 days to get all your stuff ready while in HHC. Even better news, Stenciling your clothes is no longer a thing. Only thing we stenciled was our nape tapes. I wrote my name on all my stuff just incase but no issues. If you can afford it, get the laundry service, its a 100 bucks and makes your life easier. You drop off your laundry outside the barracks before formation and they drop it off clean and folded the next day. You can literally turn in laundry every weekday. If you are short on display items, you just display your laundry slip. Pullups aren't really that much of a thing here. If you enter TAC alley (TAC's office building), you have to do 3. In WOC Olympics you do 5. So super easy. Don't worry about fitting in, you will find a group of aviators and hang with them since you will meet up before all the techs. I was an E-7 prior and we have a street to seat guy in our "circle". Just relax and don't over think or analyze things too much and you'll be fine. The better shape you are in, the easier the course will be for you. Coming from a BCT environment, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  6. The reason such a long wait for the street to seat guys is because they only do 5 seven week WOCS courses a year compared to 17 five week courses this year.
  7. Looks like 66 made the list this board, congrats to all who made it!
  8. The board wasn't until January because of the Christmas break then it was reschedule due to the government shut down till February.
  9. Ben, I did an analysis over the last 5 boards prior to them withholding the NS names. It was 100% Civilian and around 72+% Inter Service. It is no secret the Army is bleeding for pilots.
  10. Yeah unfortunately, I know the feeling. I submitted my packet in November and didn't find out I was selected until February so it definitely could be worse.
  11. All the information I put out is from the USAREC side. If you submitted a packet through a recruiting office, then you are included in this information. If you are an in-service applicant, you’re results will be released in a Milper Message on the HRC website as early as this coming Tuesday but most likely on Wednesday.
  12. This information isn't posted to the main warrant website yet. Dates are subject to change.
  13. Results released a little late this board, but 100% selection rate! Congrats to everyone who made it! Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want me to verify your name or send you copy of the memo, redacted.
  14. Unfortunately, a moral waiver is the last thing we run in USAREC. A WOFT applicant must be test and physically qualified in order for a waiver to n. Any violation, to include regular traffic tickets over $300 require a moral waiver to be signed off on by the CG of USAREC. It still doesn't hurt to try. A wise man once said, you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. Hope this helps. Anthony
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