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  1. If you have the option to take both, do both. Have all your bases covered. If they need to look at it, it will be there and they will look at it. If not, then at least you had it done. Keep in mind, at most boards, each candidate is looked at for about 5 minutes so your scores are a simple administrative factor unless you're trying to compete for a seat back to back with someone.
  2. Hope you're not reading this too late in the game, but here's my perspective. I came straight from BCT to WOCS, and I had the time between basic and WOCS to get everything I needed. If you don't already have any of the army combat attire, it will be on you to purchase that ahead of time. You will want at least three of the top, bottom, socks, shirts, etc. The ASU top and bottom will need to be altered to officer uniform standards, which can be coordinated and done at Lee's Alterations just outside of Fort Rucker. As for the items you will want, I can't remember the exact list, but make sure yo
  3. Don't let the recruiters persuade you into an enlisted contract. If you got a waiver then you are set. Take the flight physical first and when you pass that, you move on as if the waiver and the relating issue does not exist. However, you mentioned your ASVAB score is 94. What is your GT score? You'll need a 110 or higher to even apply.
  4. shoot me a PM, I was straight out of college but I got a lot of help from a local ROTC branch, and found some LOR's on this site. You should see if your Uncle has any buddies that wouldn't mind helping you with an LOR. An LOR can be from retired CWO's, Commissioned officer, and for civilians they will even accept an LOR from your former principle or someone of importance. Key factors in your packet, aside from scores on your exams, are your essay and resume. Talk up any volunteer work, any special projects you've done to help improve your community. Have your recruiting batallion host a mock i
  5. AGE: 22, selected at 21 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 94/130 SIFT: 69 APFT: 281 EDUCATION: CalPoly, NSCC, University of Washington GPA 3.2 FLIGHT: 12 hours rotary LORS: CW4 @ West Point USAF, O-6, O-4 USAF OTHER INFO: 300+ Volunteer hours SELECTED: March 2018 Board
  6. Your PEBD is the day after your "enlist date". Left for basic November 12, PEBD is November 13
  7. Hi all, I graduated WOCS class 19-08 as a street to seat candidate, and as a little tip, the TAC officers will treat you the same as the E-7/E-8's in your class. They will expect you to go into this class physically ready, and just as prepared for the fun to come as anyone else. That being said, have fun with it, don't let some hot shot E-7 act like they know everything but take advantage of some of their wisdom. Have fun with it and keep a good attitude! It'll take you farther than you think! Feel free to PM me if you have more questions!
  8. I was selected on the March board. Long waits all around
  9. Also will there be all the required information given during this 'free' time? Will we have all the required uniform items from basic?
  10. Between basic and WOCS will i be sent all the information regarding what to bring and what programs to sign up for? I was given next to no information and as I start Basic soon, I'm a tad worried I'm going to miss something important. I'd rather be over prepared. Also what does B Co stand for? I see it everywhere but I can't figure out the acronym or how it applies to the training process. Any help is appreciated!
  11. Isn't on base housing outside of the barracks given to married couples? There's little information in regards to moving and housing accommodations during these transitional periods. Is 1 week between WOCS and WOBC enough time to find an apartment should I need one? Any and all information about this would be very helpful
  12. Perhaps a dumb question, but as an unmarried WOC am I required to live on base even if I can afford to live off base? I'm facing surrendering my animals otherwise so it would be worth it for me to bring them with me if I can.
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