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  1. USAREC made me do another security clearance paper to their format on the website. Other than that I used naval for most things. As previously stated get your packet submitted asap. The sooner they have it the faster they can get corrections back to you if you need any.
  2. I'm an interservice transfer from the Active Reserve side of the Marines and my recruiter was able to get a physical waiver for MEPS. I am also going straight to WOCS. I know on the acceptance paperwork it says a MEPS physical isn't required for Aviation candidates. So the recruiter sounds like he just doesn't care about doing his job.
  3. From what I have so far it's up to MEPS. Still working on any sort of documents that say it is authorized and required for aviators.
  4. I called Ms. Tharp who sends out the letters and she changed my date for me.
  5. They are saying I can drive, but I don't know if that means I can move my wife down there. They seem to be confused about the process as well. I've heard its a for sure PCS and now I just need to find something to show the MEPS people.
  6. To add on to this thread. Is moving to Rucker prior to WOCS authorized on the orders and if not how do you get orders amended to allow such a thing?
  7. I would say to get all your tests taken and apply as soon as possible. Most street to seat applicants that pass the recruiters battalion board get selected at the usarec level board. The last 2 they have had 100% selection for civilian applicants. Worst thing you can do is Not apply. Worst thing they can do is to say No.
  8. The last two times its come out has been the Wednesday following the board. Though they also didn't have a snow storm suiting it those times.
  9. He is referring to the civilian board. Their results come out before AD and usually with 90-100% selection rate.
  10. From what I understand there is no way to go reservist as a WOFT applicant. You're being assessed for AD WO with essentially a 8 year contract. I maybe wrong, but that is my understanding over the process. I would just work on getting a new DD368 and be hopeful on the board. It takes a bit for HRC to get its ducks in a row anyway.
  11. "If you are a member of the Army National Guard or Army Reserves, to include Active Guard Reserve (AGR), and wish to apply into the active duty Warrant Officer Program, your application will be completed and processed in accordance with the requirements for active duty applicants. Furthermore, you are required to submit an approved Request for Conditional Release (DD Form 368) from your component as part of your packet. Additionally, AGR applicants for the active duty program must process a Personnel Action (DA Form 4187) to request conditional release in accordance with Army Regulation 135-100, Paragraph 2-2b (12)." From Usarec website. https://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOreserve.shtml Though results may vary. I have heard of Marine Reserves going through as a Prior Service with the recruiters.
  12. What sort of connectors goes with the Army helmets? I can get the molds made at McGuire, but need to know what kind of inserts will go into them.
  13. I received my course dates. Oct 10th WOCS. Going to see if I can get a sooner one since my EAS is set for Sep. Should be a fun talk with HRC.
  14. Either you call Rucker or have the office that did your physical check on it. Mine was sitting complete for 2 weeks and no one told me or sent me anything.
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