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  1. Wouldn't you know everything I use is Android and that app is only for Apple products. :-)
  2. Thanks for the participation and the information about strength of a tail boom
  3. Thank both of you so much for the info I took the specifics on total length guestimated the seat with 650 pounds and guessed the distance of fuel tank to 3 ft behind MR mast then added 50 more pounds counter weight 3 feet from Tail Rotor and did a COG equation for general COG for any object, just to see where I might expect it to fall and evidently it is close, but both of you gave me some very valuable information and I thank you for it. Hopefully if I do get the ground school training and get a medical ready for flight I will be around 350 then. if things go right. Right now I am going to bu
  4. Hey I have to say thank you for all your opinions and especially the shall we say gentle approach to a FAT GUY. I know it but appreciate the tact you all have used. I found out the Enstrom 480B with the help of Enstrom might be the answer of course I would need to work with Enstrom which they are willing to do to reconfigure seating to a wider seat and most likely a farther back seat. O ne question I have is on a COG calculation are you looking to keep the COG close to the MR shaft or to the actual COG of the distance? I figured out COG empty with reserve at 12.86ftn a 30.1 ft total span and
  5. Thanks for that information that was a concern that I was going to address next. It was also a concern, but I might have to wait till I lose the 100 pounds if there is cyclic movement problem that would limit it's movement.. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I know the Robinson has a seat rating, but I am beginning to believe that seems to be Robinson specific. I will try asking around some more I spoke to one sales and service place for another brand and they replied they did not know where to even begin finding out that info or where to look.
  7. Ok my problem is as follows and would love to know if any of the pilots here have an answer. I weigh unfortunately 400 pounds and recently found out that I need to be around 300 pounds to pilot an R44 because of the pilot seat weight restrictions. Alright I am 63 and not a lot of time left to fly so my question is: Because it will take me a while to lose the 100 pounds are there any helicopters that would allow me to train and fly in one with an approved license of course.
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