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  1. Hello just a quick question. I just had my flight physical and the eye doctor told me my astigmatism came back -.50 over the standard. He recommended LASIK or PRK to fix it, however he did say that because I am so close to the borderline that I may be able to get a waiver for my vision as is. Does anyone have any experience with getting waivers from Ft. Rucker? Is there a request I have to send out or do I just send in my physical as is and hope for the best? I am not against LASIK or PRK but if I can avoid it and submit now obviously that would be my preferred course of action. Thanks, Zach
  2. I'm working on my DD368 as well. AFPC has denied me once already so I am trying again with different dates. How far out did you put your projected DOS? What supporting docs did you upload? Just wanna make sure I am following the most successful way of doing this. Thanks, Zach
  3. Pretty sure I'm in the right place. Didn't want to make a whole new topic. I am a USAF AD E-4 and I am currently putting the finishing touches on the controllables for my package. I'm just looking for some guidance so that I can submit my package without hitting any snags. Few quick questions. Is my recruiter the final recommending SCW or is it the person I'm receiving my LOR from? Since I am AD i was told no battalion board would be required, so once I have all my documentation assembled do I just send my package to USAREC or go through my recruiter? I am aiming for the packet deadline of 30 March 2018. I have listed my stats below. Its tough getting guidance since I am still stationed overseas, but I will be back in the states in 3 weeks to PCS down to Florida. GT: 118 SIFT: Scheduled 20 Feb APFT: Scheduled 19 Feb LOR's: Reduced from 6 to 4 after reading through some other topics ( O-3, O-5, O-5, CW3) Physical: Processing at Ft. Rucker received 20 Dec (USAF surgeon certified just awaiting USA) Conditional Release: Processing with AFPC (taking forever) Thanks for reading it over, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! V/R Zach
  4. I feel confident in my packet. I have a lot of support from people in my chain of command which is making this process easier. I have day 2 of my physical coming up soon so that will open me up to taking the SIFT (finally). I plan to be board ready right after I arrive on station in FEB. I just didn't want me TOS to hold me back. Thanks for the advice.
  5. First off thanks to anyone that took the time to read this. I'm an USAF E-4 in the medical corps and I've been working on my packet for about 4 months now. Studying the FAA handbook as well as Fundamenals of Flight (Army FM 3-04,203) for the SIFT for about 30 mins a day command won't let me test for the SIFT until after I have cleared the flight physical. I got a flight physical sometime this month (helps that I work in an hospital). PT has never been an issue. I'm OCONUS and I'm PCSing to CONUS in January. Headed to Florida not to mention I sew on E-5 in June so extra leadership courses are gonna be due. My question is that I am only at 3 years TOS, should I wait to get the extra NCO training or should i finish my packet up and just hunt for LOR's once I get to my new duty station? I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment so getting my packet finished isn't a big deal. I just want to be as competitive as possible. Again thanks, Respectfully...
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