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  1. Tex-pilot, Sounds like you are off to a great start! I would say I'm about as far along as you are with you packet minus the medical. Attached is the sf-86 and it is the form you are looking for! As for the processing time, I sent my to my recruiter back in November and still haven't heard anything! But then again I've been living abroad for 7 years now so I really think it depends on a person's current situation. Good luck to you!
  2. Linc, Thank you very much for your advice! As for the flash cards I have already made them for the first time I took the test so for the next time I will try to study them in a different way! Again thank you for your advice and by the way your comments (on this hp) have been very helpful to all of us aspiring WOFT, thank you!
  3. Puff Daddy, Kelly N. IWANNAFLY thank you all very much for your advice! I was starting to think this post was dead so I really appreciate your inputs/comments! But unfortunately my worries were accurate cause I only scored a 81! Messed up big time, god I feel pretty stupid! I must of messed up pretty bad somewhere else and I think I know where, the mechanical section keep asking about boat and I never remembered studying about boats, really threw me off! Well I have 5 months from the end of this month to study, can anyone recommend any other study aids besides what I already hav
  4. Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some input/thoughts/advice on the AFAST, section complex movements area because I took the AFAST last week, haven’t gotten my scores back yet but I have a feeling I didn’t do to great, especially in that area. Reason being is that I only finished 21 out of 30 in the allowed time frame of 5min! My question is this, 1. is it regular not to finish out all 30 or is it just me and 2. if I did not get my required score and when I go to study for my 2nd and final try is there any practice pointers out there that I don’t know about? Also in regard to my stu
  5. flyingseapig, Thank you very much for your advice! Actually I was at Camp Zama yesterday for the asvab/afast and durning my lunch break I headed over to the chow hall where all the comforts of home were awaiting me! Sorry, after living in Japan now for 7 years and seeing Walmart style shops and US only burger joints really brings back those feelings of home! After lunch I watched the helis come in from the parking lot area. Was kinda worried about wondering around by myself, being a civilian and all on a military base so I just stayed put. Hopefully I'll be back up there soon for my
  6. Hello everyone! Kind of new to the form in that I’ve never posted before but have been reading/researching the site for about a year now! To make things short and simple I’m currently living and working in Japan getting ready for my dream shot to become a army aviator! Next week I’m scheduled to take my ASVAB/AFAST at Camp Zama and was wondering if anyone knew or had contact information for a CW4 at Camp Zama for the purpose of obtaining a possible LOR? Any advice or help in the above matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance!
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