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  1. I'm definitely interested in group me. I just submitted my flight physical so hopefully I'll be board ready in a few months.
  2. I can't recall what the exact minimum is. It should be somewhere in the 40-501. Pre LASIK I was ~600 microns. Post was ~535. The average person is 540. I don't believe you would need a waiver post selection.
  3. I wouldn't recommend it. For the flight physical they measure the thickness of your corneas. If it's too thin you can't fly, Period. Having LASIK takes away from the thickness. You can look up the minimum and the LASIK Dr checks thickness pre and post surgery. PT test can be done basically anywhere anytime. It took me 9 months to get everything MEPS wanted between my LASIK and The VA. 2 weeks later I did the SIFT and a month after that I did the flight physical. Focus on being medically ready. Then the SIFT. Everything else is easy and in your control.
  4. MEPS also requires the wait. That is the amount of time it takes for most people's vision to fully stabilize after LASIK.
  5. One on Kindle called "The complete SIFT study guide" and another I bought on Amazon called "SIFT study guide" Those were the only two when I was looking but I think there are a few more now. Those two are good study guides but they each have a few discrepancies in them. Nothing major tho.
  6. I've been working with my recruiter for 12 months now. It's been one hell of a process. I imagine there are far worse stories than mine. As for the blood I'm not worried. The Marine Corps tested every year and I never had any issues. Just a bone headed mistake on my part.
  7. My hematocrit level was .2 low. Which is my fault. I barely ate the day before and then fasted for the blood draw. Inconvenient lesson learned. Hopefully you can get yours back in time. Luckily there's a WOFT board every other month scheduled.
  8. Unfortunately I have to go back to redo my blood work. I've heard the returns can take a couple months depending on their workload.
  9. I was able to do part 1 and 2 in the same day. I did it 2 days ago at Ft Knox.
  10. I haven't by any means threatened. If it comes done to it I'll file a complaint thru the proper channels but hopefully not. I more or less just wanted to double check that that I am eligible and will be competitive. Don't want to be chasing a ghost dream. I was fairly confident up until the recruiter started talking like this. He just kind of made me over think it I guess. Once I get my flight physical stamped I know an aviator and should be able to get good LORs. How will no college effect my packet? The head recruiter straight up told me "it's not gonna happen with no college." I know it's not required just curious how much impact it has on the packet.
  11. I considered going enlisted if WOFT completely fails but now I'm set on WOFT or nothing. My recruiter didn't seem too fond of that but those are a dime a dozen around here.
  12. I know it's his job. Just irritating we're 10 months in and he starts pushing it all of a sudden. I had LASIK prior to everything because I knew I would need it. Gotta wait at least 6 months after to physical.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Looking at that and the paperwork I have on my LASIK, everything should be in check. Good to hear from someone who had a VA claim prior. I haven't been able to dig up anything on that. The MEPS doctor passed me without concern after looking at my paperwork. Hopefully a flight surgeon will do the same. Flight physical is the only thing out of my hands. If that goes well I feel confident about the rest other than lack of college making me less competitive. Hopefully everything else can offset that.
  14. Been in the shadows researching a little over a year now. Finally making head way on my packet, and having a few concerns, figured I would post and see what the experienced collective here have to say. I took the SIFT this morning and scored a 76. I've been working with my recruiter since Feb17. Everything has been going slow but well in my packet process. The last month a new station chief moved in and since then my recruiter has been adamantly voicing concerns that I will not be accepted and should go enlisted so I don't waste anyone's time. I'd just like to ask if I'm being naive for thinking I'll be good or if their sudden change of mind bears truth. MEPS physical no waivers LASIK aug16 no issues SIFT 76 GT 121 Haven't officially ran APFT but should be at least 270-280 6 years USMCR 1371 got out as E5 no college Do have a VA claim that has been passed thru MEPS and was seen as no issue. Recruiter believes the VA and my LASIK will be an issue for the flight physical.
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