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  1. Consider the Army will wear you down. They will get their share of your mental and phsical strength, especially in SF and during deployments. I'd be hesitant going balls to the wall if I knew I'd have to pass a flight physical in a few years. That'd be my main concern.
  2. Re: class dates. Last time I checked milsuite, the word was that "all information and blackboard login information will be pushed out on or about 20190704."
  3. I'm beginning to think that with younger applicants, they may want to see how persistent you are. Like do you care enough to improve where possible. Just a guess though. Older folks have a greater variety of experience (work, school, life experience, etc...) in their package. You're also not remotely close to the age cutoff so there is no "rush" to select them. These are just guesses though. Would be interesting to see age and gender stats for the past year or so.
  4. Wow, 61 applicants feels like a lot. Congrats to those selected!
  5. Right. For what it's worth, this is my take and what I did/why I included 6. Call me confident or arrogant but I knew I had good chances. How to show them I'm worthy? By highlighting how I embody the whole-person-concept in these letters. One LoR was about how I am committed to physical fitness beyond what the APFT requires. Another focused on my high GPAs which demonstrates scholastic aptitude. Another one focused on my leadership abilities. Even in the one from a run off the mill retail job, my former boss made sure to emphasize my work integrity and trustworthiness. See where I'm getting at? Not everybody knows/respects you for the same reasons but all these different reasons show what kind of person you are.
  6. I know and at some point YOU were helping ME! That sort of math does not check out... And thank you. BCT starting August and WOCS in October.
  7. I've been lurking around your progress and am frustrated for you that your package didn't make it to the May board. I wish you the best of luck for this one! (Side note: I had 6 LoRs too.)
  8. That sounds a bit weird. My recruiter scheduled my physical for me. The flight surgeon's office won't contact you about it, afaik. After the MEPS medical, I didn't need to send LASIK or other medical paperwork anywhere. I just brought a copy when I went to the flight physical, to be safe
  9. No! I was rooting for you on this board!
  10. Not trying to throw any shade here but scrawny, young kids get through BCT without a guide.
  11. Yea no idea when the course actually starts. I'm guessing 10/22 is the report date.
  12. Oh durr seems like I mistyped too lol. It's 10/22 of course.
  13. Glad this worked out for you so well. I swore in this morning and got an August ship date. Will be headed to Ft. Jackson. Should be nice and warm there that time a year. WOCS start October. That's all I know r/n.
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