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  1. From the article talking about responsibility mechanic vs owner: 91.403 (a) The owner or operator of an aircraft is primarily responsible for maintaining that aircraft in an airworthy condition, including compliance with part 39 of this chapter. I've always wondered, what's the implication/goal of this rule? What this rule is saying to me just seems obvious, maybe I am missing something? Is it to prevent owners from pointing fingers at mechanics for their own negligence in maintenance?
  2. What causes that shake when the rotors begin to turn? After cranking up the engine, the blades will move from a stand still and slowly gain speed, during this moment, in the Robinson, you will feel a definite shake which subsides as the RRPM approaches the higher percents. Here's a video of it very evident in the tail boom: It's common in the Robinson but videos of other helicopters aren't quite so shaky. I would imagine that it's not an imbalance of the blades...
  3. Does anyone at this company feel at all remotely bad about all the bullshit they're putting out?
  4. Being short is an advantage since you probably weigh less. Robinson makes booster seats that get you up to the pedals if you can't reach em.
  5. I wonder if that killed the engine or if it was still running.
  6. I'm getting deeper down the rabbit hole here: With a lead-lag hinge system, what's absorbing the slight dis-balances caused by the leading and the lagging of each blade?
  7. How does the robinson design get away without lead lag hinges?. The way I understand it as the blade flaps up it will want to increase in speed due to the coriolis effect. The lead-lag hinges would then absorb this, but what about that semi-rigid underslung robinson?
  8. Is it a valid strategy to own an R22 at 300 hours and start eeking out every opportunity to get paid with it? She mentioned tours were a good source of work and I can see it.
  9. Disregarding obvious noise complaints, I bet another big reason is that there just isn't a large enough aviation industry in the area to support it.
  10. I did not think that you could just put a parachute above the rotor like that, it kinda makes a lot of sense. But as pointed out above my post, it does have some practical issues. Is the extra weight worth it? Could they have created a higher rotor inertia instead?
  11. To be honest I saw this video:
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