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  1. I've heard of boatpix, but I think to get time at 100 an hour, you have to work for them. And I think the work is seasonal. I need to buy a heli or find a good discounted-time building program.. something to build my hours as quick as possible. And yes, instructing probably does make one a better pilot; I just don't have the desire to do so. And if the majority of pilots didn't have to instruct to build 1000+ hours... then i highly doubt they would become an instructor. Military pilots don't instruct after training.. and they are very good pilots. I'll just be sure to attend a top notch school and get the best training possible.
  2. Well I've always wanted to fly. I'm still a young guy. The type of work that got me all my money is a tad bit dangerous ( and so is flying, yes i know; but trust me.. you guys got it made with your job) so i'm looking to follow my dream now that i'm able to. What type of helicopter can i buy and work for myself? What type of work is available for me? Just because I asked how much it would cost doesn't mean I can't afford it. A wise man always prepares.
  3. What are some entry level jobs for a pilot with 1000 piston hours... besides offshore oil work? I'm guessing tours.. anything else? My goal is to do some utility work.. anything in this field for entry level.. or how do you work your way up?
  4. I want to graduate from a flight school, but I don't want to become a flight trainer. So Is there some kind of package i could get that let's me fly 8-900 hours at a discount rate? I know it's gonig to be expensive, but that's the price i'm willing to pay.
  5. What's the Ferrari of helicopters that is used on most jobs.. like GOM, etc.. I was thinking the s76 or something. I dunno much.
  6. It's always been a dream of mine to fly a 204. What jobs use this mainly?
  7. When you go to a school and complete a professional pilot prgram all the way to CFI or CFII, does the school usually hire you as an instructor, or do you have to find another place to instruct most of the time? I know it depends on the school and how many people are employed there, but in general, do they usually hire you?
  8. I noticed they offer a professional program (private - CFI) all the way to 500 hours for $70k if you pay in advanced. Is this a good deal or a scam?
  9. What is the CFI timebuilding program? The program to get your CFI, or where vortex hires you as an instructor? And if it is the program to get your CFI, then why would you need a thumbs up from air logistics; wouldn't you just pay for the CFI program?
  10. What's the deal? Vortex website says professional program is 49k but on this site (look on the right): http://www.ltc.edu/techearea/ it says 300 hours for $42,950
  11. Thanks. I was looking at that and noticed you get paid more for IFR than VFR. Does that mean if I have instrument rating I will be getting paid more; and I thought you had to have IFR to be hired in the GOM.
  12. What's the average salary for flying with a company for 5 years in the GOM?
  13. Was wondering which school offers both of these ships in training.
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